Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday, September 26, 2008
Waning Moon
Neptune Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Stormy, rainy, and generally disgusting

Way too much business – which meant busy-ness – yesterday. Necessary, but, I’d rather have spent the time being creative. Well, we don’t always get what we want in the way we want it, right?

Sorted out the payment stuff. Had a nice conversation with another editor for a publication for which I just began writing. Hopefully, we will continue to like each other and I can write for them semi-regularly.

Disengaged from some “aspiring” writers who spent far too much time making excuses for not writing. If they used the time they spent whining or watching reality television or internet surfing or gossiping or reading tabloids that are not only filled with lies but with bad writing, they’d be published by now. Change your habits, act like a professional, or leave me alone. We all have 24 hours in a day. How we use them defines us. I’m actually putting a clause in the coaching contract saying the client will be dropped for missing/being late on three assignments and there’s no room for “no time to write” in the relationship. Either you want to write or you don’t. If you want to write, get your butt in your chair and write. If you don’t, go find something else you love, stop whining, and, most importantly, don’t waste MY time. I could be writing, and whatever you’re paying me, it’s not enough to listen to you whine. Life will always get in the way. It’s up to you to figure out how to deal with it and still get the writing done.

I’m also sick and tired of the aspirants who pump for information and then, when hit with the reality of the writing life say, “Well, I don’t want it to be a JOB or anything.” Fine, honey, then go make your living at McDonald’s, because you won’t as a writer. And you know what? This is my job and I LOVE my job. Why shouldn’t I make a living doing something I LOVE? Why should I be punished because I resolved to follow my passion as my vocation? I LOVE working on Broadway, too, as much as I moan about it sometimes. It’s great to make a living doing what you love. If someone LOVES being an accountant, I am very excited for that person. If someone LOVES being a doctor, I’m very excited for that person. So why shouldn’t I, too, make a decent living doing what I love, especially since I have the same or greater commitment to my job as most accountants or doctors? This misplaced bitchy theory that if you love it you don’t deserve to get paid for it needs to stop. It’s perpetuated by cubicle slaves who don’t have the guts to live their dreams. They can’t stand to see anyone else live their dreams, so they get snarky. Middle finger to them!

Did a boatload of work on The Big Project and on a smaller project, a western, that’s due in a couple of months. I think I’ll be ready to start writing both next week – I’ll have laid enough ground work, the moon shifts to new which is a good time to start projects, I can feel them building up . . .all good. I do need to come up with a kick-ass villain for The Big Project. Ideas are swirling, but I have to nail down some definites, especially when it comes to motivation.

I’m sorting out ANGEL HUNT, getting through my notes, tossing some, truncating others. I still want to figure out a way to put more of Zeke in earlier on – he’s such a fascinating antagonist. He’s my favorite, of any antagonist I ever created. I need to have one more big scene and then start the sequence leading to the Big Finale. I’m cutting a bunch of stuff I considered putting in, but don’t really need. I’ll save it for other books with these characters, should it work out that way.

I refigured the opening of the ghost story. Now I have to write it down. It creeps ME out, so hopefully, it will do the same for the reader.

BEHIND THE MAN’S title has changed yet again – the producer wants to call it TILL DEATH THEY DO PART, which is fine with me, but, in my mind, kind of puts the focus on the wrong characters. But I’m using BEHIND THE MAN as the title of a mystery novel instead, the one I wanted to write last year for Nano that got bumped. I’m not sure when I’ll write it, but I’ve got a lot of it figured out in my head, so I’ll make notes over the next few weeks and see.

I’m see-sawing about Nano again. My gut tells me to skip it this year, I’ve got too much on my plate. On the other hand, I know I’ll really miss it, and I wonder if there’s a way to use it to get at least one of the deadlined projects done.

I just feel like waiting until November is too late for any of them, and I have a play due in the middle of November. So I’m dithering, and annoyed with myself for dithering.

I need to sit down, work steadily through October, and see where I am by the end of it. Then I can decide what still needs to be done, and whether Nano fits into the plan.

Trudged in to the city, swung by the theatre, picked up my check, caught up with people, headed home.

Today was supposed to be a no-writing/all errand-medical day; however, because of the storm, roads are flooded, and I had to cancel things. The car’s safe, I’m here, and have to get back into writing head to make use of this unexpected gift of time. I’ll probably take at least part of the day off to read or do something totally unrelated to writing, since today was designated as “off” – but, at the same time, there’s now a piece of open time, and that’s the best environment for me to write. So I won’t set any goals, just see what gets done.

I need to pack for both Maine and Philadelphia – next week will be busy!

Back to the page.

Update: I just got called to go into the show tonight, someone’s sick, so, unless the train line floods out, I’ll need to get back into “show head” by mid-afternoon.


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  1. “Disengaged from some “aspiring” writers who spent far too much time making excuses for not writing…”

    I don’t blame you, Devon. I used to be a tutor on a creative writing home study course and you would not believe the excuses the students came up with. It drove me insane. Great Aunt Flora had been ill, they were thinking about moving house, next door’s cat had died. I’m so glad I gave that up!

  2. I second your turn off the TV sentiment!
    Yes! Just turn it off!

  3. I am SO looking forward to your course!!

    And I agree with everything you’ve said. Some people just like the idea of being a writer but they fall away eventually. Let them, it’s hard enough getting published as it is so let them make way for those who have the heart and the drive.

  4. “We all have 24 hours in a day. How we use them defines us.” AMEN. The amount of effort you put into that career directly relates to the success you get out of it.

  5. Wise words, Dev! Someone(s) must have really pissed you off! But you are very right about the writing. I have found, through personal experience, if you don’t do it every day, you lose the momentum and you suffer.
    I am glad you are doing what you love. You are always an inspiration to me, to be better, and to be productive.

    I’m glad you’re safe, I hope you’re able to eek out a good weekend!

  6. Yep. You either want to write or you don’t. You want to lose weight or you don’t. You want to exercise, or you don’t. Make a decision already and move on it.

    Good for you for stepping back from the whiners. They can really start to wear on you. You don’t need that. You’re way too busy and motivated.

    Stay dry and warm this weekend. Have fun on the show. Thursday was an errand/medical day for me, so I’m hitting the writing hard this afternoon.

  7. Excuses are just that, excuses. You’re right. If someone really wanted to write, they would find the time. Wise words from one of the smartest women I “know”. *g*
    Sorry to hear you were called into work. I hope everything works out for you. HUGS.

  8. Good luck with the ghost story… sounds like a good sign if it creeps you out! I am heading out to the LOC book fair tomorrow and am very excited – interviewing the author of Bridge to Terabithia! I’ve loved that book for many years… Well, Devon, talk soon!

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