Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thursday, September 25, 2008
Waning Moon
Neptune Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Cloudy and cool

We’re supposed to have a big nor’eastern today – of course, I have to traipse around in the city this evening – but I’m taking my air conditioner out of the window this afternoon. It barely hangs in there anyway – no reason to tempt fate.

Someone asked me what the first question is I ask someone if I’m asked out on a date. My first question to anyone with whom I might get involved is, “Are you allergic to animals?” Because I won’t date someone who is. Period.
My second question is, “Do you like animals?” Far too often, people play the allergy card, when in reality, they just don’t like animals. Animals are a huge part of my life, so if you can’t deal, you can’t participate. I’ll have coffee with you, maybe even dinner, we can work together, but that’s as far as that will go.

Productive day yesterday, finally. Got the guest blog post written, finished the work for Confidential Job #1, got that off and the invoice, did more work on The Big Project, got a bunch of questions off to the Coordinating Editor, and finished another chapter of ANGEL HUNT.

This morning, the editor already had answers to all but one question, and she’s hunting down the answer to that one! Wow! I’m pretty excited.

I have to chase down a payment for something today, which is irritating. It’s even more irritating when a publication doesn’t follow their own guidelines. The publication was highly recommended, so I’m a bit disappointed.

Have to deal with some building paperwork. There’s going to be some major unpleasantness over the next few weeks, which I really don’t want to deal with, but I don’t have a choice.

Better get as much done as possible before the storm, since I already know I’ll have to trudge around in it again. And probably have to move the car in case it floods tonight.


Angel Hunt — 103,068 words out of est. 125,000

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103 / 125

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  1. It sounds like you’re a pro at “battening down the hatches.” I hope it’s not too bad. Stay safe!

    My poor daughter. She loves animals, and has always wanted to be a Vet–and JUST this year her (inherited) allergies manifested themselves. She breaks out in hives if she even gets NEAR dogs, casts, etc. and her eyes and nose and throat swell up. Poor thing. She’s destroyed over it, because she is one of the biggest animal lovers I know. 😦

  2. Good. This means we can go out on a date!
    You don’t mind cleaning up tortoise poop, do you?

    Good for you on the productive day. Those are the best kind!

  3. Stay safe, stay dry, stay warm.

  4. The first question I used to ask before a date was “do you smoke?” I can’t really get with cigarette smoke (allergic). My husband quit before I met him, but he started smoking again last year *rolls eyes*.
    Hope the storm isn’t too bad.

  5. The allergy thing, I can understand. But not to like animals? Pah. I wouldn’t trust anyone who didn’t like animals. ;o)

    Stay safe!

  6. A young person I know dated an older woman – a short-term celebrity. The woman’s first question to this young man 18 years her junior – what are your intentions? I think he should’ve been asking her that question. She’s the one with the maturity!

    His intention at that moment, he said, was to get to know her and see if things would progress. She wanted a timeline going forward and when he wasn’t sure how to respond, she nailed him to the wall for evading the question. He said she became quite nasty and gave a scathing analysis of his personality and his faults. And she wonders why no one liked her when she was on television!

    I like your questions MUCH better!

    Bracing for the winds here ourselves. Expecting them to blow into town right about the time we head to the city….

  7. I need/want an animal lover and non-smoker. If you smoke, you can just forget it because I’m allergic to cigarette smoke.

  8. Oh, I hate tracking down payments. If we as writers are supposed to be professional, timely, and easy to work with, I’d like clients that do the same. I understand that things sometimes go awry, but sheesh.

    P.S. I love animals. 🙂

  9. I agree with your dating questions. I honestly don’t know if Hubs and I would have dated and married if he didn’t like animals. Lucky for me he’s as big a softie for them as I am. *g*
    I hope you get everything done that you have planned for your day!

  10. Here’s hoping that storm stays away.

    Interesting question about first date questions. In Glasgow it’s usually: “What team are you with?” Give the wrong answer and it could be the last date you go on! 🙂

  11. The Nor-easter wind was horrendous here at the Jersey shore..

    Good luck with the paperwork and have a great weekend!

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