Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wednesday, September 17, 2008
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Thanks for the suggestions regarding MySpace and Facebook. I don’t think Facebook will work for me – I can’t use the pseudonyms on it, I don’t do photographs, it will wind up being more frustrating than helpful.

I take plenty of photos of locales for my work, inspirations for my work, but I don’t think Facebook is right for me. I’m glad it’s a useful tool for people, but I think it’s counterproductive to what I do.

So I did a MySpace page for the Jain Lazarus adventures. Please stop by, leave a comment, and “friend” me! 😉

I also updated the Devon Ellington, Cerridwen’s Cottage, and Hex Breaker websites. Still have to do something on Fearless Ink.

Another brainstorming question: Which of my sets of characters would you like to see in a Christmas/Yule/holiday story?

–Those from the Jain Lazarus adventures (Jain, Wyatt, Billy, etc.)?

–Those from the pirate fantasy “The Merry’s Dalliance”?

–Characters from any of the serials (THE WIDOW’S CHAMBER – Nora Cavanaugh and her family in pre-Civil War times – when Christmas was NOT a big celebration; TAPESTRY – the wacky, impulsive Nina Bell; ANGEL HUNT – Lianna, the staff of Moon Journeys, Lachlan, Gaston – and perhaps, even Zeke, although Zeke was not a known quantity when the serial ran? CUTTHROAT CHARLOTTE – Charlotte and her pirate crew – again, it’s set in a time period where the Yuletide holidays were not prominent?)?

— Clea, Toby, and their dogs Clarence and Lucky from the cycle of stories which began with “Dogs on Beach”?

–Cilla Martin, Jared Chase, and the cats, dogs, and other beasts from “Impressions”?

–Liza O’Brien, Fern Cooper Jones, Paula Fawkes, Aunt Doris and her much younger Italian boyfriend Cassio, stranded sportswriter Peter Brine, the just-discovered lost young relation Lucifer Tempest, and the residents of Congress Corners (“Driven To Change”, “Dream Layers”, “Giving and Thanks”)?

Um, do any of you even remember those stories? 😉

Of course, many of you didn’t even “know” me when they were published. So go read them already! 😉

Or would you like to see something funny/scary/romantic/poignant with completely new characters?

Yeah, I should have thought of this back in July; but I’m thinking of it now. I got a very interesting email in my box yesterday . . .and it got the wheels turning.

Can’t promise I’ll do what you say, but I’m willing to listen!

Most of yesterday was spent working on articles and working on web site stuff. I wanted to work on the new ebook and the ghost story, as well as doing more work on ANGEL HUNT, but it simply did not happen until later at night. I’m at the point where, as of today, it is ALL new material.

I’m still on the fence about Nano this year. I’m not sure if I should do it or not.

Back to the page. No show again tonight, although I have to take care of mundane chores like laundry and grocery shopping. But I should be able to get a good bit done.


Angel Hunt – 99,297 words out of est. 125,000

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
99 / 125

Devon’s Bookstore:

Hex Breaker
by Devon Ellington. A Jain Lazarus Adventure. Hex Breaker Jain Lazarus joins the crew of a cursed film, hoping to put to rest what was stirred up before more people die and the film is lost. Tough, practical Detective Wyatt East becomes her unlikely ally and lover on an adventure fighting zombies, ceremonial magicians, the town wife-beater, the messenger of the gods, and their own pasts.
$4.00 ebook/ $6.00 on CD from Firedrakes Weyr Publishing.
Visit the site for the Jain Lazarus adventures.

5 in 10: Create 5 Short Stories in Ten Weeks
by Devon Ellington. This ebooklet takes you from inspiration to writing to revision to marketing. By the end of ten weeks, you will have either 5 short stories or a good chunk of a novella complete. And it’s only 50 cents, USD. Here.

Writing Rituals: Ideas to Support Creativity by Cerridwen Iris Shea. This ebooklet contains several rituals to help you start writing, get you through writer’s block, and help send your work on its way. It’s only 39 cents USD. (Note: Cerridwen Iris Shea is one of the six names under which I publish). Here.

Full Circle: An Ars Concordia Anthology
. Edited by Colin Galbraith. This is a collection of short stories, poems, and other pieces by a writers’ group of which I am a member. My story is “Pauvre Bob”, set at Arlington Race Track in Illinois. You can download it free here:

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  1. Aunt Doris and her much-younger boyfriend sound like a hoot!

    Of course, a new story with a new set of characters would always be nice…

    I bet you get to a point where you’ve “been there done that” so many times, it’s not that exciting anymore. I’ve never done NaNo, and I’m terrified of the prospect. As a multi-time NaNo veteran, you’re probably OVER it.

  2. When I get home tonight, I’ll be sure to swing by your new MySpace and friend you. 🙂

    I’m not sure if I’m going to do Nano either. I have a deadline to finish the draft of the YA by November 1, so that’s my focus right now. And I’ve been plotting/writing.

    How about a Christmas story with the Cutthroat Charlotte bunch? 😉

  3. I don’t have a MySpace, so I can’t “friend” you. Sorry. I had a question, but don’t want to make you angry. *g*
    I do enjoy a good Holiday story that has a touch of humor, if that helps.

    I hope your errands go well today and that your day is a happy one!

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