Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday, August 24, 2008
Waning Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Partly cloudy and warm

Good day’s work on OLD FASHIONED DETECTIVE WORK. I had to go back to an earlier chapter to add something in order to make a later chapter make sense, but that’s par for the course. I’m feeling much better about it all. Took a few days to get there, but now I feel like I can actually get this done and out in a reasonable time. It’s still late, but at least it will go out this week. It’s also longer than I expected. It will be around the 200 page mark instead of the 120 page mark. Oh, well, it suits the story and feeds into the overall series, while still working on its own merits and can stand alone. I actually know what points I have to hit and the strong ending I want. Now I just have to get there. I figure it’s another 2-3 chapters. And this time I mean it! 😉

PJ, there was never any question Wyatt would come out of this situation, at least this time around. The gun to the head bit was a minor glitch to add a further complication – although I’m sure he wouldn’t agree. If he’s not going to get out of something, further down in the series, he’ll go in a much more interesting and unusual way!

I’m on Chapter 17, moving towards the big finale of this book, and I think we’ll be done by Chapter 20. The plot on this has been twisty-turny, like a tangled skein of yarn.

I came up with a brilliant title for Book 3 of the series, the one told through Billy Root’s eyes. Too bad I didn’t write it down and can’t remember it. Guess it wasn’t so brilliant after all.

Wandered back to Robin’s Books and picked up a copy of Francine Prose’s BLUE ANGEL. I’d looked at it the other day and put it back. I couldn’t stop thinking about it, so I returned to the bookstore and there it was. I grabbed it and bought it and it entrances me.

Outlined a couple more pieces, all odd. Not sure what they will turn into, or if they’re merely false starts. Time and writing will tell.

My eyes hurt from all the time spent on the computer.

I’m officially pathetic. I went to Rittenhouse Square (after stopping back at Remedy for another iced Earl Grey tea) because it was a beautiful day, I wanted to read in my break from writing, and be outside. I managed to stave off most of the crazies, but I had to leave because a bunch of sad shelter dogs wearing those “adopt me” jackets were being walked, and I got emotional because I couldn’t adopt them ALL. (Or even one of them, right now).

The dishwasher’s already run, the laundry’s in, and I’m almost packed.

Back to the page for a few more hours before I have to head back to the bus. We’ll see how far into the big finale I can get. I’ve also figured out the last few sentences, so the ending will pack a punch.

The dark, almost modern gothic piece is pulling at me, as is another piece I outlined yesterday, more of a contemporary lit fic. They have to wait for awhile, until OFDW is done, but they’re percolating. In the latter, in the outline, the protag/antag were pretty straight up, but the more I think about it, the more I want to make it more unclear. I want it to be more like a theatre piece, where each character is working towards achieving his or her own desires, only in this case, none of them are particularly concerned with how the consequences affect those around them. “I Want” is the central theme.

I head back to New York tonight. The weather’s been gorgeous here in Philadelphia, and it’s been a wonderful writing retreat. I’m sorry to go back to the insanity and instability of NY, especially when it comes to the living situation. I’m not looking forward to the part of the trip that’s from here to the bus station or from Penn Station to Grand Central, but I hope the rest of it will be relatively pain-free. I am filled with dread at the thought of returning, as much as I miss my cats. I feel like I need at least another week here, and then I’ll feel as though I’m truly back on track. Unfortunately, that’s not an option.


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  1. Devon, you packed a lot into one day. I always make those adjustments while writing too, but that sounds like a small thing. Hope your trip back to New York is pain free and you get loads of revelations. 🙂

  2. I’m glad you know where Old Fashioned Detective Work is going. That makes all the difference when you think on a piece, doesn’t it?
    It sounds as though you need to get out of your place in NY. Is the house hunt on hold?
    Sending good thoughts for a safe trip home.

  3. Percolating is good. And can I say I love that verb choice here? It makes me want to percolate ideas all day in my head.
    And I’m glad Wyatt will be OK. 🙂

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