Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thursday, July 31, 2008
Dark Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Hot, sticky, humid, disgusting

A new group of young artists who love and support all artists is going to feature me on their new blog, The Creative Heartbeat Collective. I’m their very first – okay, let’s not go there with the jokes, because I’m way ahead of you , and we have a mixed audience here. Check them out when you get a chance, and spend August reading my interview! 😉

I have a feeling they will also be my first review, on Friday.

There’s a banner for the book on the post below this one.

Spent most of the day getting things ready for the novella launch. I’m doing a full-sized card with cover art and links on one side and an excerpt on the other. This way, at least those attending the party have something to take away with them. I’m still waiting to find out for how much the novella retails – it would be helpful to put the price on all the materials! A shipment of 20 CD copies of the book was supposed to arrive by noon yesterday . . .and didn’t. There are more press releases to be sent out – when aren’t there? And more loops and groups on which to sign on and try to promote. I’ve set a goal for the amount I want to sell over the next few months, and it’s going to take a boatload of work and quite a bit of inspired marketing to get there.

So who’s going to interview me and feature me, huh? I’m available for blog tours, people!

The latest travesty by American Airlines is totally unacceptable. Your software to read the baggage failed? Then get some of your so-called managers off their lazy asses to come down and READ the luggage tags. Baggage was moved perfectly well for decades before computers were used. The airlines DESERVE to go under. They do not have the right to ruin people’s lives on a daily basis without consequence.

People need to stop flying the carriers that screw them regularly.

Caught up on email, did some more interviews, outlined a new short story. Missed my colleagues from the show terribly. After so much intense togetherness, I’m feeling rather isolated. Even though I need a lot of solitude to do what I do. The intellectual reality and the emotional reality are not in alignment.

And the show’s soundtrack still starts running in my head as soon as the show starts – for instance, I was working last night on the articles, and wondered why a particular song was in my head. Then, I realized that, had I been backstage, that’s the song that would have been sung at that moment. Time and distance, that’ll cure it.

And some new CDs, which are on the way.

Although trying to play other music while the show’s soundtrack runs inside my skull just causes a mishmash.

Obviously, there’s too much room in there right now.

Far too many of my characters are eerily silent.

I don’t like that.

I also realized that there’s no law that says all the promotional items HAVE to be specifically for HEX BREAKER. I can create a gift pack that has “stuff” that refers to the Devon Ellington site, to Ink in My Coffee, etc., and have a mixed bag, so to speak. So I have to sit down and think about it. Also, since the Jain Lazarus adventures are a series, some of the stuff can be specific to the series, and not just to HEX BREAKER.

By the way, there may be some exciting Jain Lazarus news early next week!

Managed to write four of the eight articles due tomorrow, which means the other four have to be written today. Well, okay, they’re not completely written – by midnight, I had a couple of partials and my mind was wandering, which it seems to do lately. And I’m playing with some other stuff, and trying to sort out the priorities of the various WIPS, because they’re draining me. I need to get things finished and OUT. A couple of tasty carrots are being dangled in front of me – if the contracts are serious, and the money’s actually on the table . .I’m listening.

Because the jobs on the job sites right now are complete and utter CRAP.

Started a new short story, “The Possession of Nattie Filmore” with some familiar characters. I hope to have it available to all of you early next week. Fingers crossed.


Devon’s Bookstore:

5 in 10: Create 5 Short Stories in Ten Weeks
by Devon Ellington. This ebooklet takes you from inspiration to writing to revision to marketing. By the end of ten weeks, you will have either 5 short stories or a good chunk of a novella complete. And it’s only 50 cents, USD. Here.

Writing Rituals: Ideas to Support Creativity by Cerridwen Iris Shea. This ebooklet contains several rituals to help you start writing, get you through writer’s block, and help send your work on its way. It’s only 39 cents USD. (Note: Cerridwen Iris Shea is one of the six names under which I publish). Here.

Full Circle: An Ars Concordia Anthology
. Edited by Colin Galbraith. This is a collection of short stories, poems, and other pieces by a writers’ group of which I am a member. My story is “Pauvre Bob”, set at Arlington Race Track in Illinois. You can download it free here:

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  1. Blog tours, eh? I’m so going to take you up on that! How about I send you a list of questions? 🙂

  2. I’m sending best wishes and lot’s of good thoughts for your Party tomorrow! I’m sure your mind will calm down soon from the soundtrack.
    Have a good day and can’t wait to hear your possible good news next week!

  3. Good luck with the HEX BREAKER launch, Devon. It’s great to see your dedication come to fruition!

  4. Happy HEX BREAKER launch, Dev! I hope you have a great time!

  5. Super. It took almost a day to find this info. Thanks! Good job. 🙂

  6. I’m on the cusp of production on the magazine and newsletter at the moment (4 weeks in production from this Friday), and I have Open University to finalise asnd an exam in October. When will your “blog tour” end? I’m on holiday from 23 September for a week but I think it’s a great idea when/if you can fit me in. Let me know.

  7. Devon – I just changed my email address in your header in case you’d rather email. Didn’t realise this was still saving the old, virus-riddled now-defunct one.

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