Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday, July 27, 2008
Waning Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Hot, humid, sticky, thunderstorms

So my big excitement today was grocery shopping; which, considering how tumultuous the past few weeks have been, was a lot of fun. The larder is re-stocked, finally, although as soon as I got home, I realized I forgot a bunch of stuff. Oh, well.

My actor had popped several buttons Thursday and Friday (on Thursday, he popped a suspender button during one of the songs, and Friday a jacket button just as he had to go on stage at the top of the show—nothing like having to stitch a costume under time pressure with the actor in it). So, Saturday, when he was out for the matinee, I took all his costume pieces and stitched everything down, whether it looked like it needed it or not! The only other thing I can do is stitch him INTO the costume and leave him there for his final week! 😉

I had the understudy for the matinee – I love working with this guy, too. Both of the actors in this role are terrific, both on and offstage, and I’ll miss then a lot now that I’m not on the show regularly. I miss all my boys, because they’re wonderful. They’re a special, special bunch, and I feel privileged to have had this time with them.

But it’s time for me to put the focus back on the writing.

I haven’t been able to order any of the fun promotional stuff for HEX BREAKER because cover art, page proofs, etc. are so far behind. I may just pick a few things, create my own logo and go for it. It still won’t be done for the release date, but at least I’ll know it’s done and I can start some of these contest things. I mean, don’t ALL of you just want to win a copy of HEX BREAKER and it’s gifty stuff?! 😉

I’ve got a friend in town, so I’m actually going to spend some time acting like a grownup today. And I get to cook, which I haven’t done AT ALL in the past three weeks – I’ve just tossed together something at the last minute or eaten take-out.

Tomorrow I have day work, but that’s it; I hope to get some writing done before I go in, finish the reading for Confidential Job #1, and maybe get to work on the 8 short articles that are due at the end of the week. I also have to finalize the arrangements for the HEX BREAKER release party.

As much as I’ll miss my actors, especially both the one heading out on tour and the understudy about to take over the role, I’m confident and secure in the seeds of friendship sown over these past weeks, and that, although we don’t see each other every day and in the context in which we’re used to, we will continue in each other’s lives. So it’s not as much of a wrench as it would be if I was worried they’d be out of my life for good. You often say you’ll stay in touch with people, but then they drift away – I don’t think that’ll happen to us here.

Now . . .to actually enjoy A DAY OFF!


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  1. Enjoy your day off…it is WELL deserved 🙂

  2. A day off? YAY! Take it and have fun! Do something relaxing! You need it and deserve it!

  3. HOORAY!!!!!

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