Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday, July 21, 2008
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Hot and humid

Phew! Busy, emotionally charged few days. I’m looking forward to a bit of a break.

Friday was a long day, putting in the new cast, then doing the show with the current cast, and everyone handling separation anxiety in their own ways. I knew I had to cut everyone more slack than usual, but there were still moments where it got exasperating.

I tried to work on page proofs, but couldn’t.

Got barely 2 ½ hours of sleep Friday into Saturday before I had to turn around and head back in for the photo call. My understudy will take over one of the roles when the other actor goes on tour, and there’s a new actor coming in at the end of next month to take over one of the other leads. So, of course, they schedule a photo call at 8 AM on a two show day that happens to be the transition day for the casts. Nothing like planning, you know? Photo call was fine – typical b.s. and there are just times when you have to stand up for the actors and their comfort. There were some things I didn’t like, and I later spoke to the company manager about it, because I felt they needed to be said. Since I’m not there all the time, I have the least to lose and don’t have to worry about kowtowing to anyone, so I have no problem with being the one to say them. In this case, I’m lucky in that company management truly likes and respects me, so I don’t have to worry about diplomacy.

For the matinee, I had another understudy, one whose last show would be that night, in one of the lead roles. It was an emotional show for him, and he did a beautiful job. I got to have a lovely sit-down catch-up chat with the actor who left the role last December, and with whom I haven’t spoken in months. He went out of his way to be kind to me when I first started on the show, and it was great to be able to have an in-depth conversation.

Evening show was insane – the fans and former cast mates were screaming and cheering at every possible point for the performers who were leaving. And, one of my actors was ill, so it was a case of making sure he could get through the show in one piece, and then sneaking him out a different exit away from the crazed fans so he could get home. And then saying the goodbyes and gathering up costume pieces and laundry and all the stuff you have to do when they leave.

There was a party, but I skipped it. I was too tired. I got home a little after midnight, and went to bed pretty soon thereafter.

The cats woke me up early on Sunday, but I rolled over and went back to sleep. I finally got up and went grocery shopping – there was nothing in the house except cat food.

I managed to get out of the house a little after noon, and head upstate, to see my friend’s show. A group of us met up in New Paltz – only to find they’d blocked off the route in the directions due to a local fair. We were told to take a detour, but it was poorly marked, so there was a bit of chaos until it was sorted out. We got to the show with about five minutes to spare.

The production was LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS, which is one of my favorite shows anyway, and it was directed, choreographed, and costumed by the friend for whom I’ve been covering these past weeks on Broadway. We were a nice group from the city, and we clapped and cheered – because the production was WONDERFUL! Not only did it look and sound great – the beats were clean, the detail work was gorgeous, it was such a good, good, good show. Our friend really needs to direct more – this is his calling. He had young, and sometimes very inexperienced performers, and they were wonderful. He really knows how to reach out to them, find the best in them, and bring it forward. It’s a rare and beautiful gift. And I’m so glad he shared it with us.

We went out to dinner at a lovely local restaurant, and then drove back. Traffic was bad coming back, and it was about 11 PM by the time I got home.

I checked in with my sick actor, who felt better enough to be funny, and went to bed. I’m headed back in to the show this morning (page proofs in hand to work on during breaks) – the new cast members start tonight, my friend is back from the directing gig, and I’m going to do the day work, help with the transition, and then stay to watch the show.

So it will be a long day, without much writing and without much time to work on the proofs – which I need to turn around quickly. But I was very clear with my editor that I needed the proofs EARLY last week because I couldn’t work on them late in the week and I didn’t get them until Thursday night, so . . .it is what it is.

Another long and busy day. But I think it will be a good one.


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  1. Ah, I knew you didn’t sleep. :o) Sounds as if you’re having a good, if hectic, time.

  2. Wow, busy weekend for sure! But you know, it sounded like a FUN busy weekend, for the most part! May you be able to accomplish all you need to, today!

  3. Sounds like a very busy weekend indeed, but fun. Good luck with those page proofs!

  4. Goodness, Devon, you were VERY busy!

  5. Wow, that was a busy, busy weekend. I hope that you really did rest.
    Good luck with working on the page proofs today. Have a GOOD day. *G*

  6. Holy Smokes! You’re crazy-busy these days. Good and bad to that, I suppose. But it sure sounded like mostly good (except for the not sleeping part).

    Hope things calm down a bit so you can rest and get the page proofs done.

  7. Dinnae burn yersel’ oot lassie! 🙂

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