Busy. Not Blogging

I won’t be able to blog until Monday, probably.

Off to the theatre for a put-in with the new actors; show tonight with previous actors. Back by midnight; stuff to do. On a 6 AM train tomorrow for an 8 AM photo call, and then a matinee with a different understudy and an evening show that is the final one for five company members. Back later than midnight, I’m sure.

And you thought a life in the theatre was GLAMOROUS! Pft!

Sunday, it’s upstate to see a show my friend is directing.

In edits for REAL (there’s interest) and the page proofs finally arrived for HEX BREAKER. How I’m going to turn them around this weekend is a mystery to me. . .


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  1. Enjoy the weekend, Devon!

  2. I’m getting visions of you hailing a cab with an ironing board, again! 😉

    I hope it isn’t too crazy for you, and you’re able to turn your proofs around. I’m glad they got them to you! Have a good weekend. 🙂

  3. Glad you got your proofs and I hope you can get ’em done! If I know you, though, you’ll find a way. 🙂

  4. Enjoy the weekend, Devon! Yay for page proofs! Boo for not having lots of time to work on them. Yay for REAL interest!

    Get some rest, but don’t fall asleep on the train. It would be bad to miss your stop.

  5. I hope your weekend goes well and that you’re able to fit some rest in there somewhere!

  6. Glad to read things have been going well over the past couple of weeks. Talk to you when you get back – have a great weekend!

  7. Hey Devon, I’ve always wondered, do you ever sleep?

    Glad things are going well.

  8. I bet you got those proofs turned around. I wonder if you ever sleep, too. Glad things are going well for you.

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