Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wednesday, June 18, 2008
Waxing Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Sunny and pleasant

Hey, this is really cool:

Especially since I basically used this theory in the adaptation last week! Synchronicity. Gotta love it.

Got my Literary Athlete column done and out yesterday.

Wrote another draft of “Yuri’s Tale”. No way this can stand alone. It’s the first chapter of a novel, and I just have to effing deal. Darn it.

Did some more research for the hockey draft.

Responded to the wonderful emails from people who enjoyed the radio show.

Started the press releases for HEX BREAKER.

Worked on things like bios, acknowledgements, all that sort of paperwork for HEX BREAKER.

Spent too much time wandering around the ‘net.

Rearranged books to stave off anxiety.

Rented the mini-van so I can consolidate my storage units once I’m done covering the NHL draft.

Re-read HEX BREAKER, since I’m going to spend a lot of time in that world over the next few months. Good thing I did, because the next time I checked my email, all the author info forms, cover forms, promo forms, etc. had arrived, and I have to turn those around today. Still a little bit in love with both Wyatt and Billy, which is as it should be; I still like Jain – good, since it’s her series! And I think Niall’s going to strike a lot of chords in people. The pace is pretty decent and the friends who are in theatre and film with me who read it are going to get a kick out of a lot of it.

Fretted too much about things out of my control.

Worried that I’ll screw up the opportunities coming my way. I’ve earned them; now I’ve got to be smart in handling them.

Tried to work on the adaptation this morning. Got stuck after a few paragraphs. This chapter is extraordinarily political, and I have to sit down and figure out the mechanics of it before I can write it.

The next few weeks will be uniquely stressful, so I just have to keep my head together, keep the people who love me close, keep the b.s. detector on high, and not get caught up in any of it. It’s an exciting time, but the choices I make now are going to have an impact down the line. Now we’ll see how much I’ve learned from the people around me over the years!


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  1. Of course people love your writing. You are a born storyteller. (And playwright, I might add!) I always love reading your material.

    I can imagine all the work that goes into promo AFTER the sale. I’ve even heard it said that selling the book is the “easy” part? You’ll have to keep us posted on the process.

    Happy writing/editing!

  2. You can do it! It’s an exciting time just to read about all your successes at the moment. Can’t wait to read Hex when it comes out.

  3. The fun part about filling out those forms is putting down what you want the cover art to look like. And then when you get it from the artist… WOW. It’s SO COOL. I’m still very excited for you. hehe

    You’re not going to screw anything up. You’re not only a great storyteller but very smart when it comes to this business. I have no doubt you’ll succeed. 🙂

  4. You’ve worked hard to get to this point. Don’t let worry keep you from enjoying it. You deserve all these good things. *G*

  5. Things are really going gangbusters for you…but no surprise there, you’re smart, you work really hard and you totally deserve the success.

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