Sunday, June 8, 2008

Quick post, because I’m on my way out the door.

Big Brown’s race in the Belmont was a disappointment to many; I’m sure there will be lots of second-guessing, but the bottom line is that no one who’s not with the horse every day will really know what’s going on, and the second-guessing causes unnecessary pain and suffering to those close to the horse. I just hope the horse is okay and they find whatever caused him not to fire. Da’Tara had moved up, after Casino Drive’s scratch, as my place pick, but I sure never expected him to wire the race. What a beautiful job.

The yapping’s already started that 3 races in 5 weeks is “too hard” — it’s supposed to be hard, you idiots. If it was easy and we had a Triple Crown Winner every year, it would lose all meanings.

Am I disappointed? Yes. Am I worried about the horse? Yes. Am I surprised? Not particularly.

Sad to hear of Jim McKay’s death — I grew up watching his broadcasts.

I’ve hit the ground running for another busy day. The heat and humidity are ridiculous. I’m drinking so much water I slosh when I walk.


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  1. Hope you have a great day – and that it cools down a little. 🙂

  2. I’m sure they’re giving Big Brown a thorough examination, but I keep wondering how much the heat & humidity had to do with his performance. He seemed really cranky earlier in the day, though they said he calmed down later. It was such a disappointment, though.

  3. Try to stay cool. I don’t like humidity. It’s like trying to breathe water. Or cotton. Bleah.

    Hoping it cools down or dries out. Or both.

  4. That poor horse. I hope they find out what’s wrong. Sorry to hear about the heat and humidity, it’s pretty bad here as well.
    You made me giggle with the water sloshing remark. *G* Been there. *G*

    I hope you stay cool today! Have a pleasant day!

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