Saturday, May 24, 2008

Saturday, May 24, 2008
Waning Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Sunny and beautiful

Not much to say. I’m doing a quiet and, hopefully, productive day writing at home. The computer continues to limp along. I bought a bunch of flash drives and have been backing up like crazy, which loses a lot of writing time. Unfortunately, there’s no full-system back-up on this machine – only a “restore” not a “backup and restore”. I’m wondering if it was mis-loaded when Geek squad “fixed” my machine a year or so ago. So the process of backing everything up is much slower and more labor intensive than it needs to be.

Getting into the city wasn’t as hateful as usual yesterday, because so many people fled early for the holiday weekend. It’s fleet week, so there are thousands of excited and confused sailors and Marines walking around – always fun. They love being in New York and New Yorkers love hosting them. I helped one group of very young sailors who were about twenty blocks lost and going in the entirely wrong direction; I helped another pair of Marines who were lost, but didn’t want to admit it; and talked to some older sailors who were very excited by the tour of the NBC studios.

The show was fine; one guy was out with an injury; a new lead started; they were all tired from the afternoon rehearsal. But they’re a bunch of really good people, so everyone pulls together and has fun.

Home around midnight, up early, not feeling great. Had to run some errands early in the morning; have more to do now and then it’s writing. I’ve got a script to finish and polish today, two more to start, and two short stories to finish this weekend. I also got an idea – a new character started talking in my head and won’t shut up.

Hopefully, it’ll be quiet around here and I can get a lot done.

I’d really like a nap, but maybe that will be my reward for a few hours’ worth of steady writing.

Have a great holiday!


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  1. I’ve been around squadrons of military, but it must be amazing to see that many in one city at a time. It was nice of you to help them.
    Sorry to hear you aren’t feeling well today. I hope as the day progresses you DO feel better.

    Wishing you some peace and happiness today!

  2. I just love it when the guys come in for Fleet Week. They look so cute when they are lost or just admiring the sites and the people.

    I hope your Saturday is productive and you have a good day.

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