Monday, May 5, 2008

Monday, May 5, 2008
New Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Sunny and pleasant

It feels as though my soul is sick. That’s the only way I can describe it, because this is far more than just physical exhaustion. It feels as though the whole weight of the last three years, which started with my mom’s accident and the Evil Developers trying to drive everyone into the street just hit me with a wallop.

However, people tend to be kind if you allow it, and I’m certainly allowing people to be kind right now. All of you are lovely, and several clients and potential clients understand that I will be out of touch most of this week, dealing with family matters.

The coward in me doesn’t want to go to Maine to face the inevitable, but I know I would always regret it if I didn’t go.

I slept most of the day yesterday, but was, basically, non-functional. I packed, and my writing bag is almost packed. I hope that the pleasure I always take in the journey will give me strength so I can take care of my grandmother and everyone else who needs to be taken care of once I get up there.

Wrote and got out my post-Derby article, with a few choice words for those who want to ban the sport. Because, as usual, those who screech the loudest have no suggestions for the care of the tens of thousands of horses who would be left homeless by such a ban. If you’re going to pretend to be an activist, take an active part in coming up with solutions, not just standing on a soap box making proclamations.

Celayne, I understand your disagreement. But, like the rest, you did not offer a solution. Have you ever spent any time around thoroughbred barns? Have you ever seen the interaction between the horse and the trainer, the horse and its jockey, and, especially, the horse and the groom? At least 10,000 thoroughbreds are foaled per year. Horses live between 20-30 years, and it takes a couple of thousand dollars per week to feed and house them. If an immediate ban were put on the sport, the majority would be sent to slaughterhouses and turned into dog food, because there’s no one to feed them and care for them. You have dogs, Celeyne. Chances are good that if you feed them purchased food instead of preparing your own that you’re feeding them race horses that have been sent to the slaughterhouse once they stopped earning their keep. Most dog food has horsemeat in it. It doesn’t say so on the can, but do a little research on your particular brand. Even some of the so-called “natural” foods use horse meat as their main source. Where do you think that comes from? Not from horses that died natural deaths. What solution do you propose? What, personally, do you intend to do to manifest change? How many of those horses are you personally willing to take on? How many ex-racehorses have you adopted? Now, I don’t have one sitting in the parking lot, but horse charities are where the majority of my donations go. In other words, although I don’t keep one in the courtyard, I do pay money every month towards keeping rescued and retired racehorses fed and alive. If I had a farm and the income, I’d have a facility for rescued/injured/retired thoroughbreds. That’s one of my dreams. Along with a financial plan to make sure they aren’t sold to slaughter once I die. But to simply ban the sport without having a plan IN PLACE to care for these thousands of animals is a larger act of cruelty than to try to fix the sport from the inside.

I’m about to take the car in for its 10K check-up. Barely a year old, and already 10K! Gas is now between $4.29 and $4.69 a gallon up here. Bush just keeps letting his friends economically rape us, and he just sits back and giggles. If I can come up with at least a dozen viable solutions to ease the pain at the pump, the government should be able to come up and implement twice as many. But Bush will never see his buddies make less than a double billion figure profit, no matter how much of this country descends into poverty and recession. Because it doesn’t affect him personally, he has the ability to ignore any reality he doesn’t like, and he simply does not care, as long as he gets to play President and do as he darn well pleases, getting stroked by big business.

I’m off line most of this week, up in Maine, taking care of my grandmother. I will check in when I get back.


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  1. Much peace and blessings sent your way, Devon. Praying for your family right now…

  2. Don’t get me started about gas prices…

    I was sad to hear about Eight Belles, too. Whenever I hear of things like that, it breaks my heart. Especially about Barbaro.

    Have a safe trip and hope your grandmother is okay.


  3. I think we’ll have our Triple Crown winner this year!


  4. Devon, I hope this trip helps you. Be careful and Hugs for you. May peace and goodness follow you.

  5. I think I may finally be making it to the races some time soon. I’m really excited about that.

    Like you, I believe that there should be changes for the better, although I don’t have any solutions at this stage. I also know that race horses like to run.

    It’s always sad when a horse is destroyed, but at least on the race course it’s for humane reasons. And at least they died doing what comes naturally to them. (In my opinion.) We just have to hope they had a good life and were well looked after.

  6. Devon, I just want to send my thoughts and prayers your way as you tend to your grandma. Take care of yourself too.

  7. I’m going to catch up on some back reading so I know what the Maine trip is all about, but I wanted to send along my best wishes… take care of you and yours, and I hope the fog lifts.

  8. […] this is far more than just physical exhaustion. It feels as though the whole weight of the last thr Euro 2008 quarter-final: Croatia v Turkey -as it happened Guardian […]

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