Sunday, April 27, 2008
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Yesterday was somewhat of a lost writing day.

Drove to Manhattan to the storage units. Pretty intimidating – boy, are they packed to the gills. But I filled up a carload of stuff, including clothes and some other things I wanted to get up here, and came back out. The only way I can consolidate the units is by renting a truck and hiring a couple of guys to help me – there’s just too much. And it doesn’t make sense to pay for that (which would run just under a grand around here) for the short term when it’s all going to get hauled to the house in a few months anyway.

Sorted things out, repacked things for the storage unit up here, washed the clothes. Most of them are in really good shape, but many of them are just from another phase of my life, and I’ll either put them up on eBay or give them away once they’re washed and ironed. Some will get freshened and put into my costume stock because they’re unique and might come in handy “some day”. (And here I was, planning to dump all my costume stock just two weeks ago; I’ve rethought that. But it needs re-labeling and I’ll need to set up proper storage in the house – muslin garment bags on rolling racks). Some were just such left-over 1980s hideousness that I couldn’t even keep them for costume stock and they were tossed. The gold and black Anne Klein Lurex jacket? I bought it for a reading of a piece, but we never used it because it was too hideous, even for a piece set in the 80’s, but I hadn’t gotten rid of it. There was enough dry rot in the fabric (because there was nothing natural in there) so I could toss it with a clear conscience. There are some very nice linen skirts and things, though, that are fine, but a little too corporate for my current life and not really the colors I now wear, so they will go. I’ll prep them, photograph them and get rid of them over the next few weeks. I have to re-block some lapels on a few jackets I want to keep, change some buttons, do a few alterations on things.

Brought back some furniture pieces (bookcases), so I scrubbed them down and found them places here. Repacked some stuff and took it to the unit up here.

Stopped a new café on the way back – really nice atmosphere, tucked in an industrial section one town over; might be a good place if I need to switch locations while I’m writing to clear my head.

But rearranging the apartment and working on the clothes pretty much took all day. And I’m very sore today from all the lifting, moving stuff around in the unit to get what I needed, hauling boxes hither and yon.

Got a little bit of work done on the adaptation this morning. I had computer problems yesterday, but finally got my little Script Frenzy icon and certificate. Considering I lost my original 98 page draft and re-created the whole thing from scratch, I figured I earned it, and I’m keeping the icon up for a few days!

I’ve got to give the pre-Derby article a polish, then write the monologue for the actor friend down (I’ve been spinning it in my head). He’s got a web cam, so we’re going to try what is basically a virtual rehearsal.

I’ve got to leave for the show at 3, because heaven forbid the trains run so there’s a convenient time for me to get into the city. I’m only working the second show of a two-show day, but it means I won’t get home until late tonight.

Yesterday was practical rather than creative, so I’ve got to be both today.


Adaptation: 19,586 words out of est. 90,000

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
19 / 90
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  1. You leave that icon up as long as you want. You deserve it! It sounds as though you had a very productive day yesterday, even if it was in an area that you don’t count. *G* I hope you’re evening goes well and that you arrive home safely!

  2. I would leave it up as well.

    Oh, I watched “A Dog’s Breakfast”. It was a very interesting movie, but well worth it. Thanks for the recommendation.

  3. Congrats on the Script Frenzy win!

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