I played Hookey!

It was a beautiful day, so I played hookey!

This is the boardwalk at Playland, the Art Deco amusement park in my hometown.  I love to sit here and read or write.

This is the back of the Monster Mouse roller coaster, looking towards the Ferris Wheel.  The park’s not open yet; they’re preparing it for the summer.

This is the back of the infamous Dragon Coaster, one of the original rides from the late 1920’s.

The view from the boardwalk to the beach.  I love the architecture — and the fact that the dogs can still play on the beach and in the water until the park opens!

It was beautiful and in the 70’s here today — there was no way I was going to sit inside!

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  1. Good for you! A day spent simply enjoying refreshes the soul. d:)

  2. HOORAY!! A little “hookey” is good for the soul! And mind, and body…well, you get the jist.

    It was lovely here today. Things are starting to bloom. Don’t you love spring??

  3. Good for you! It sounds like you had a wonderful time. Terrific pics, too. Thanks for sharing.

  4. You play hookie in nice places. :))

  5. Good for you playing hookey. It was a great day to take advantage of our beautiful weather. oh man, look at that blue water. So priceless.

    Thanks for sharing your pictures. I haven’t been to there in years.

  6. Mmm, fun pics. I like the Dragon Coaster!

  7. Beautiful! And I bet it felt good to be outside! I love the pictures. Since I’ve never been further north thatn DC, it’s so cool to see these. 🙂

  8. YAY! Good for you! Now THAT’S relaxing. *G*

  9. You deserve a play day and should build them into your schedule. Thanks for the pics. I love the cherry blossom.

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