Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thursday, April 17, 2008
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Sunny and pleasant

I have a Guest Rant up on Kristen King’s InkThinker blog on “Dealing with ‘You Should Write . . .’”, a topic that particular drives me ‘round the bend. Yeah, I know, it’s a real short drive, but come check it out here:

Well, yesterday was, um, interesting. On the positive side, I got my assignment off to Confidential Job #1, and an editor with whom I’ve worked on and off for several years has asked me for ideas for a 2010 calendar. Which, of course, will be due this June, because annuals are written two years ahead.

I spent the afternoon rearranging the living room, and I’m not sure I like it – some of the proportions seem off to me, re-mixing the furniture, so I may have to keep tweaking it. The twins, however, are very pleased and racing around. They like having chairs in front of the window, because now they can sit along the backs and look out over the plants. I’ll take cat happiness over correct proportions any day. Plus, it gives me more space to do my yoga. My back and neck are killing me, though, and, of course, building maintenance STILL hasn’t shown up to remove those air conditioners, and I can’t do any more shifting around until they are out, especially in the bedroom. If I have to hire a bunch of big, brawny guys from Rent-A-Husband, I’m charging it to the building. I’d entice some big, brawny hockey players with the promise of a home-cooked meal, but the guys I know nearest to me are in the playoffs right now, and I will NOT risk them getting hurt moving damn air conditioners from the 1970s during the most crucial weeks of the season.

I put together a sample package of monologues I promised a colleague, and updated my overall script samples package, pulling out some old ones and substituting some of the newer scenes. Those went off. I’ve turned them into PDFs, which should make life easier for all of us. Several of my older disks are missing, and I had a heck of time converting documents, because heaven forbid Microsoft can open their own programs if they’re a few years old. I had to do document recovery on most of them and then reformat.

Paperless office. Yeah, right.

I sent a query to a new-to-me publisher and, within two hours, received a request for a full. Now THAT’S the way I like to work. Keep your fingers crossed! Got a whole bunch of queries and submissions to get out this week and next. Too much stuff backing up.

A trio of characters appeared and started yapping late last night. I need them to shut up, so maybe I’ll make a few notes to appease them while I concentrate on other things.

Going back to the Frenzy screenplay today – I think I can finish it in a day or two.


PS I rearranged the living furniture again. The proportions drove me nuts. It’s better now, and the cats aren’t complaining, so it stays.

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  1. Crossing fingers on the query request.

    Have a good Thursday.

  2. GOOD LUCK on that submission!! I just know they’ll love it. 🙂

  3. Congrats on the request for the full! Woo hoo! That was fast, indeed! Which means your query letter must have been FANTASTIC. 🙂

  4. BIG CONGRATS on the Full! And I’m glad you have some semblance of normalcy now…and the kitties are happy too!

  5. Good luck with the query and Script Frenzy!!

    Glad the cats are happy 🙂

  6. Hope the cats can still see out! *G* Crossing my fingers for the submission.
    Um, why didn’t the window guys take the air-conditioning?

    I hope your day goes well!

  7. Your rant was impressive, Devon! I enjoyed it thoroughly.

    Glad you’re back in the home. Burn some sage. Get it all Zen again…

  8. had to stop by and say “hi” – been too long – and get a good laugh over “paperless office” – if anything I have more because I just (still) don’t entirely trust the computer (and don’t back up as much as I should either!)

  9. loved the rant, too – would get the 5-in-10 above, but the paypal doesnt’ recognize my password or something…going to give up as the battery on the computer keeps flickering the LEDs, too, driving me batty. Another person who rants at the computer and Microsoft. I wish they’d leave yahoo alone and fix their own problems first.

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