Saturday, March 29, 2008

Saturday, March 29, 2008
Waning Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Sunny and cold

I am a member of the tribe called Fucking Deal. That’s why I was able to sustain a solid career in production for all those years – a problem comes up backstage or on set, I deal. There’s more of a hierarchy on set (which is why I ended up as production manager/line producer on some indies – because I solve problems), whereas backstage, you have to be able to think on your feet or the show grinds to a halt, and that’s no good. It’s much better when the audience has no CLUE as to what just happened and how close they were to having to exchange tickets for another performance. I loathe people who don’t cope because I’m jealous and angry that they just get to throw up their hands and someone else has to clean up the mess – and I usually end up being one of the cleaners. But, the unfortunate truth is that that’s the way I’m wired. Which is why, in spite of the physical and psychological torture we’ve undergone in this three year siege, I’m still dug in and still standing. Someday, all of the material experienced and gathered during this will turn up in the fiction; right now, I’m simply trying to live through it and come out the other side reasonably intact.

Brenda, thanks for the tip on St. Anthony. I hadn’t thought about saint-aid, although probably St. Jude (patron saint of lost causes) might be worth a nod! My favorite, though, is the New Orleanian patron, St. Expedite, the patron saint of needing something to happen fast!

Two carloads of stuff to storage yesterday (had to pack ‘em before I could haul ‘em).

Did another revision on the sci-fi horror western – it’s under 15K now, and it reads well. I’m happy with it.

Cleaned up a treatment for a friend who’s trying to sell a teleplay. If the agent sells the story idea and the person actually gets to write the first pass, I may go on as co-writer, or at least brush up the dialogue, since I know the characters’ cadences pretty well and I’m better at keeping them consistent. We’ll see. If it sells, I’m happy to come in, do some work, collect the check and see what happens. I don’t really care if my name is on it or not, as long as the price is right. If it doesn’t sell, I got to exercise those muscles again and will just move on to the next thing.

(Yes, Imp, I see you from here, making the smoke-ring gesture)! I really am getting that blasé about some of the aspects of the biz. It’s not real until the contract’s signed and the first check clears.

Polished and sent the assignment to Confidential Job #1. Not happy with my work this time around, but, at an assignment every two weeks, I’m not always going to be brilliant. As long as my editor’s happy, I will deal.

Three different types of drilling going on all around me yesterday. Absolutely horrible. 14 trips up and down the stairs hauling boxes was almost a relief, to get away from the noise. But I’m sore. I’m not doing any weight training on top of all the box lifting.

Worked on some research for upcoming interviews. Found a lead on an interview I hadn’t thought of until I came across this piece of information, but if I could land it – it would be one of the most interesting to do, and I think it would be a great one for the readers. It means a lot of research done quickly, but I should be able to pull it off in the next few weeks, and come up with some questions that I hope are as interesting for the interviewee as for the reader.

Did a final polish on the sci-fi horror western – found a few typos, some of which I know I corrected at least three previous times, and they did not hold in the document, which gets on my last nerve. But it’s done, polished until it gleams, has a good cover letter, and it’s out. Oh, yeah, and it has a title: The Annym Roosteyr’s Return. “Annym Roosteyr” is my mangled Manx version of a soul dispatcher, who sends the souls to judgment after death. Eidolinn Sheekagh is my Annym Roosteyr, Riker Cain my detective, and their world is full of Freak Pretties, skin eaters, and crooked politicians. This draft feels right. I could tweak forever, but it’s good enough to send. And it comes in at 14,908 words – just under the limit.

So tired, I was ready to fall over by 10:30. So I did.

Today’s agenda: Work on the erotic fairy tale that’s due Monday, work on the essay due Tuesday, and get two more carloads of stuff into storage.

I’m eager to get back to the thriller, polish the teleplay, and finish Old-Fashioned Detective Work, but the contracted, deadlined work must come first.

I know I’ve gone over 75K for the March 50K word challenge, but I don’t have a complete word count. Oh, well. The fact that I could count combined projects put me over the top (and writing a one hour teleplay, working on the thriller, which I didn’t expect to do, and finishing the sci-fi horror western – yeah, that had something to do with it).

Off to load the car for the first trip to storage. I packed more boxes last night before I went to bed. The sad thing is that I’ve barely made a dent. Sigh.

And I so have to catch up on the prep races for the Kentucky Derby. The race isn’t that far away, I haven’t been paying attention since Breeders’ Cup, and, of course, I’m covering the Triple Crown again. This will be my eighth consecutive year.


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  1. I hate to hear you sound so angry and somewhat defeated at the same time. I do hope there is a resolution to the mess with the Developers soon. You need the break.
    Glad to hear your Sci-Fi Western is at a place where you are happy with it.

    Please take care and be safe when moving all those boxes!

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