Florida Derby Day Quick Picks

The regular writing-related “Ink” post is under this one.   If you don’t play the ponies, keep scrolling down.

Okay, I did a quick skim of the day’s race card at Gulfstream, and let’s see how I do here:

Race 2 — I’m going with Eva Maria not because I know anything about the horse, but because that’s my mom’s name. Nothing like a professional reason to bet a horse!

Race 5 — The Shirley Jones: Moon Catcher is my top choice. I might toss in Baroness Thatcher because Johnny V.’s the jockey.

Race 9 — Bonnie Miss S: Backseat Rhythm (yes, I went there, too) and Highest Class (again, because JV’s the pilot). Probably bet ’em separately and then do a boxed exacta.

Race 10 — the Florida Derby — none of these horses are thrilling me. I’d like to take a look at Fierce Wind and Elysium Fields — the latter because Barclay Tagg’s the trainer. I hope Majestic Warrior’s got more in him than the odds show. JV is on Face the Cat, so I’ll look. Big Brown has low odds, but unless I fall in love at the paddock, I will pass. Amy Tarrant’s training BB Frank, and I’d like to see her barn get a Big Horse. Those are the ones I’m going to look at right before the race — I might not bet at all, but just sit back and see what they do.

Update on the races tomorrow.

(Hey, it was time to get back to track, right)?

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  1. Well, I’m not one to point fingers about choosing a horse because of its name. I do that all the time. *g* But then I don’t, as a usual rule, actually bet on them. 🙂

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