Monday, March 24, 2008

Monday, March 24, 2008
Waning Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Sunny and cold

Hop on over to Mystic Lit to read my second of three guest blog posts on research in one’s writing.

It’s pretty sad that, on Saturday, I was so sick and still more productive, writing-wise, than I’d been in about two weeks.

That’s how much the noise, stress, and construction vibration have set me off my game.

So much so, I noticed in the BCC to myself of an article I submitted, a really stupid mistake which will probably cost me the sale. It’s absolutely inexcusable. And I made the mistake anyway. And I’ll pay for it, I’m sure. I was so careful on the article, on the cover letter, and then there’s a typo in the subject line. Next! It will serve me right to be rejected for simply that. And I thought I’d been very careful. I could just kick myself around the block.

Heaven forbid we have a QUIET weekend when it comes to dealing with the landlord scumbags. I’m in the kitchen, making the devilled eggs to take to the dinner, when fire engines pull up and firemen start gearing up and running towards the building. I go to the hall, touch the door. It’s cool, so I open it (been in enough fires to know the protocol at this point). There’s an acrid smell in the hallway, and a fireman in the courtyard going, “We can’t get in.” Yeah, because we have no super on the premises (illegal under ETPA), no emergency numbers, the buzzers don’t work, nothing. So I grabbed my keys, ran down the stairs, let them in front and back so they could go to the basement. One of the other tenants who’s done a great deal of tenant advocacy also came down, so at least there were two of us, trying to help the firemen get where they need to go. It turned out to be a boiler problem, and, of course, there was no one to let them in the boiler room. They found an alternate way, without taking out the door (they should have, that’s what these guys deserve). So, the boiler’s shut down, and no one involved in building management is answering any of the phone messages left all over creation. No idea when we’ll have heat again, or even when anyone in management will pick up the messages that we had a serious situation here. Fortunately, the other guy kept after every phone number ever connected to the company until someone turned up and the heat was turned back on. On top of that, the smoke alarms were taken out for the renovations and not put back in again. Can you say, “Danger, Will Robinson?” And for this we pay rent. Ridiculous. I was scared as much as angry. We were lucky it wasn’t a serious fire –there would have been fatalities.

So much for the afternoon.

I used my discount card and ordered more ink and paper from Staples, so that should keep me going for the next few weeks. Ink tank wise, a few months – this Canon is super with the ink. Now, I need to find a place that gives discounts on binders. I print out my work on 3-hole punch paper and store it in binders – it’s easier for me to work from shelves than file boxes. Of course, I have the other paper to send out final hard copies, but for my own drafts and, of course, for scripts, the 3-hole punch paper is the way to go. Yeah, I know. Fascinating.

Still kind of feel like crap, but have to keep moving forward.

Dinner was lovely and fun. I ate cautiously, enjoyed myself, but was glad to be home. I must be feeling worse than I thought, because three hours out and I was wiped out.

Couldn’t concentrate on any work at night, so I’ll have to make up for it today – noise or no noise. I need to spit out at least 5K on one project, and 1K each on two others. Plus, I need to finish the work for Confidential Job #1, since it’s due tomorrow. And I’m not enjoying this one.

I did manage to do a polish on the teleplay. It’s much better, and almost there. Made some cuts, some adds, strengthened some of the scene work. Caught a few lapses in logic.

Oh, well. Suck it up and get it done. Then I can send the invoice.


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  1. Devon, I cannot tell you the number of times I’ve made similar stupid mistakes. You let your mind go off for a second and it pays you back for it, doesn’t it? Oy.

    Relax. Humans are all fallible. Perhaps your editor won’t notice it. 🙂

  2. I’ve done the “mistake” thing too. Hopefully the excellence of your work will help them overlook it.:-)

    You so need to get out of that place. When will you be able to resume house hunting?

  3. OMG! I cannot believe the Scumbags!!! I wish you could get out of there soon.

  4. Everyone makes mistakes. It’s a fact of life. Please don’t be too upset over it. You will be more cautious next time.
    Sorry to hear about the Scumbags and their inability to be moral human beings. I thought Fire Detectors were, by law, required?

    I hope you feel better and that the noise doesn’t disrupt your schedule today.

  5. Feel better soon! And I think we’ve all made those types of mistakes before. I hope the editor understands.

  6. Ah, yes. Those wonderful mistakes you notice AFTER you hit the send button! I have a doozy of a story on that one…

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