Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thursday, February 28, 2008
Waning Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Sunny and cold

I was supposed to work onsite in CT today, but that was postponed again, so I get to work at home, in the middle of building chaos. Oh, goody. Yes, that’s a note of sarcasm in my voice.

I’m not even angry about the building crap anymore. I am simply done negotiating. And I do not bluff. That’s one of the reasons I no longer play poker.

Yesterday was more about paperwork and admin work than anything else. I’m slowly excavating my desk. I found a contract that I hadn’t wanted to sign during Mercury retrograde and signed it. Much to my surprise, I received a check from a publication I’d written for last summer – I didn’t think I was ever going to chase down a penny from them. Their definition of prompt payment is different than mine, but at least I got paid, and I can cross them off the list. That means there’s only one outstanding unpaid client at this point, unusual for this line of work.

Still reading the books for the essay. It’s a challenge to read 15 books back to back in a short space of time. My eyes are tired. And, I’m starting to catch inconsistencies and errors that I might not have had I read each as they came out, one per year. It makes me realize how meticulous my own notes need to be when I work on books where the same characters travel through several stories.

I have to move my bagua mirror from the front door at some point in the next few weeks for a few days and had to figure out what to do with it, because it can’t come inside the house and it can’t sit in the car. Of course, none of the sites have my particular situation, so I hunted down some friends and colleagues who are better versed in feng shui than I am to get a solution. I don’t like having it off the front door for even a few minutes, but too bad for me. I’ll have to make alternate arrangements.

Found the printer driver for the Desk Jet. So, if you know anyone who wants an almost new HP DeskJet 1455, it’s a great little machine in perfect condition, as long as you don’t need to print 100 pages a day, as I often do. It’s not even two months old yet – I bought it on January 5. I’m selling it for less than I paid for it. Contact me for details at devon at I hadn’t yet registered it, so there won’t be any registration transfer kerflamma to deal with. The black ink cartridge is almost out, but the color still has quite a bit, and I have another unopened color cartridge to include. If you’re close enough for a hand-off, there’s not even a shipping cost involved. I have the power cable, but not a USB cable for it – I kept the one from the Multipass and used it for the Pixma, and, when the Multipass is fixed, I’ll keep switching it between the two.

I’ve been getting up later because I’m going to bed late, but got up early this morning to get a start on the day before the building chaos kicked in. And I’m much more productive. I’m productive early in the morning, that’s the way it is. So I need to get back to the early morning routine.

Great morning’s work on Old-Fashioned Detective Work. It’ll run longer than I originally planned, but that’s okay. Decent progress on the sci-fi horror western novella. I have a sense of its overall scope; now it’s putting it together like a jigsaw puzzle.

Today’s agenda includes work on Tracking Medusa’s revision and honing the outline/synopsis a bit more. I’m still not thrilled with it. It’s workman-like and it has to be enchanting. I need to get some submissions out that are hanging around, not so patiently waiting, do more reading for the essay (I’m finding the author’s world claustrophobic, and the books are getting longer, so I spend less time reading them each day)., start the next assignment for Confidential Job #1, and who knows what else.


Old Fashioned Detective Work
– 19,232 words out of est. 25,000 (76%)

Sci-fi Horror Western – 1352 words out of est. 15,000 (9%)

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  1. Hang in there, Dev!

    And I have a really lame synopsis. They are just a pain in the butt to write, aren’t they? 😉

  2. Yay for getting an unexpected check in the mail! Those are always the best to get. 😉

  3. In case anyone wants your printer, your email addy is spet wrong: it should read devon at


  4. I keep thinking I need to use feng shui on my bedroom/office. But I never seem to get around to figuring out what to do.

  5. I’ve always been interested in feng shui, but not good at the actual placements.
    YAY! A deliquint clinet finally paid you! Ever notice if you owe money it is to be paid NOW, NOW, NOW. But, if you are owed money it takes forever to receive it?

    I hope that you have a nice and productive day!

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