Sunday, Febraury 3, 2008

Sunday, February 3, 2008
Waning Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Sunny and cold

Well, it STARTED as a good day . . .

Yesterday was fairly productive. The errands were hit and miss, but that’s life. I got some good work done on Wyatt. I finished the work for Confidential Job #2, and just have to type it up. I completed an author interview (someone interviewed me this time) – I’ll post the link and the date when it’s set.

And then I found out my credit union account was hacked. They didn’t wipe it out completely – they left a few dollars so the account wouldn’t be flagged. But I’m rather furious, especially since it’s happened to numerous colleagues with the same credit union over the past few months.

And, of course, there’s no 24/7 number to call, so I have to wait until Monday.

I have a few things to say to them. And then I will file the appropriate paperwork with the appropriate agencies.

I didn’t have all that much money in the accounts – I’d dawdled about transfers – and now I’m glad I procrastinated. This is an example that procrastination can sometimes be a good thing!

I’m also annoyed, because it’s marked as an ATM transaction – done when my card was in my purse, excuse me? And it’s in an amount that NO ATM gives out. NO ONE has access to my card or my PIN. And this card isn’t even a debit card; it’s a straight out ATM card. Not only that, I was in Philly when the withdrawal happened in Queens – and the only time I’d used the ATM card prior was in the credit union office several weeks earlier to reset my PIN. I hadn’t used it in ANY ATM since the re-set.

I’ll be better once all the paperwork is filed.

I WAS going to close the other account, the one that charges me every time I breathe, but at least they have stringent fraud alerts.

As far as I can tell, it’s not identity theft; it’s simply these two particular accounts have been hacked into. But I’m talking to all my various card companies, etc., to make sure any strange activity is flagged.

I’m fortunate – because of when the hack happened, I lost less money than anyone I’ve spoken with thus far – but the pattern over a long period of time of account hacking in this institution is very disturbing.

So the rest of the creative work I planned to do went right out the window.

My local police precinct told me I had to file at Midtown North, but Midtown North wants me to file at the precinct where I live, so I’m heading back to my local cop shop to sit down with someone and do the paper work. Just what the cop wants to do on Super Bowl Sunday, I’m sure!!!

And then, I have to come home and get back to work on Tracking Medusa.

This weekend has been a creative wash-out, unfortunately.


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  1. That is absolutely terrible! And for a company NOT to provide cover as statutory is shocking. Is there room for retrival or damages – or both? I sincerely hope so. Hope you’re ok.

  2. Sounds kind of like an inside job. I hope it all works out.

  3. Good gracious! I am so sorry to hear you were hacked. It does seem suspicious that all those hacks were done at the same credit union.
    I hope things work out on Monday.

  4. That makes me so mad!!!! There HAS to be a way to protect things like that. So sorry it happened.

  5. Aw, bless you, Devon. What a pain in the ass for you!

    Well, you didn’t miss much as far as the Superbowl was concerned. I think NY was supposed to win. It was fate or something. UGH.

    Sending you hugs and well wishes…

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