Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wednesday, January 30, 2008
Waning Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Rainy and cold

Well, the good news is that Mars goes direct today, and while I’m a bit bloodied on the ground from the conflict, at least that retrograde’s done! The bad news is that Saturn and Mercury are still retrograde.


Hop on over to The Scruffy Dog Review blog and read about the importance of Gatekeepers in publishing, and why a good submission packet is so important. Also, scroll down beyond my article and read about Patry Francis’s The Liar’s Diary. The paperback version of this novel is now available. Yesterday, many bloggers all over the world got together to promote and celebrate the paperback’s release, a show of support while she battles cancer.

I’m late to the dance with this because I’m taking a forum break and only found out about it when I visited various blogs yesterday. Day late, but hopefully, not a dollar short. If you’re looking for a powerful, beautiful book by a lovely, incandescent writer, pick up a copy of The Liar’s Diary.

Errands, building kerflamma, and things that needed to be dealt with on the home front took up the bulk of the day and my energy. I didn’t get back to the Tracking Medusa revision until nearly three in the afternoon.

I am good for very little in the afternoon. Yes, go there, because you’re probably right.

I’m actually turning back to my old nocturnal self, staying up later and later, and I have a feeling that eventually, post-relocation, I will go back to my ideal schedule of writing all night, dealing with the world in the morning and then sleeping all afternoon. I’m a morning person; I’m a night person. I am NOT an afternoon person.

However, Medusa needed me, so I dove back in. I’m so close to the end I can taste it. And then I’ll put it away for a day before going back for the final polish, do the outline and synopsis, tweak the logline and one paragraph summary, polish the query letter. It goes out as promised with the new moon next week, so it damn well better be ready. I kept pushing and kept pushing and kept pushing and finished the draft around 10:30 last night. I’ll work on the last ten chapters first, then go back and do another buff, writing the draft of the chapter-by-chapter outline as I go. I’ll hone the outline and then pull material for that for the two page synopsis.

I added a really important scene towards the end between Gwen and Karl, which gives them a positive resolution, and also sets the foundation for their interaction in books two and three, although you won’t need to read the books in any specific order, since each will stand alone. But I want to work on polishing the end first, because if one always starts at the beginning, the beginning winds up with more polish than the end. I want the book to start strong and grow stronger over its course. I fixed the weak middle from the previous draft, and the climactic chapters were good the first time, and just needed a bit of tweaking. But I want to make sure the end (which has a bit of a surprise, just when you think there aren’t any more surprises) is strong, too. The last chapter is very simple, but it lets us all breathe. I hate books that suddenly stop right after the climactic scene. I feel cheated. I want aftermath, afterglow, call it whatever you like.

I’m going back and forth with an assignment from LA. Dealing with LA on a normal day is enough of a pain in the —, but when Mercury’s Retrograde . . . we’ll get it sorted, we always do. It’ll just take six days when it should take six minutes, because that’s the game in LA.

That’s why I factor in the aggravation pay for LA-based gigs into the original quote.

I have a massive migraine today, so I’m going to take it easy. Part of it is overwork; but it was triggered because I brought in flowers yesterday with a heavy, too-sweet-for-me fragrance that overpowered the entire apartment, and I woke up in the middle of the night with a searing headache. I didn’t realize until this morning what caused it.

So I think today will be my floating day off for the week.


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  1. I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Chris Tackett

  2. I have a headache too. Don’t they suck! Hope you are right as rain soon.

    I get really tired in the afternoon too. Occasionally, when the kids come home from school, Thing One will watch the baby so I can catch a 30-minute “power nap.” (I say 30 because it takes me about 10 minutes to fall asleep, so I get the Perfect 20 minutes.)

    Works for me!

  3. Afternoons are bad for me, too, especially during the work week.

    Hope the migraine gets better.

  4. Hope the migraine passes sooner rather than later.

  5. I like writing at night. At least, that’s my latest schedule. 🙂

    GO GO GO on Medusa!

  6. You’ve been tackling Medusa for about a week now, so please do take a day. You need it and deserve it. I hope your Migraine goes away soon.

  7. Congratulations on getting closer and closer to the end of Medusa. Good for you! Momentum is a wonderful thing!

    And thanks for the reading tip. I’ll be sure to check out The Liar’s Diary.

  8. Can I just say I love the title Tracking Medusa.

  9. I had a horrible migraine today, too (are there any other kind?) We’re both on the eastern seaboard. Same weather system. Hope yours clears up really soon. I love your strategy for keeping the tension level strong in your fiction. Thanks for sharing that.

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