Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tuesday, January 29, 2008
Waning Moon
Mars Retrograde
Saturn Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Sunny and cold

I got out the work for Confidential Job #1. I had trouble getting into my 1and1 webmail suddenly at mid-day, but, before I throw another fit at them, I’ll take the Mercury Retrograde into account and give them 24 hours. It sort of worked a few hours later, so I could pull some stuff off, but I’m starting to track the problem and then I’ll invoice them back. Why should I pay for service they’re not providing? The server’s been going down at least once every two weeks for the past four or five months.

Back to work on the Tracking Medusa revisions. I think I need to introduce Lyle-the-henchman at the house party rather than just having him show up on the yacht. I found a subtle way to do it, but I had to revise the chapters I wrote on Sunday. What? Me, find a subtle way to do something? Don’t faint now, everyone.

The listings on the job boards truly sucked yesterday. The stuff I could do paid insultingly low amounts, and the rest was for stuff that I’m either not qualified to write (and don’t want to take the time to learn) or that I’m not interested in writing. One of the sites that carries what I call “The Good Jobs” had some good stuff on it, but it was all full-time or in areas of the country in which I have no interest in living, so that was that. I might go back in a few days and do further research to see if any of those companies are the type that can be talked into freelance off-site gigs, but yesterday, I was trying to deal with building crap and work on Medusa.

Confidential Job #2 has another assignment for me that sounds really fun, so I’ve got something good to sink my teeth into this week. And I’ve got a Super Bowl gig (remote, not on-site) that should be pretty fun, too.


Just a little biased, you think? 😉

The building crap appointment was for 11 AM, but no one showed up. Gee, what a surprise. And not just because Mercury’s Retrograde. But I lived on the knife-edge of adrenalin all day, and felt like my ass was thoroughly kicked by the end of it. I didn’t get deeply back in to my revisions until late at night, which meant I worked well past midnight, and that set me back this morning.

So, back to Tracking Medusa. Rewrote the three chapters I did on Sunday. Created a new chapter twenty-three, with a good scene late at night in an old church. I based the chapel on a cross between the one on the Felbrigg property in Norfolk and one I came across in Northumberland years ago, and the Italianate garden on a combination of the gardens at Blickling Hall (also in Norfolk) and my imagination. I used some of the material from the old chapter twenty-two in chapter twenty-four. Rewrote the new chapters twenty-four, twenty-five, twenty-six, and twenty-seven. They’re back on the yacht now, so it’s mostly getting the story straight and revealing who betrayed whom and why. The section where Gwen wonders if maybe Justin was setting her up the whole time works, and it led to an additional confrontation in the cave between them when they find the statue that works really well right before they’re captured and taken on the yacht. It raises the stakes between them in a way that adds to the tension.

Now, of course, I’m worried that I’ve added too much and will run over 100K. Story-wise, I needed the plot machinations I added, but as I go back over it again, I may need to do some cutting. I’ll worry about that once I’ve got everything in, although I am getting a bit more ruthless about cutting some of the dialogue as we go. If this was spoken (as a play or screenplay) instead of a novel, there are a few places where I’d keep certain speech repetitions for character rhythms or quirks, but in this case, I’m going to have to eliminate some of that in order to keep all the story points I need kept in and still have it come in at a reasonable length.

Oh, Sunny, no, I didn’t name it “Damn House” – I gave it a proper name for the area! 😉


Tracking Medusa
revision – 78,645 words out of 90,000 words (87.3%)

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  1. Yeah, being an unabashed Patriots fan myself, I would have been a “little” torn if the Packers had won! But not much. 😉 So, the report is not “on site?” Darn, right? Nice weather would be a plus for you right now!

    You sound productive and happy–in spite of some circumstances. I hope things don’t get too crazy!

  2. I’m so not interested in football. I’ll only watch the SuperBowl for the ads. hehe

  3. Glad that you are moving forward with Tracking Medusa.
    Sorry to hear that you were all set with an appointment yesterday and then have them be a no-show. Makes me think they’re running scared-from you! *g*

    Have a wonderful day!

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