Monday, January 28, 2008

Monday, January 28, 2008
Waning Moon
Mars Retrograde
Saturn Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Sunny and cold

Yes, darlings, are you ready for this? Mercury goes Retrograde today, combined with the Mars and Saturn Retrogrades. So in addition to conflicts and life lessons, for the next three weeks no one is going to understand properly a word you say and look at you as though you’re speaking in tongues, any major purchases are a bad idea, don’t sign any contracts, expect travel delays, and back up everything on your computer at least 47 times.

But go antique shopping – you’ll find some great deals! 😉

My mantra: Stay low, stay quiet, go shopping.

So, this Merc Ret, you won’t see much of me on forums or message boards. That’s when the most misunderstandings occur, so I’m keeping away from potential powder kegs, especially as the parasites and bullies are trolling several of the sites in full force lately.

I need to focus on my work and have as little contact with the rest of the human race as possible.

Of course, today is one of the days when I have to deal with building crap, but at least I had a few days to prepare on a psychological level.

Got an email early this morning from the person to whom I promised first look at Tracking Medusa asking me to send it a few days later, because the person will be away and doesn’t want to risk it sitting an inbox and something happening to it with the Retrograde. No problem. I still plant to finish it by deadline, but it gives me a few extra days to polish the synopsis, outline, et al. I did double check with this person to make sure I understood the request properly (Mercury Retrograde) and I did, so it’s all good.

And I need to buckle down and get the first draft of the sci-fi western horror novella done, so I can put it aside for a few weeks before revision, and while it’s resting, write the time travel novella.

Got a rejection I expected, and have to tweak the cover letter and get the piece to the next market. Why send it to the first place if I expected rejection, do you ask? Because, after the research, when we first started our dance, we seemed like a good fit. As we continued in the process, we discovered we weren’t. No big deal; it happens. Best to disengage before serious trouble and move on to hopefully a better partner.

On Saturday, I rewrote 19 chapters of Tracking Medusa in a single day. Yesterday, I struggled to rewrite ONE. I gutted Chapter 20 – what I set up in the previous revisions necessitated a total gut, and I think I have to restructure/rearrange a good bit of the next few chapters. Except for character names and the words “the” and “and”, there are only about 3 words left from the original chapter.

In fact, I’m gutting the entire series of chapters that take place at the house party. Jonathan’s in them, slimy bastard, and, surprise of surprise, Gwen actually hits a point where she wishes KARL was with them! So I wrote chapters twenty, twenty-one and twenty-two, which is almost entirely new material. I named the damn house, which is a step in the right direction. There wasn’t a sense of place about the house before, it was more like a set piece Gwen and Justin dashed around to get somewhere else, and what happens during the house party needs to be important. I’m also going to have the afternoon horseback ride Gwen and Vladimir take together happen on the page instead of Justin just worrying about it later and hearing about it second-hand. Vladimir needs to reveal a bit more of his true colors when he’s alone with Gwen. He needs to shake her up badly enough so she wonders if Justin’s been conspiring with him behind her back – especially since Justin was his research assistant before he met Gwen. This will add more to the discomfort growing between Justin and Gwen, and his worries that Vladimir’s hitting on Gwen and maybe she’s responding when he’s not around, and his guilt when Kitty comes on to him and he hesitates before refusing.

I’m doing more of this section from Gwen’s POV – there was too much Justin, and not enough Gwen here. And I don’t want to alternate POV from chapter to chapter. I want us to live inside one of them for a chunk of time, then in the other.

I wrote over 8K of new material, which will need to be honed and tweaked, but, again, I feel as though I’m on the right track.

Had to shoot off some emails to double-check some information – I’ve got to make sure I have the geography and the protocols correct.

Have to run an errand this morning, and then deal with building crap. Will do the write-up for Confidential Job #1 and get that invoice out, do some more work on another piece that I’d like to get out by Wednesday or Thursday, latest, and then back to the Tracking Medusa revision.


Tracking Medusa revision – 64,534 words out of 90,000 (71%)

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  1. Wow sounds like you’ve made some fantastic progress with the story! That’s great news!

    And I backed up my thumb drive yesterday. You know, just in case. 🙂

  2. You were a writing machine over the weekend!

    And how COOL that you knew Werner Klemperer. I am so glad he was such a wonderful person – I just love how he portrays Colonel Klink. 🙂 Did he ever tell you any stories of his days on Hogan’s Heroes?

  3. Oh lord. We’ve been fighting like crazy for two weekends in a row now. I’m going to learn how to nod and smile and avoid contact until this crap disappears!

  4. I think Mercury going retrograde hit my house last night. I had horrible problems with TV signals and recording devices.

    Hope it doesn’t get worse…

  5. Does this Retrograde thing mess with sleep, because hubs had trouble last night. And I, the notorious insomniac, slept through.
    You make my head spin with all that you’ve done and are doing. But, in a good way! *G*

    Best of luck today with all that needs to be done. Hugs and good thoughts.

  6. Good thing I signed the lease for the apartment a last week, huh?

    You’re really something else, you know? A real dynamo and you give me encouragement. Just thought I’d tell you that.

  7. …backing up my flash drive as I type this…

    *sigh* I miss my antique gallery in Denver. Remember that FABULOUS FIND I made when Merc was Retro? There aren’t any antique stores close here, unfortunately.

    And OMHELL you wrote NINETEEN chapters in one day? You are a machine! GO YOU! Make sure you eat and sleep!


  8. I could live with that mantra for longer than three weeks, I think. 🙂 ‘Damn house,’ I sense some frustration here – did you give in and actually name it The Damn House?

  9. Just how many days are there in your weekend?

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