Monday, January 21, 2008

Monday, January 21, 2008
Waxing Moon
Mars Retrograde
Saturn Retrograde
Martin Luther King Day
Sunny and cold

Let us take time today to remember that each of us is personally responsible for turning Martin Luther King’s dream into a reality.

I was looking at job listings yesterday on a site that carries high-paying jobs. One, located not to far from me, made me burst out laughing. It’s a job writing reports on how the company can write better reports. Is that a waste of everybody’s time or what? I’m not applying for it because the temptation to write smart-ass reports on the reports would be too much for me. I couldn’t keep a straight face, much less a diplomatic pen.

I found a couple of interesting-sounding jobs and will put together proposal packages. They require more thought than the regular pitch w/samples – their needs are more intricate, and I need to figure out a unique position for myself in each. Should I land any of them, even on an intermittent basis, the money would be great, and I think the work would be both interesting and challenging. In any case, I’m opening more contacts, and, if I follow up properly, work will come along in the next few months. One job is in MA,. one in VT, and one in RI, so it would be interesting.

I turn on the HP and there’s a message from the company, wanting me to agree to participate in a program where some office overseas monitors my printer use. I don’t think so. “Decline”. If I could have given them the virtual finger, I would have. If they want me to fill out a survey, that’s one thing – but to hook into my computer/printer and MONITOR my use? No way! Especially if they’re not giving me something like 600 free ink tanks!

Yes, I had to put in a new ink tank AGAIN.

Had a quiet day in the cold. For once, the building kept on the heat all day; usually, they shut it off between 9 AM – 4 PM because “no one’s home then.” In other words, children, the elderly, and anyone who might work at home doesn’t matter. They even kept the heat on overnight. Will wonders never cease? The state must have threatened them with a fine.

Finished the manuscript I had to critique for a colleague. It’s really quite wonderful, extraordinary, and unique. I hope it finds a home SOON – it’s terrific. I caught a few inconsistencies, and there are a few places where I think it might receive criticism, but I think the author should hold his ground. What a joy to read something that good!

Read the very first of Donna Leon’s mysteries set in Venice. I love them – the writing’s wonderful, the atmosphere is great, and they always surprise me. They’re also always eating and drinking, which means I’m starving when I read them! 😉

I’m currently annoyed at the NYC Ballet. Tickets for a dress rehearsal were offered starting at 9 AM. I put in my request for the 31st and cannot get a confirmation – all I get are site errors. In other words, the site can’t handle the traffic. So I blew my morning writing – because I got on the site BEFORE I did my first words of the day – and can’t even get the frigging tickets. If your site can’t handle the traffic, don’t advertise in the NY TIMES! And then the site crashed completely, so forget it.

Tried to watch the Jane Austen thing last night, but they all whined too much, so I turned it off.

Okay, now that the ballet site crashed completely, maybe I can go back to work and get something done.

Erin, thanks for that lead. I’ll contact the mag today.

I started seeing some interesting connections in the third Gwen/Justin – patterns in the characters’ behaviour. I’m not going to plant flags over it, but it’ll be there, and it’ll be interesting to see how much people pick up on. Most readers, I find, pick up on quite a bit, sometimes even more than the writer realized was going on during the writing process.

It’s a holiday for many, but I need to get going. I’ve got to go out into the cold today to Staples (AGAIN) – I’m out of paper and need more binders and another crate. And I might bake a chocolate sour cream cake.

But first – to write.


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  1. You’re welcome! I will contact them too and let them know I know your work (well, I mostly know your work from your blog- but I can tell you’d be a good fit!)

  2. they shut it off between 9 AM – 4 PM because “no one’s home then.”

    Ye gods. Is that even legal? But then again, we’re talking with people who seem to not care about the law or common decency.

  3. Reports about reports! Now, where have I heard that before…? 😉

  4. Oh you should totally do the reports about reports. It might make those stuffy business folks laugh out loud. 😉

    And about the printer thing – Talk about Big Brother! UH…NO! I would have said no, too.

  5. Okay, now I have to go bake a chocolate cake. CURSES!!!

    I wish I had a STAPLES close by. All we have is Office Max. But it’s still like a candy store. 🙂

  6. Darn it! You did have to go and say “chocolate” and “cake” in one sentence! 😉

  7. ‘A report about a report’? Did someone slip that in as a joke and noone noticed until they posted it already?

    Yum, chocolate cake. Sour cream cakes always seem so much softer than normal cakes, very decadent!

    (I posted a suggestion on the printer-thing down on the 18th. I would’ve put it here, but I’m reading the posts backwards, or forwards, I guess. Oops.)

  8. The no heat thing in the day is bizarre logic in the extreme. I too think you should reconsider the report on reports job – you could revolutionize bureaucracy.

  9. I have never heard of a building turning off the heat. Is that legal? As for the printer thing, I wouldn’t have let them monitor me either. That’s just weird.
    Did you have to mention cake? I don’t like chocolate cake, but now I have the urge to bake! *g*

    I hope you do get the tickets you were trying for. Have a good evening!

  10. Reports on reports? I love it. Reminds me of the person who was called to a meeting to discuss future meetings…

    Chocolate cake and a visit to Staples? I’m jealous.

  11. Reports about how to write better reports – from a report company. Yea, that’s the strangest job this week! LOL

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