Monday, January 7, 2008

Monday, January 7, 2008
Dark of the Moon
Mars Retrograde
Saturn Retrograde
Cloudy and mild

I have to repack for Philly – it’ll be much warmer than expected, and I have a bag full of cashmere that will turn out to be a bag full of sweaty cashmere if I don’t pack appropriately.

Regarding the dreams/twelve days of Christmas – that’s something that’s been passed down in my family for decades. Most of my family and friends in Continental Europe also grew up with it. I have no idea where it originates.

Also, remember, with dreams, it’s not always literal. You have the symbolic and emotional wrapped up in there, too, even when it seems like a linear, possible dream. You’re dealing with fears, emotions, and familiar objects substituting for something else. So you have to untangle the dream like a bag of discarded yarn to find out what it actually means. You have to find your own, personal, internal “dictionary” for your dreams, because everyone’s is slightly different.

Yesterday morning was all about Hex Breaker. I did another draft, some polishing, and caught a few logic lapses that I probably could have gotten away with, but I feel better for straightening them out. I also spent too much time puttering online (naughty Devon!), visited a friend who’s sick, found out the super in the building quit and is moving his family back to Ireland in two weeks (which means the new owners will put in someone to harass the tenants), took down the Christmas/Yule/holiday decorations, and came up with ideas for some new stories. I think they’re short stories, but I’m not sure.

One has to do with the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, which is something that’s always fascinated me. Now, there’s a movie coming out about it either this year or next year called Horsemen and there’s no way I could top Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s magnificent Good Omens, AND a friend and I wrote a piece called “Four Horsewomen of the Apocalypse” for Moon Tribe Tales, which was also later published in Wild Child where Peace and her cohorts defeated War, Famine, Pestilence, and whomever is the fourth – Poverty? I have to look it up. I’ve got a mind like a sieve this morning.

Anyway, the topic fascinates me, especially in light of current world politics, where it feels like the Four Horsemen are up and riding, so it’s something I want to play with. We’ll see.

I also got into an argument with one of the men in my life about, of all the stupid things, horror movies. I like a good psychological thriller; I don’t like slasher films. Life is scary enough, I have enough to deal with, and goodness knows, living on the Deuce for 13 years, I saw enough ugly crap to last several lifetimes. I don’t find cruelty entertaining. He does. Fine. Go watch them without me. Only he wants my company to watch them. And I won’t. He’s been doing research, figuring if he picked movies with actors I like, I’d agree to watch them.

Obviously, he doesn’t know me very well.

The specific movies about which we argued are I Know Who Killed Me and The Hitcher. He picked those because Neal McDonough is in both and Sean Bean is in the latter. Now, I’m all for actors working as much as possible in as wide range of roles as possible. I did some research on both films, and I’m not going to watch them. In addition to the gore quotient, I don’t particularly want to watch an actor whose work I enjoy (McDonough) get butchered on film. Twice. Even if there’s good work leading up to it. And I don’t particularly want to watch Sean Bean (who I think is a wonderful actor) butchering people and then getting slaughtered himself in the end. I’m glad they did the work – those films are fun to work on because of all the different elements. But I am not going to watch them. I had to laugh – there’s an interview with the chick from The Hitcher, where she talks about how her character’s not your typical girl-in-distress in a horror film. Right. That’s why they put you in a tank top and short shorts for the whole movie. Give me a break! Wardrobe choice is short-hand. It gives the audience a lot of information about character.

So then, the guy starts arguing that if I was friends with these guys (McDonough and Bean), I’d watch the movies. Again, he doesn’t know me very well. If I was friends with them, or even if we were simply congenial colleagues, I’d be honest with them about why I wouldn’t watch the films. And, if we were actually friends, it would be fine all the way around. AND, if we were friends or colleagues, they’d know that little quirk I have that if their character dies in the movie, I have to know BEFORE I go to see it. I don’t like watching people I know do death scenes, even when they’re wonderfully done. In spite of the years I’ve spent in the business. That’s one of my many eccentricities. And my FRIENDS accept that about me. And honor it. (I had one Well Known Actor who knew this peculiarity of mine and thought it would be funny not to tell me he had an ugly death scene – I didn’t speak to him for six months. We’ve long since made up, but he’s not likely to make THAT mistake again)!

The whole darned thing was a bunch of wasted energy, if you ask me. Energy I really need to point towards other things. I’m sure all of you are reading the writing on the wall here. We’re again getting into boundary and control issues. And with Mars Retrograde right now (and the only fire in my chart is my Aries – Mars – is in Venus) and Saturn Retrograde, the planet of life lessons – it makes sense that this would come up NOW.

This morning, I’m back to work on the Hex Breaker synopsis, the final three articles, and a pitch for an anthology. And I have acupuncture in the afternoon, which will set everything to rights.

Have a great start to the week. I don’t know how often I’ll be on line, with the Philly gigs, but please make sure to stop by A Biblio Paradise on January 9 for a review of Hazel Stratham’s Regency romance, My Dearest Friend, and then again on January 10, for an interview with her.

And thanks so much to Colin’s wife, Gail, for sorting out the SD card problem. Do you know what Canon’s response was? “I don’t know.” That’s unacceptable. That’s two unacceptable responses to customer service questions in a week. I think they’re about to lose someone who’s been a loyal customer for over 20 years.



  1. I HATE, DETEST, LOATHE and ABHORR slasher films. I will never watch SAW, or HOSTEL, or the like. I just don’t see the point. As much as I like Tim Burton films, I won’t even see SWEENEY TODD. I just can’t handle gore and brutality. UGH. I am so with you on that.
    (I was sad S.B. did “The Hitcher.” I considered it beneath him.)

    I hope your Male Friend understands that soon! Happy Writing!

  2. I won’t watch slasher films either. I mean, I have to cover my eyes just watching CSI. I don’t do gore well at all.

  3. Slasher films just bore me. Once you’ve seen a couple you’ve seen them all. Something with a bit of psychological tension is much mroe up my street. The Ring remake was one of the best horrors I can remembering seeing and it was all for what you never saw.

  4. I dislike slasher films as well. I refuse to watch them, although there is certainly gore in other movies as well. And as for psychological terror, that freaks me out as well and I tend to avoid those as well. *g* Serioulsy. Rose Red, the tv movie based on Stephen Kings story-freaked me out. Daughter watched it with no problem.

    I hope your friend realizes soon that when you say no, you mean it.
    I am glad the SD card question was answered. Customer service isn’t like it used to be.

    Have a good day and enjoy re-packing.

  5. I can’t watch horror/slasher films. They give me nightmares.

    Looks like you’re making good ground with Hex Breaker.

    Have a great trip.

  6. Devon,

    I know exactly what you mean about wasted energy. I am becoming widely known in my group of friends for being “the passionate one.”

    To some people this seems to mean: They enjoy pushing and pushing me until I becomes enraged and passionately irate.

    So, I have felt this energy drain too much. That is why I said on my blog that I am working on “detaching myself from previous misconceptions.”
    I simply can’t allow myself to argue to this point, not for any sake.

    I’m hoping to revive some peace and happiness by doing so.
    Some arguments are not worth my time and energy. And, unfortunately, neither are some people.

    Happy Monday,

    Sylvia C.

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