Thursday, December 27, 2007

Thursday, December 27, 2007
Waning Moon
Mars Retrograde
Saturn Retrograde
Cloudy and cold

Got a lot done yesterday: errands run, thank you notes out, etc., etc. Nine West is having a shoe sale, but everything I liked . . .wasn’t in my size. Oh, well.

AND . . .. I was trying to figure out how to get down to Philly to do some research on a project. Voila! I got booked for a job there for the second week of January. Woo-hoo! The two won’t conflict with each other, and I can get everything done.

I made a promise not to buy shoes while I’m down there. Ha! For some reason, whenever I’m in Philly, I wind up buying shoes.

It means I have to work twice as hard next week to clear everything off and get it out before I leave. It also means I have a few days less to work on Hex Breaker – I was going to send it out on the 10th; now, the latest I can send it out is on the 8th.

Do I see at least one all-nighter in the near future?

I won’t bring Earth Bride down with me – at the rate it’s ballooning, I’d need to buy the manuscript its own seat on the bus. I will take the edit of Tracking Medusa down, though, because, even with the research, I’ll have uninterrupted work time to spend on it.

I got the notebook for the Shakespeare project; I’ll pick up another notebook this week or next week for the project that needs researching in Philly.

It’s all good.

Hop on over to A Biblio Paradise and read the review of Cat Muldoon’s book Rue the Day. Then come back again tomorrow for her interview.

I’m putting Earth Bride aside for a few days. Hex Breaker must be the priority right now, because I have less time to whip it into shape and get it off to the editor. And I still have to do my cheat sheet for Earth Bride. I’m a bit worried about losing momentum, but I have to be a pro and be able to jump in and out of it as needed.

Got a nice chunk of the work for Confidential Job #2 off. If I do more work on it tonight and then tomorrow, I can send it off on Saturday with a clear conscience, and be sure that it hits the desk in LA on schedule.

I’m also postponing two major projects I hoped to launch in 2008. If I wait until 2009, I’ll be able to pay the people I want/need to hire in to work on it more fairly, and it makes sense to wait and do it properly. I still have a couple of big things (and new websites) to launch in ’08, but these two projects need more time and money behind them.

Linda, thanks so much for starting the fascinating conversation on health care in yesterday’s comments. It’s such an important issue, and it’s interesting to hear the different facets.

I’m off to the city today – I’m going to play! I can’t wait.


Hex Breaker 11,824 words out of est. 25,000

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
11 / 25

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  1. Devon,

    I am glad that my comments were received well and that it stimulated a nice civil discussion. That is what politics should be about. Sometimes the media in its never ending quest for ratings treats political coverage as grand theatre and a blood sport. It shouldn’t be treated in that manner or as a “horse race.”

    There are larger issues at stake, especially in this election cycle and we should treat them with seriousness.

    Be well and I hope you have a fabulous day.


  2. You’re going to play today? YAY! Have a wonderful time and Congratulations on the Philedelphia job!

  3. Hi, Devon

    Congratulations on the Philadelphia job and the time to do your research. Hope you had fun in the city today and found at least one pair of new shoes.

  4. Hey! Haven’t been by in a couple of days but congrats on the Philly job. 🙂

    And, of course, you know I love shoes. I can’t NOT buy them either. hehe

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