December 24, 2007

Monday, December 24, 2007
Waning Moon
Mars Retrograde
Saturn Retrograde
Sunny and mild
Christmas Eve

We dodged a bullet – it didn’t flood yesterday. Santa and those reindeer made a pit stop at the dam and used their Christmas magic to make it hold.

I’m just nuts about reindeer – whether they’re stuffed animals or brass ones, or real ones. I just think they’re wonderful. Sometimes a little stinky and pushy, but wonderful.

I baked almost all afternoon yesterday – brown sugar sand cookies, dilly batter bread (to go with tonight’s pork roast), and a spice cake called “The Queen’s Spice Cake” that is wonderful. I was a little worried with the latter, because I spilled about double the amount of ground cloves that were listed and was worried, but it came out perfectly. I had to adjust the proportions on the orange glaze, though. The recipe said “4 teaspoons”, which made an odd-looking paste. When I adjusted it to “4 Tablespoons”, it was perfect.

I feel badly for those who are stuck at airports throughout the country. It’s not like the airline people don’t know it’s winter, there’s a strong possibility for bad weather, and that people DEPEND on the airlines to get home for the holidays.

What customers must force their representatives and senators to add to the Passengers’ Bill of Rights is that each individual airline must convert one of their hangars into a waiting compound for their passengers. What the compound must include is the following: cots with blankets and pillows; state-of-the art toilets and showers; a kitchen and dining area where healthy food and drink are provided FREE OF CHARGE, a lounge area for adults where they can read, watch TV, or use their laptops; a family area where families can take their kids to play (toys and soft, squishy furniture provided) and relax (and, no, they CANNOT bring badly behaved children into the adults’ lounge – if you have kids, you go to the family lounge), and a pet area where people traveling with their pets can get them out of the crate and play with them. And an infirmary, where people who are unwell can rest in peace and quiet and receive medical care. All airlines must provide ALL of these services FREE OF CHARGE and are not allowed to refuse ANYONE who holds a ticket to one of their flights. In other words, if you cancel flights and leave a couple of thousand people stranded, you must provide for all of them until you get them to their destination.

And the airlines are not allowed to raise fares.

Additionally, for every twenty minutes a flight is delayed, the carrier is not allowed to hike fares for three months. In about a week, the air fares would be frozen for years, which is as it should be.

Quite frankly, I think almost every major carrier deserves to go into bankruptcy and be completely dismantled, because they treat the passengers and their own workers like crap, while their top executives make millions. Those millions should be going back into the airlines, and ONLY when airlines have a stellar record of customer service and reliability should anyone in an executive position be allowed to make six figures or above, or get a raise.

If you cut off the unrestrained income of those at the top, things will improve drastically. But, because top executives in all kinds of corporations have no accountability – an example set by Bush, who believes he is not accountable to us, either – the country is in the mess it’s now in. And we’re about to dive into a huge recession.

Isn’t that a cheerful thought for Christmas Eve? 😉

Poor little Iris was sick this morning, all over the bedroom carpet, but she seems quite recovered. She was running around playing with her favorite ball and asking for dry food. I swear, it’s like having perpetual toddlers!

I’ve been working on my Goals, Dreams, and Resolutions for 2008, and I will post them after the first of the year. I have a couple of things to clear off my desk this morning before I shut down the computer for the holiday.

Come visit on the 27th & 28th, when I host author Cat Muldoon and her book Rue the Day over on A Biblio Paradise. A review of the book will be up on the 27th, and an interview with her will be up on the 28th.

We keep the Old World traditions for Christmas, so we have our big celebration on the Eve, with gift opening, etc. The pork roast is marinating, and we’ll have it with the leek and potato casserole, red cabbage, green beans, the dilly batter bread, and plum pudding for dessert. Tomorrow we’ll have the stockings and a calm, quiet day to enjoy the presents! I’ll roast a turkey, complete with all the trimmings: mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, peas, parsnip & carrot stuffing, cranberry sauce, herb muffins, and stollen for dessert. Since I was little, books were always a huge part of the Christmas haul and nothing was more fun than to spend the day tucked into the corner of the warm, cozy house reading the newest book.

Sue, I’m so glad you and your family had a great time in NYC! It’s a fun place, and it looks lovely all dressed up for this time of year!

I wish you all the peace and joy of the season, no matter what your holiday is this time of year. It’s such a great time to mix, match, and share traditions, holiday joy, and love.



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  1. I like your idea for the airlines – makes sense to me.

    And I love your celebration! How wonderful it all sounds.

    Peace and joy to you too Devon. Thank you for being my friend. Merry Christmas.

  2. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  3. Waht a delightful feast! Enjoy a beautiful holiday, and thank you in advance for hosting me this week.



  4. Merry Christmas to you and yours! Thank you for being YOU!

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