Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thursday, December 20, 2007
Waxing Moon
Mars Retrograde
Saturn Retrograde
Sunny and cold

I survived the mall! I feel like I should be awarded a medal or something. I used my gift certificate to get a chain to replace one that broke (and this one’s too short for my comfort), a Mouse King nutcracker (I collect nutcrackers), and a new cookie sheet. And then I stopped at the wine store and bought two bottles of wine so I don’t whine the next few days.

Came home and had to christen the cookie sheet, so I baked tollhouse cookies. Instead of adding nuts in with the chocolate chips, I usually add raisins. But this time, I soaked them in rum while I prepared the rest of the recipe. The flavor’s pretty subtle, but it adds just a big of zing! You definitely wouldn’t go, “Wow, there’s so much alcohol in this” but you might be intrigued by just a hint of something you can barely taste.

The writing did not go well yesterday, so I gave myself the day off, which means about an hour later, I wrote 1000 words on a Christmas story. It’s hard to work on something like Hex Breaker around the holidays. Although I had to shut off Bing and Frank on the CD player after awhile –the carols were good, but the “patter” was annoying and got in the way of my story.

I have to make up for what I didn’t do yesterday, so today will be busy. Plus, I have to clean the apartment. It’s a mess. And the stress of the new owners and the crap they pull is taking its toll. They are more subtle than the previous evil developers, but cause, in their own way, just as many problems. I thought it would be less stressful to suspend the house-hunt during the holidays, but now I wonder if I made a mistake.

Hey, Santa baby, could you bring me a Victorian house on at least two acres in Massachusetts, with the electrics and plumbing in decent condition? I know it’s hard to fit in the stocking, but you’re magic; you’ll find a way.

Decent morning’s work on Earth Bride. I’m working on the wedding sequence. Since all I’d written in the outline was “wedding”, I have to create the ceremonies and rituals specific to the planet. They’re quite beautiful, if I say so myself, but constructing them is time consuming. They read quite well, not a ponderous pace at all, but writing them takes awhile.

If you haven’t worked on your Goals, Dreams, and Resolutions yet for 2008, they’re still up over on Wordish Wanderings.

Lyd, I don’t have my calendar for 2008 up next year, but Saturn is a slow planet and stays retrograde for about 6-8 months. Saturn went direct sometime in the summer – I don’t have the exact dates. It had gone retrograde in the early fall last year. I don’t expect it to go direct again until sometime in the summer of 2008. You might be able to do a Google search and find the exact dates.


Earth Bride – 113,745 words out of est. 120,000

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
113 / 120

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  1. “I… bought two bottles of wine so I don’t whine the next few days.” I can’t stop laughing! That’s how I feel. I need a margarita in the worst way, and it’s barely 9:30 am. ;))

    Oddly, I survived the mall yesterday, too. I’m quite shocked, actually. The largest mall here on the east coast, and I could find a parking space for the first time ANY Christmas season. In fact, I’ve been to the mall three times in the past month, and each time parking was a breeze. It wasn’t two years ago, my son was working there and he was late for work because he couldn’t find a parking space. And he’d left home two hours early in order to get a space.

    Online shopping, perhaps? People getting wise to the commercialism? Poverty? Maybe a bit of all three.

  2. Congrats on surviving the mall! And your cookies sound DELISH!

  3. Those cookies sound quite intriguing – although if there are raisins in it, I’m steering clear. 😉

  4. Sounds as though you had a decent time at the Mall. The Nutcracker sounds cute. And I love the comment about your wine purchase!
    Your cookies sound yummy, but not something I can do with the kids! *G*

    Have a good evening.

  5. I stumbled upon this blog–not directly through StumbleUpon, but though I site I arrived at because of StumbleUpon–and thought I would drop in and say “Hello”. I have been known to collect a nutcracker or fifty as well. I know it’s kind of snobbish, but I like my Steinbachs the most. But, getting back to the point, I am a fledgling writer and will most likely be following your blog–at least for a while. So, on that note, adieu.


  6. If Saturn is retrograde most of the time; no wonder I’m always in trouble. Or maybe when it is *not* in retrograde is when I am in trouble. Would it work that way?

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