Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Wednesday, December 19, 2007
Waxing Moon
Mars Retrograde
Saturn Retrograde
Cloudy and cold

Buckle up, bunnies! Saturn went retrograde today, and, if you’re stuck in the same patterns you were in when Saturn went retrograde the last time, you’re about to get a serious ass-kicking, especially since Mars is still retrograde.

If you refused to learn those life lessons last time around, be prepared to be smacked around!

The last few times Saturn’s gone retrograde, against my better judgment, I accepted assignments at the show that I knew were bad for me. I hope I’ve finally broken the pattern (such as not going out in the ice storm when they called on Sunday, and sticking to the “I quit” part). I’m hoping that’s one of the lessons I’ve learned. Now, I have to figure out what else I didn’t get and adjust, to avoid any more scars!

It took me an hour and a half to dig out the car yesterday. Not only was the lot a sheet of ice – and our ever-lovin’ new owners did CRAP to maintain it, but, as usual, the “plow” put all the snow up against the cars instead of clearing the lot and it froze there. I wasn’t strong enough to get all of it off the car; but what I did was keep away from other cars when I drove and park in the sun at the library; when I came out of the library, it was melted enough so I could get the rest off.

Research went well. I so disagree with this author’s worldview and the fact that the books have descended only into sex, power, and cruelty, when they started as a completely new take on paranormal noir. I’m not sure if I’m “allowed” to challenge that world view in the anthology or if it’s just supposed to be positive and celebratory. I’m trying to come up with a half a dozen ideas so that my editor has a wide range from which to choose. If I do land the job, I’ll have to read 16 books in just a couple of weeks in order to have the basis for the essay. Some of them are re-reads – it’s not like the Evanovich essay, where I’d never read a Stephanie Plum book until I pitched for the gig. I read some of the early books in this particular series, but the development of the series turned me off and I stopped reading. But hey, I’ll read them again if I’m paid to read them, and I’ll have a lot to say about them! I admire and respect what the writer’s achieved, but I disagree with the unrelenting cruelty involved in the worldview. It’s no longer rooted enough in reality for me to continue connecting with the protagonist and care about what’s going on. I’m struggling to find a way to present my views on the work while still acknowledging and honoring the ground-breaking (in several respects) work the author’s performed. Fortunately, I have a few weeks to put it all together.

Oh, horrors! I actually have to set foot in a mall today. I don’t shop at malls, but I was given a gift certificate that, unfortunately, has today as its expiration date, for in-store use only, and the only store around here is in a . . . .mall. So I have to go. I only get it like three days ago, so it’s not as though I’ve procrastinated for a year. Hand me some armor, please, a sturdy helmet, and a claymore! I’m gonna need them!

I’m extremely disappointed that Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien plan to return to work in spite of the writers’ strike. Their lame justification is that they’re protecting the rest of the jobs on the show. All they have to tell the network is that if anyone is fired, they won’t return. Both of those men have the power; both choose not to use it. At least Letterman is trying to come to an agreement with the writers. I will also be very disappointed by any actor who crosses the picket line to appear on the shows, or any of the award shows.

The actors need to be careful; their contracts come up next summer, and if they expect the crews to support them and respect their picket lines, then they must do the same for everyone else. The industry is backsliding to conditions prevalent after the Civil War, where everyone who did the actual work was treated like crap and the producers made all the money. It’s not surprising – it’s the type of behavior the Bush regime supports in corporations, so of course it’s going to filter in to everything else. But creatives need to show some guts and not let it happen anymore.

Slow morning’s work on Earth Bride. Tomorrow, I’ll start the wedding sequence (in Chapter 43, no less, and page 470). That will, at least, finish this section of the book, although I expect the wedding and the wedding night to run two to three chapters.

How the heck did I get the hiccups this morning? I hate getting them, because they go on for hours and hours.

I finished the cards last night, so not much else got done!

Off to brave the horrors of the mall.


Earth Bride – 112,198 words out of est. 120,000

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
112 / 120

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  1. Mall shopping six days before Christmas…I shudder to think… good luck! hehe

  2. Hope you survived ‘Duh Mall’!!
    We’re voyaging to the ‘Big City’ tomorrow morning – I CAN’T WAIT!!! THANKS AGAIN to You & everyone for the ‘insider tourist’ ideas! S-

  3. I stay well away from malls on the weekends – ok, well I TRY to, unless I’m in the shopping mood. That’s about all we really have for shopping around here are malls – one indoor and one outdoor. We do have some novelty shops downtown, and then the usual Walmart, Target, and ShopKo places, but the mall has all the major stores.

    The writing strike is quite interesting – when I found out how much they make, I was shocked. It’s just like teachers getting paid squat, even though they’re teaching the doctors and lawyers of tomorrow.

  4. Whoa! You’re going to the Mall? You will need that body armor and a mental shield as well, alot of people are REALLY cranky and rude this time of year. Good luck!
    Good job with the cards!

    Have a nice day, even with the jaunt to the Mall. *G*

  5. “Buckle up, bunnies!”


  6. How long does Saturn stay retrograde? To what date, please? What was the date that Saturn was last retrograde? Please? I have some things coming up and don’t want to get smacked again. Thanks.

    Also, is it true that when a planet is in retrograde; that is the time that things get fixed?

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