Tuesday, Decembeer 11, 2007

Tuesday, December 11, 2007
Waxing Moon
Mars Retrograde
Cloudy and cold

I didn’t get enough done on what I needed. I got two of the articles out first thing in the morning, and then the 1 and 1 server went down AGAIN – this has been ongoing for nearly a week now and I couldn’t access any of the Fearless Ink work all day. I tried to pull it through Yahoo, but you have to verify the Yahoo addition via your other account, and without being able to get into the account, you can’t do it. I managed to get in and answer a few things, pull some addresses, and attempt to verify, but it wouldn’t take. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: 1and 1 sucks as a web host, and their customer service, for which they’ve been praised, is nearly non-existent. Unfortunately, moving hosts is not something I can do right now.

I finally opened another business account through a different system so I can get the most important work in and out. I managed to get the last article out and the paperwork between Confidential Job #2 and I sorted out by 9 PM.

The job listings were just depressing, so I’m glad I got some offers in the past few days – but I have to be able to get at them in order to fulfill them!

Lyd, to answer your moon question: Dark moon is the day before the new moon. Once the moon has turned to new, it becomes the Waxing Moon. Once the moon has passed full, it becomes the Waning Moon, until it becomes the Dark Moon again, and then the New. The Dark Moon this month was on Saturday the 8th (I may have mistakenly said it was dark on Friday the 7th – I was wrong). The New Moon was on Sunday the 9th, and now the moon is Waxing until the full Moon, which is on the 23rd. And then it will begin to wane again. Surgery should happen as close to the dark moon as possible – the closer you have it to the full moon, the heavier the bleeding is likely to be.

You also brought up another good point, Lyd: I probably would enjoy all these shows if I hadn’t spent my whole professional life working backstage in theatre, film, and television! I can never just “watch” something, unless I get completely pulled in and that’s rare at this point. But I certainly learn a heck of a lot from all of it, even the stuff I don’t think works.

I got a good chunk of work done on Hex Breaker, with some lovely surprises. I love it when I can trust my characters and they lead me to far more interesting places than expected! I couldn’t figure out who Jain’s number one sparring partner and colleague would be on the piece. Originally it was supposed to be either Nick Swift or Billy Root, but it didn’t feel right. They’re both good characters, but neither one is really a match for her. Imagine my surprise when the incredibly cynical, incredibly intelligent Wyatt East walked into the story and made himself at home. He’s not in the outline – he just sort of appeared, and he’s perfect in this setting. He’s definitely not a perfect person – far too interesting to be perfect, but he’s a great addition to this particular ensemble!

Unfortunately, I burned my forearm terribly while checking on the roast chicken. Because of the way the kitchen is designed, I can’t stand directly in front of the oven to slide the big pans in and out. I have to do everything at an awkward angle, and if I time it wrong, I get a serious burn. Today, I timed it wrong. It hurts like hell, in spite of the aloe and everything else. I had to wrap it to go into the city today, so it won’t get infected.

Yes, I’m going in to the city today. I’m – oh, shock – working on another show. Not the show I quit after 3 ½ years, but a different one. Just for the day – day work and the show. Some quick cash in an easy-going environment. And I get to eat dinner with my buddy Costume Imp (with whom I went to Philly last Tuesday), so it’s all good.

I’m constantly thinking about Earth Bride, how the story is percolating along, how I can make it better. Whether I decide to turn it into a trilogy or keep it as a single book, I want each scene and each character to be as fully developed as possible. This is not a tightly plotted, swift-driving piece. It moves forward, but episodically, with each event building on the events before. The Internal Editor’s got to go back to Tahiti. I sent her there for November, during Nano – but she’s got to stay until the draft is done, or I’ll be in big trouble. She’s welcome to have at Tracking Medusa, since that’s on deadline, but she’s got to keep her hands off Earth Bride until the draft is done! The word bar says I’m 97% done, but it’s more like 60%. I want to leave the bar as is to have a moment of happiness at reaching 100K, then move it back.

Dreamed about Hex Breaker last night, so that’s a good thing. Good way to work out plot twists.

I hate losing so much writing time today, but my bank account will be happy with an infusion of Broadway cash. After all, I still have stocking stuffers to purchase – and things for the cats – yes, we celebrate Kitty Christmas around here – there’s nothing like a pack of felines wrestling down the catnip-infused stocking on the 25th to get you laughing!


Earth Bride – 97,693 words out of est. 100,000.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
97 / 100

Hex Breaker – 4,907 words out of est. 25,000

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
4 / 25

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  1. Thanks for the explanation on the moon and stuff. Hopefully I won’t need surgery, but if I do, I’ll try and remember to get it done close to a dark moon.

    Now would you mind explaining Mercury in retrograde, please? It seems to strike fear into some, but my Almanac for next year only says when it’s in retrograde. It doesn’t actually say why it’s important that I know when it is.

    I’m having one of my feelings – 2008 is going to be a good, positive and productive year.

  2. Hugs on the burnt arm. I hope you have fun on Broadway today. 🙂

  3. Ouch! Burns are so darn painful. I hope it heals quickly.

    Maybe if I get some catnip, my cats will leave my tree alone…

  4. OK. I think I’ve got it. Surgery and transplant should be done between a full moon and a new moon. It would be near to impossible to have a surgery based on a dark moon that only lasts one day. Too many people and institutions are involved. Thanks for the info.

  5. Sorry to hear about your burn. That is always painful. And it happens a lot during the holiday seasons. I always used vegetable shortening because it is in the kitchen and readily available. It has no salt in it as does oleo and butter and other creams or oils. The shortening is thick and can cover the burn better than some other ointments. The idea is to keep the air from getting to the burn which makes it hurt more. Water also makes a burn hurt more. Wrapping with a cloth is not recommended as it keeps the heat in.

    Honey is recommended for a burn because it is thick and draws the pain out. However, for a little while the drawing out of the pain is almost unbearable. So it is a matter of choice what a person wishes to use.

    I hope by now the pain has subsided.

  6. I hope your arm feels better soon. I’ve always used aloe on a burn, so have no useful advice for you.
    As for working on Broadway today, have fun! (But take care with the arm.)
    And the kitty stocking stuffed with catnip is truly a hilarious image! Thanks. *g*

    Have a wonderful day!

  7. Oh my gosh, I’ve burned my arm in the EXACT same place. It’s awful! I still have the scar. Hopefully you won’t get one. And thanks for the great mental pic of the cats! 🙂

  8. Take care of that arm, Dev.

    And yes, I’ll bet the cats and their kitty stockings are a real treat to watch!

  9. “I probably would enjoy all these shows if I hadn’t spent my whole professional life working backstage in theatre, film, and television! I can never just “watch” something, unless I get completely pulled in and that’s rare at this point. But I certainly learn a heck of a lot from all of it, even the stuff I don’t think works.”

    I find this is true, for me, with books. Writing has jaded me, somewhat. Take care of that burn, Devon.

  10. Hope your arm is okay!

    As a web host, I use Pure Energy and they never ever go down. Plus, their customer service is excellent. I’ve been very happy with them for the last couple of years.

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