Saturday, December 8, 2007

Saturday, December 8, 2007
Dark Moon
Mars Retrograde
Cloudy and cold

Yesterday was Pearl Harbor Day. Around 9/11, there are always those non-New Yorkers who sneer at the ongoing grief here and say, “Get over it. After all, does anyone even remember Pearl Harbor?”

The answer is yes, we do. Here in New York, and all over the country. Here in NY, yesterday, a vintage plane was sent up and released roses around the Statue of Liberty in tribute to those who died.

New Yorkers remember.

I was pretty much a waste of food yesterday. But I got a stack of stuff to the post office, did some paperwork, put together some gifts that need delivery. Baked brownies, developed a new pasta recipe, sorted out the next section of Hex Breaker in my head. We had a mild snowstorm in the afternoon, so it was all pretty and cheerful again, and I felt more in the holiday spirit writing cards. The overseas cards are done, and I’m making headway on the domestic ones. I should have all of them done by the end of next week, writing a steady 10-12 cards per day.

Today, we’re off to the Pennsylvania countryside, to see our friends’ new house and deliver their gift.

I wrote yesterday, but not what I was supposed to. A new idea blazed to the forefront – I’m hoping it’s a semi-long short story and not a novella – and I wrote just over 1800 words of that. The characters and images came to me so clearly, I was afraid I’d lose them if I didn’t get them down right away. And one of the main characters, a teenage boy named Logan, has already surprised me about three times in the first ten pages. But in the right way. No planning here – just blank paging. See where it goes.

Still having server issues – and, ironically, the host sent me one of those “how are we doing?” surveys – I had an earful to give them, let me tell you! Don’t make excuses – fix the problem. They told me yesterday they’re running fixes, but it might not fix anything. Um, are you planning on doing anything else that might actually solve the problems? I’m launching some new sites on a different host in a few months – let’s hope they’re better, and then, maybe over the years, I can migrate my sites. I’d rather be a little spread out anyway, so if something goes kaplooey, I don’t lose it all.

Most of the job listings on the boards are wrist-slittingly depressing this past week, so I’ve had to foray further out and do some other pitches. Of course, since my business mail site is down, it’s a bit more difficult than it should be. But, hopefully, I can get a few more pitches out in the next few days. Some of them are way out of my comfort zone, but wacky enough to be fun.

I’m dragging my feet on these other articles, but will get them off to my editor before the end of the weekend. I know why I have resistance – deep down, I know it was a mistake for me to agree to continue with this particular publication, but I’m doing it for the money. And taking a job only for the money ALWAYS ends up biting me in the ass.

And just when I worried, Confidential Job #2 contacted me and asked me to do more work for them, at a much higher rate than before. Of course, I said yes.

Good morning’s work on Earth Bride. Finished Chapter 35. Niki and her party have found the Wizard of Wymeth, and he’s not in the condition in which they expected to find him! Tell you any more, and it gives too much away. I’m at a nice pace now, around 1500 words/day. Now that I don’t have to worry about a high daily word count, I can settle back in to a comfortable pace and also choose each word and build each scene more carefully. I’m trying to take what works for me in Nano and apply it to the rest of the year, without throwing quality out the window all year round.


Earth Bride –94,463 words out of est. 100,000
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Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
94 / 100

Untitled Urban Fantasy – 1,860 words out of – who the heck knows at this point?

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
1 / 7

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  1. Great news about the higher rate for confidential job #2.

    Enjoy your travels today. Have a good weekend!

  2. Nice of you to mention Pearl Harbor Day. My thoughts were with my brother Robert who was out at sea on that day. Pearl Harbor was the base port for his Ship, the Boise, and also many other ships. It was a large USA Naval Base.

    About the same time the news came over the radio that Pearl Harbor had been attacked; our family received a telegram from Robert that he was well and safe. It was a standard message sent out to all Naval Families concerned.


  3. The Battleship Arizona was sunk at her moorings in Pearl Harbor by the Japanese Attack on that famous day in history. The Ship Arizona has an interesting story that is not well known.

    USA Battleships are named after States in the Union. Arizona applied for and was granted the right to have a battleship named after it. What the Arizona Congressmen did not know is that the named state must supply the money for all the flatware on the ship. Now the battleships are among the largest ships in the USA Navy. So there is considerable flatware on any one battleship.

    When Pearl Harbor was attacked and the Battleship Arizona was sunk; a few smiles went around the Arizona State Congress. Now no one is saying that Arizona was not grieving to lose so many lives or that it was not sad to lose so fine a ship; but there was a certain relief that the money for the flatware would not now have to be paid. Wrong! Arizona State Congress was now informed that the flatware bill was still due.

    What to do? What to do? Where was poor little Arizona going to get the money?

    Then someone came up with the idea of raising the ship from the bottom of the Pearl Harbor Bay. After all it was only under a few feet of water. Perhaps they could salvage something. Next thing you know people wanted to see it and then it turned into a museum and started making money and that is how the flatware bill was paid. The Battleship Arizona became more famous after it was sunk than when it sailed. And a lot of good was done in memory of the men who died on and in her.

  4. Congrats on the higher pay for Confidential Job 2! Your writing is really taking off, it seems, now that you have more time.

    And that’s great you mentioned Pearl Harbor – probably most people in their 70s, 80s, 90s and above remember it in some way or another. Its interesting how it had such an enormous impact on women in this country and people don’t think about that – the GI bill gave large numbers of enlisted women a chance to go to college, which they never would have had back in those post-Depression days (my Mom was one of them) and it got a lot of women out of the home and working in factories during the war, which I think maybe led into the womens’ movement later to some extent.

    I’ll shut up and quit rambling on now…

  5. We are going to visit Pearl Harbor when we go to Hawaii over Christmas. I am excited to see it. I think it’s an important piece of history to remember.

  6. I remembered that yesterday was Pearl Harbor Day, and I felt (and still) feel so sad for those you lost their life.
    It sounds as though you had a busy day yesterday! And Congratulations on Confidential Job #2 and the higher pay. You deserve it!

    Have a peaceful Sunday!

  7. Hi Devon, 🙂

    I saw this posting for a magazine, thought it might interest you. I’m a freelancer too, so I troll the boards looking for work also…. 🙂 You have mentioned a number of times how much you love to cook. Saw this and thought this might appeal to you. I always pass on a lead because I’m a big believer in good karma! lol This magazine is called Home Cooking Magazine. Good luck & keep writing! 🙂

    🙂 Abby

  8. Thank you for mentioning the December 7 roses dropped at the Statue of Liberty. I just learned of them this year and hope the tradition continues forever. (And thanks to Lyd for the Arizona story!)

    Another thing I learned this month was that a Pearl Harbor vet looked at a current history school book and found one paragraph on the attack on Pearl Harbor and only two pages on all of World War II! What is considered history these days? I’ll have to take a look.

    Congrats on being offered more moolah from Confidential Job #2! You’re worth it!

    Poor Bob! I practically grew up at Arlington Park Race Track in Illinois but my computer refuses to download anything from lulu so I guess I won’t be reading his story. 😦 My computer is refusing to do more and more things. Time for a replacement.

    I’ll shut up now . . . .

  9. I liked that you mentioned Pearl Harbor. Of course, everyone has their own story.

    My great-grandfather was stationed there when it happened, and his entire family was living just off the base. My grandmother, who was 10 at the time, talks not about the attacks, but about making a fort under the kitchen table during the initial stages, and later, living in a garage of a Filipino family for several days after. She still maintained that was where she had some of the best food she’d ever eaten.

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