Thursday, November 29, 2007


Thursday, November 29, 2007
Waning Moon
Mars Retrograde
Cloudy and cold

It was a nightmare trying to get out of the house yesterday. It turns out that Nitro PDF embeds a code or something, so anything you create in the trial period is destroyed as soon as the trial period is over and has to be re-created should you buy it (which turns out to be a different version with a different serial number, not just upgrading what you have) or another converter. I think I would have remembered something like that, had it been clearly stated in any of the materials. So I had to re-do the work and sort all of it out since everything disintegrated like something out of Mission Impossible. We will see how NitroPDF and I get along in the long run, but, right now, I cannot in good conscience, recommend them. Disappointing, because it actually does beautiful conversions, doesn’t wonk fonts or graphics, but there are many aspects of dealing with the company that I do not like.

Got out of the house about 40 minutes late, and with the mall traffic and construction, was about an hour late to the family friend’s place up in Old Saybrook, CT. But we had a fun luncheon, and then we went out to some favorite antique stores in the area. I found some lovely stuff, including brass candleholders for my advent table for only 25 cents each and some lovely gifts for friends. And another book by Frances Parkinson Keyes.

Another nightmare getting back, but we got here. Caught up on email, fought some more battles, prepared for more battles that need to be fought today. This week has been Fight Week. But that’s what the companies count on – that you decide you’re too stressed or “don’t have time” to take them to task when they screw you, so they end up getting a third to a half more money out of you than they’re entitled to get. Not from this one – if I’m paying for a service, I expect THE SERVICE for which I am paying, the COMPLETE SERVICE, no excuses, no hidden fees. Or else it’ll wind up being three or four times as expensive for you than if you’d honored the agreement in the first place. I’m starting to think like one of them, now, too: If a consumer is dumb enough and lazy enough to be walked on, too bad for the consumer. However, I am NOT. I do think consumer policies need to be restructured so that there are more severe consequences when companies screw their customers. There are a few bills in various legislatures for this right now, and I’ve voiced my support.

Light morning’s work on Earth Bride. I need to rearrange some chronology, and I have to work it out in my head before I can write it.

I also need to spend more time on the outline for the paranormal, which I have to start on Saturday.

Today, I’m upstate, doing a house blessing for my friend’s new house.

And it looks like the Broadway strike is over, and they are all getting back to work tonight. However, I don’t have to! 😉


Earth Bride – 79,833 words out of 50,000 (Nano goal)

Earth Bride – 79,833 words out of 100,000 (completion goal)

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  1. Man, I LOVE antiquing. One of the greater pasttimes!

    Does it feel weird not to go to the show? 🙂

  2. Oooh, antiquing. Hubs isn’t much of one and I hate to go alone, I miss it. *g* Good going on the those Brass Candlesticks!
    Reading your small rant on consumers, I have to agree. I just stressed this to hubs night before last. He was willing to settle for half-assed (pardon my language) action from Dell and I wasn’t.

    Have a good evening!

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