Monday, November 26, 2007


Monday, November 26, 2007
Waning Moon
Mars Retrograde
Rainy and Raw

Yesterday got away from me entirely. I ran some errands and put up the tree and most of the decorations. There’s more to be done, but I did all I could do yesterday, and was exhausted.

I managed to write 2,152 words on Earth Bride yesterday, which was great, and another 2,796 words today. I also uploaded the piece for verification, and am trying to download my certificate, which isn’t working so well.

But I won my third year of Nano, and that feels good.

I thought I’d sent off my N3 email yesterday and discovered I didn’t, so today, everyone gets two emails.

I have a lot of unpleasant business to deal with – the new owners are pulling more crap, and I have to file the appropriate paperwork, plus there are other fights I have to fight with companies who seem to think they’re allowed to charge whatever they wish and not provide the services for which they are contracted. What part of “Bite Me” do they not understand? Of course, at this point, I’m doing the LEGAL “Bite Me” , which means it’s going to cost them more money than if they’d just behaved honorably in the first place.

The apartment will look great, once everything’s up where it’s supposed to be and everything else is put away. I’m also going to work my way through the stacks of stuff that have piled up in the last few weeks, and hopefully toss a lot of it and file the rest.

Hopefully, my mood will improve as the day unfolds!

But I AM very happy about winning Nano again. And I’m delighted with the progress on Earth Bride. I’m pleased with the story (although I know it needs lots of work in the rewrites) and I love the way my characters continue to surprise me.

Hope you have a terrific start to the week!


Earth Bride – 72,854 words out of 50,000 words (Nano goal)

Earth Bride – 72,854 words out of 100,000 words (completion goal)

Note: According to the Zokutu link, the account has been suspended AGAIN, so no cute wordbars.


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  1. Time flies when you’re putting up decorations, doesn’t it? 😉 Congrats on the NaNo, but I knew you’d easily pull that one out!

    Sigh. I love the Holidays!

  2. *hugs* on the crap you’re having to deal with. Go get ’em!!!

  3. Congrats on the “official” NaNo finish.

    I hope you’ll be able to “share” some of your decorations again this year. I enjoyed them on your blog last year.

    Enjoy decorating.

  4. Congratulations on NaNo!

    Hugs on the legal problems.

    I had hoped to get the tree up today, but as it’s a little after 3:00 I doubt I’ll get it done.

  5. Congratulations on your 3rd Nano Win!
    Sorry to hear of more problems from the new owners.
    Have fun with the decoration! Do the kitties like to “help”? *g*
    Have a wonderful week.

  6. Great job on winning NaNo again this year! Woo hoo!

  7. Congratulations on your Nano win! I’m impressed that you were writing TWO novels during the whole thing! d:)

  8. WTG on winning Nano.

    Darn those new owners. You go get them and make them pay.

  9. Congratulations, Devon. A well-deserved win!

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