Saturday, November 24, 2007

Saturday, November 24, 2007
Full Moon
Mars Retrograde
Sunny and cold

We’re back from the trip. It was good, but exhausting.

We left early on Wednesday morning, just after 6 AM. The cats woke me up around 3, and it was easier to just get up rather than fight with them and fall back to sleep and oversleep. Except for a bit around Hartford, there was hardly any traffic all the way up. We made our favorite stops in Kittery, through the Yorks, Ogonquit, Wells, etc. The Egg and I is closed for the winter, so we hoped to find a lunch place in Kennebunk. No luck – we just didn’t know where to look. But we found a very good fish shack still open in Arundel, so that was good.

We were so early that we figured, we’re in Maine, we need boots, why not go all the way to Freeport to the LL Bean flagship store? It’s only about 30 or 40 minutes past my grandmother’s. So we did, and we both found fantastic winter boots (hey, I hit my 50K, I get boots).

My grandmother actually felt well enough to come out and do a few errands. She really has improved enormously. And she works out! My 92 year-old grandmother started lifting weights – small ones, but in the past few months, she’s built her upper body strength very well, even with the Parkinson’s. It’s still tiring to take care of three elderly people rather than one, but I was delighted to see how much she’s improved. Her brother doesn’t seem to be doing well, however, and I’m a little worried about him.

We had a lobster dinner, did some visiting, but had an early night. It was pretty cold up there, with a dusting of snow.

Did my yoga the next morning (yes, I brought up the mat). I even got some writing done in the morning – not much, but a bit of work on the paranormal outline and the second Gwen/Justin. I think I have to outline #2 and #3 together. Although each of the books can be a complete stand alone, the character growth from book to book requires me to know the overall scope.

I really wasn’t in the mood to socialize, but too bad for me. Dinner was terrific and fun, though. 52 people for Thanksgiving dinner – wow! I helped in the kitchen before and after, we had a great meal, I got to catch up with people, so it was all good. My grandmother and her brother started to fade pretty soon after dinner, so I got them and my mom home, and we rested for awhile. None of us needed any dinner that night!

I started the work for Confidential Job #1, but it was still a pretty early night.

I love how quiet it is up there!

We left early on Friday morning, driving back down to Ogonquit to Amore Breakfast, a place I wanted to try. It was fantastic. What a great place! We wanted to stop at the When Pigs Fly bakery in Kittery, but it was closed (hey, they’re entitled), so we kept going. We stopped at Earth Spirits in Sturbridge, so I could stock up on incense, stones, etc. They were out of the oils I needed, but oh well. And we were home by mid-afternoon.

It took awhile to get the cats settled, unpack, sort through the mail, etc. And another early night, because it was unusually quiet here, and I wanted to take advantage of it.

Up early this morning, yoga, and then back to Earth Bride. I’d missed it a lot! 1908 words – not bad. It felt good to get back to it.

I’ll email the N3s later today. I have a lot to do. I want to start the decorating this weekend, but, with all the various projects, I have too much stacked up on every available surface. I have to clean it all off first, then dust and vacuum, then iron all the cloths – some were ironed as they should be when put away last year, but some weren’t. So I want to get all that sorted out first, and tomorrow I’ll start unpacking decorations and setting things up.

And getting started on the overseas cards. Thanksgiving was a week early this year, so I have a few extra days to get everything out.

I’m not feeling particularly holiday-spirited, but I hope the decorating will solve it.

Hope you had a grand time!


Earth Bride — 67,896 words out of 50,000 (Nano goal)

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
67 / 50

Earth Bride – 67,896 words out of 100,000 (completion goal)

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
67 / 100


  1. Sounds like a great break.
    And that is so neat about your grandmother – have you ever read The Okinawa Program? It tells of an island in Japan where centurians (or is the term centenarians – I can never keep these straight. Anyways, it’s about people over 100, not Roman soldiers!) anyways, they garden, farm, work, and live amazingly healthy lives. In this book the authors strongly encourage weight lifting, even for oldsters – and some of the centurians (?) portrayed do martial arts into their 100s.

  2. Glad to hear you had a good time! I haven’t gotten into the holiday spirit as well and we won’t decorate until next weekend. Have fun putting everything out. Do your cats play with the decorations? *g*
    Have a peaceful Sunday.

  3. Your time away sounds wonderful–from the drive there then back home again. As far as Christmas decorations go, I try to put them up around the beginning of December which is, by my calendar, fast approaching.

  4. Glad to see that you had a good time away and with your family.

    This is the first time in years that I got the holiday spirts and I’m taking advantage of it.

    Enjoy the rest of your day and week.

  5. The best way I can get into the holiday spirit is to decorate. Occasionally I have to fight off the ether of Scrooge but when the grandkids come around my holiday spirit soars.

    Wow, 52 people for dinner. It must have been a joyous time.

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