Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Tuesday, October 9, 2007
Waning Moon
Hot and humid

No fun getting from the apartment to Grand Central, but I did it and got home by late morning. I hated leaving Costume Imp’s cats, but was thrilled to see my own (who are both happy to see me and determined to punish me).

Caught up on emails from the account I couldn’t access, including a revision from an editor. I thought the edits presented diluted one of the important points in the piece, so I reworked it, and, hopefully, the editor will accept it.

Read and commented on the homework that was posted on the workshop. There’s a wide range of writers, and a lot of excellent work. There’s also some good work up there that has very little to do with the assigned exercises. It’s obvious who is just posting from WIP, willy-nilly, without paying much attention to the instructions in the homework, and who doesn’t understand what’s being asked. One student asked to post an idea that deviated from the exercise, and I encouraged the student to follow the inspiration – but only post what’s relevant to the exercise! These aren’t free writing sessions, people! There’s a point to these exercises. And then there’s stuff that just blows you out of the water, and leaves you going, “More, more, more , which is great. I’m trying to encourage, make suggestions where things need some more work, and also keep people on the track of the exercise. But I’m excited by the high quality of the work – even when it’s off-track!

Prepared and posted the homework for both of the world-building workshops I’m taking. They’re run by two very different writers, and I felt I couldn’t use the same material in both, so I came up with two different ideas. I’m getting a lot of positive feedback, great questions to help me explore the material more deeply, and now I’m getting excited about both these projects. Eventually, they’ll grow into themselves, and these workshops are giving me a firm foundation for them.

Since I spent time on the workshop forums, I see several authors are using the same material in various workshops, using them as a way to explore different angles in the same piece. I’m glad I’m using different material – it would be too confusing otherwise. It would also be too confusing for me to use material already written – I need to learn from freshly-created work, and then apply it to previously written work.

Found my first “mooched” book waiting for me when I got home. Very excited! And I have a request for another of mine, so that will go off first thing on Wednesday.

Crazy Fishwife was making noise downstairs again – she comes to visit Grumpy Old Man and His Grumpy Old Cat, but she never actually enters the building. She stands outside his window (he’s on the ground floor) and brays in a high-pitched, nasal whine. Pretty sad when the noise on 9th Avenue is less intrusive than that of suburbia!

Frustrated because I feel like I’m not getting anywhere, like I’m just a hamster on a treadmill. Of course, the tarot card coming up is The Hanged Man. You think? Duu-uuh!

Off to the theatre, to my regular Tuesday day gig, then to a new-to-me show to learn a track tonight that I’ll do on my own, later in the week.


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  1. Thank You for everything AuntiE D. The girls were thrilled with your visit, and it was nice to have someone here to take care of them and not worry whilst I was abroad.

    So many things to do today that I don’t know where to begin, although the Market must happen or I won’t be eating anything but that delicious dinner you left in the fridge for me! YUM!!

    I’m very confused at the moment… 9th ave is in full swing, a particularly crazy and cracked out bitch has been shouting about her $300 for the last 1/2 hour. I’m calling the cops…

    Glad to read you had a productive ‘retreat’ here last week. A million thanks to you (again)
    Love and Light!

  2. Okay–what does the HANGED MAN mean?? Hopefully not something as sinister as it sounds! Wouldn’t it be nice if they had a Hamster On A Treadmill Tarot card? Then you wouldn’t have to guess. 😉

    You know, I feel the same way you do right now. I run around and clean and take care of kids and every day seems the same and I don’t really get ANYWHERE. That’s why I write. At least I’m making progress in SOME kind of form!

  3. You are always so busy!

    Have a good evening and take care!

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