Friday, September 28, 2007

Friday, September 28, 2007
Waning Moon
Sunny and warm after a rainy night

I hope I’m getting in my quota of disruption for the next decade, because right now, it all really sucks.

I finally managed to talk to someone at the DHL facility on Wednesday – Customer Service had never contacted them. CS only pulled up the public tracking record and blew smoke up my ass for four days. So I spent two and a half hours sitting outside my building waiting for DHL – when the driver/facility had never been told about it. If I hadn’t emailed the President’s office when I got sick of Customer Dis-service’s runaround, the facility would have never known I was trying to re-schedule. Granted, the fact that they hadn’t bothered to stop and attempt delivery for nearly a week is an even bigger problem, but wouldn’t you think Customer Service would actually try to resolve the problem, instead of simply pulling up a public record? I had to drive to effing Elmsford to pick up the package myself. And my editor tells me there’s a second package floating in the ether somewhere, which DHL denies. Now, DHL wants me to waste time talking with a regional manager – I told them that if I hear any more lies, platitudes, and excuses, I’m going to lose my temper.

I was so exhausted that I cancelled out of the Media Bistro party on Wednesday – I had to get started on the work.

On top of that, the new owners have owned the building for 48 hours and are already using threatening language in their first communiqué with the tenants. We don’t even know who the new owners are – they’re fronted by a management company. I bet it’s the same Evil Developers as were after the building before.

On a happier note, I spent yesterday in Massachusetts, looking at stuff, and I’ve narrowed down my regions. Now, I just have to find the perfect place. Which is difficult to do, when I have to worry about literal, physical attacks as well as psychological and emotional ones on home ground.

I have to finish the work in the contents of the DHL package today – I’ve had 36 hours to do something that I usually have 14 days to complete. And I have to re-write an article and work on some other articles. I’m skipping the conference in Sturbridge tomorrow (with deep regrets) to put my head down and finish some contracted work, get invoices done, file some paperwork with appropriate agencies, and wind up as much as possible before I leave on Monday morning.

Downstairs Neighbor’s kept me awake nearly all week with his noise. I’m writing another polite letter today, and if that doesn’t solve it, I have to take other steps. I cannot go without sleep for weeks at a time. Nor should I have to.

I also have a sore throat (big surprise) as well as being totally stressed and upset by everything. No, I can’t “take time” for myself – this has to be resolved, it has to be resolved strongly and quickly, and I don’t’ have time to dick around. I’ve taken enough bullshit over the past two years to last a lifetime, and I’ve had it. I’m sick and tired of the greed, the incompetence, and the lying that’s so rampant.


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  1. Do the new owners want the residents out? Do they want to develop the building? I know you won’t, but try not to let this nastiness and incompetence force you into a rush decision. Will you be taking your mom to your new place? It sounds so different to over here. We have ombudsment for everything in the UK and as a last resort go to the press – that usually starts some sort of action.

    Good luck with everything and try not to let this all ruin your retreat.

  2. typo – that should’ve read ombudsmen. (Sigh – the text on this laptop is so tiny …)

  3. You know, it seems like there is so much negative energy where you live now. Not like it used to be, I’d imagine. Thank heaven you’re leaving. You need to, and as soon as you can.

    My kids all have sore throats/sniffles too. Change of Seasons always does it to our family! I stock up on salt–gargling with warm salt water always soothes!


  4. Downstairs Neighbor needs a kick in the pants!

    And you need to get out of there and surround yourself with a happy place. Glad to hear you got areas picked out! I’m keeping good thoughts you’ll find the perfect place soon. 🙂

  5. *hugs* on all the chaos in your life right now.

  6. Is there no action the tennants can take against the threatening language?
    You really need to get out of there.
    I’m praying for you and sending mental hugs on all that is draining.

  7. Sometimes you have to go to the top before things get done. Luckily, the little problem I had is going to be somewhat resolved – they’re going to reiumburse my overdraft charges. It’s something, I suppose.

  8. I’m glad that you were able to narrow down the regions where you want to move.

    Where are the laws that are supposed to protect residents?

  9. Downstairs neighbor needs a visit from Little Roo…

    Shall I ask her investigate? You are her favorite AuntiE afterall, I’m sure she would enjoy it.

  10. Hope you can find a place that is home. And just what you need and want.

  11. I hope you find somewhere you can call home sooner rather than later. Somewhere without all the negativity you are having to absorb where you are now. It just ain’t good for you.

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