Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tuesday, September 25, 2007
Waxing moon (almost full)
Sunny and warm

Congrats to Mindy Klasky! Her new book, GIRL’S GUIDE TO SORCERY releases today – and you can be darned sure I’ll get my copy! I love, love, love her writing, and I’ve been waiting impatiently for this book for months!

On a less congratulatory note, for those working on their novels: Here’s a surefire way to get me to put down the book: I picked up what looked like an interesting novel the other day. Within the first ten pages, one of the characters took home a costume from a professional opera company to do the alterations herself and carried it with her on the subway when she met the other lead character.

I put the book down and couldn’t pick it up again.

The writer broke my trust. In professional companies, the costumes do not leave the premises without a member of the wardrobe department accompanying the costume (such as for a television appearance, etc.). NO performer would be allowed to remove the piece from the building, especially not to perform alterations. Costumes belong to the producer, not to the person wearing them. This might happen in summer stock or in an off-off-off-off Broadway production with no money for a wardrobe department, where actors supply their own clothes, but to expect me to believe that a professional, respected, Washington DC opera company would allow this – uh uh. Had the writer given me some sort of explanation for the deviation because she needed the costume in the protag’s hand for a plot point – I could suspend my disbelief. But to just act like ANY professional in the business would allow such a breach and not refer to the reason – broke my trust. If I can’t trust the author on such a small and easily researched detail, how could I possible trust her on the major themes of the book? I’d be questioning it all the time.

I picked it up twice to try to get over it – no dice.

It’s been tossed into the book of titles going up on BOOK MOOCH.

Not only that, the next time I see the author’s name on a book (which may not happen, since it was a new-to-me author and the book was several years old) – I’m passing it by.

In fact, I put a whole list of books up on BOOK MOOCH, and within a couple of hours, I already got a request for one of them (not the one mentioned above). I’m delighted to help books that don’t enthrall me find good homes with people who will enjoy them.

Didn’t get much writing done. Helped my mom switch out her summer and winter clothes. Went shopping in my own closet to put together outfits for the events in the next two weeks, and figure out what I need to wear when I’m away next week (figured two sets of possibilities, depending upon the weather).

Got an invitation to a cool conference in Sturbridge for the weekend, which I might do, and a book party in Albany the second week of November, which I’d love to do.

Did some online house-hunting, in preparation for my next in-person excursion later this week.

Did some research for a couple of projects.

Fought incessantly with DHL. Not only is the driver not even attempting to make the delivery (the trucks drive by every day without stopping), but Customer Dis-Service won’t even research the problem and try to resolve it.

There will be consequences, of the financial sort, for DHL, make no mistake. Since that’s all they understand.

And here I thought they were better than FedEx and UPS, all of whom I’ve had horrible experiences with in the past. But DHL is obviously no better.

I’m going back to carrier pigeon, let me tell you.

Off to the theatre today, and then hopefully, straight back home. My back’s better, but still very, very sore, and I’m limited in how much I can lift. Except for going from the lying to sitting position (which I don’t have to do in the course of a show), I can move pretty freely, although more slowly than usual.

Nice morning’s work on Revenge Tangents. It needs a massive edit, but I like the characters and themes. I’ve got to tighten the plot a bit and smooth out discrepancies – such as where I think it’s going in one direction and it changes – I want it to flow, not lurch. But that’s why there are rewrites, eh?

Good yoga sessions last night and this morning. The back’s still too fragile to go back to weight training, but I wanted to do some sort of workout.

Off to the show.


Revenge Tangents — 23,375 words out of est. 25,000

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  1. When I was Countess Olivia in “Twelfth Night” they made GORGEOUS costumes for me, fitted TO me, and I loved each of them. I was SO SAD that they wouldn’t let me keep them! They were going to put them in storage for other plays. *SNIFF* But it makes perfect sense–they weren’t mine.

    I’m sorry that author didn’t research her stuff thoroughly. It obviously cost her one reader for sure!

  2. ps HA HA HA HA on the Carrier Pigeon!!!

  3. Glad to hear you’re feeling a bit better, Devon. Now, about those pigeons… ;))

  4. I had my own customer service issue today that is resulting in overdrafts and bank charges. I am NOT happy. With all the financial difficulty I’ve had this summer, this is the absolute last thing I needed. ANd of course, when I talk to the manager and tell them they did not inform me of the whole “we need five days notice” deal when they rescheduled my payment, all she could say was, “Sorry, but there’s nothing we can do.” BURNS me.

  5. I’m with you all the way on researching things like the costume faux pas. Writers should know better! Unless you’re a part of whatever culture you’re writing about, it pays to research.

    Good to hear your back is easing up. Enjoy your house hunting!

  6. I’ve come across things in books that made me so angry that I put the book away to take to the UBS. I actually feel guilty for having spent money on the book, too.
    Out of all delivery services, I’d choose UPS. But, I do like your idea of carrier pigeons! *g*
    Your comment of going shopping in your closet was funny! I love that!

    Take care of your back and don’t overdo!

  7. Okay I still don’t know what Book Mooch is so I’ll have to do some surfing to find it. hehe

    And I can’t believe the writer would make such a glaring error with the costume thing! I remember hearing about a book once that talked about the Dallas area and the heroine looking out “toward the mountains”. Uh huh. We don’t have mountains here. DUH.

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