Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wednesday, September 19, 2007
Waxing Moon
Sunny and cool

I survived yesterday, but that was about it. There were a few times where the back was so painful, I thought I would pass out. And that was AFTER the pain medication kicked in! But I got through it, and, although I had a modified yoga session this morning, I can move, just not easily It’s not all the way down in the lower, lower back- it’s kind of right behind my waist, if that makes any sense. The core work I’ve done the last month or so has helped, but my core still needs strengthening so that this kind of thing doesn’t happen again.

Also, I know both the psychological causes and the physical causes, so now I have to work on solutions. You can’t just treat the problem – you have to get it at the source. Easier said than done, unfortunately.

Coming home on Metro North was a nightmare. Not only couldn’t they be bothered to let us know what track the train was on until the last minute – come on, they have all the trains listed for the next three hours, but not the one scheduled to leave first? After Pelham, there were no lights and no ventilation. Not acceptable.

I have to go grocery shopping today or the cats will be upset – they don’t like it when their section of the cupboard begins to go bare. I’m going to work on the November gardening articles, the SDR blog entry, and a few other things today, once I get back. But I’m going to take it at a slow pace, and have plenty of breaks to do gentle stretches and relax.

I also need to get the handouts finished for my workshop and get them out. Devon’s Random Newsletter finally went out yesterday. Did you get your copy? If not, send me an email here with “subscribe” in the subject line, and I’ll shoot one off to you.

Thanks to Costume Imp, for helping me so much during the show – as though he didn’t have enough to do helping out another swing, and there were mix-and-match tracks for the boys and all sorts of madness. I couldn’t have gotten through the show without him.

Great morning’s work on Revenge Tangents. The piece is unusual, which is why I’m going to place it where I’m going to place it.

The job boards have had a long line of listings all week – unfortunately, nothing that I want! I also have to figure out when I’m going to meet a local graphic designer with whom I might team up for freelance work, and get next week’s house hunting, visiting, and other travel sorted.

Never a dull moment!

May you have a cheerful and pain-free day!


Revenge Tangents — 20,000 words out of est. 25,000

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  1. My pleasure D!! Heavens! We haven’t had a show like that in a long while… It’s one of those days that we pray we don’t have very often. (It’s one of those days that make us want to pack up our stuff and go home). I thank you, broadway thanks your, the show (well, the show doesn’t give a shit) but I am glad we all made it through with no one naked or dead!

    And now, I head in to see what fresh hell they have in store for us today!!!

    Keep writing!

  2. I’m rather hoping YOU have a pain free day!


  3. Question: when do you find the time to do something like…oh, I don’t know…breathe? Hope the back pain goes away soon.

  4. Hey Devon,

    It was great to hear from you, via the newsletter.

    Sorry to hear about the back troubles.

    May you find sweet relief sooner than later.


    Sylvia C.

  5. Devon, I’m so sorry you’re having so many problems with pain lately. I do hope it gets better very soon.

  6. I hope you have a pain-free day.

  7. I’m so sorry to hear of your ongoing back issues. There’s nothing like chronic pain to get one down. 😦

    I am sending many good thoughts your way.

  8. I’m adding my wishes for pain-free days ahead, Devon. Starting now and continuing always.

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