Monday, September 17, 2007

Monday, September 17, 2007
Waxing Moon
Sunny and cool

My back was so painful yesterday that I took a couple of pain pills before I left for the theatre. Didn’t feel a thing all day (not necessarily a good thing), but got through the show. Today, I am having trouble switching positions – going from sitting to standing or vice versa. Once I’m there, I totter along, but the transition . . .

Yoga was less about flow this morning than about lurching.

Thank goodness I’m heading to acupuncture in a few hours.

I figured out the psychological reason it’s manifesting in my lower back, near the root chakra – the unstable living situation relates to an unstable foundation – hence, it’s all resting in that lower back. Along with whatever physical wrenching I did in the theatre a couple of weeks ago that started it all. And I’ll do some kundalini work later today –time to wake the serpent!

The cats have been impossible last night and this morning – as far as they’re concerned, I should ONLY work from home, in order to be at their beck and call! Good thing they’re so cute – I’d never tolerate this type of behavior from anyone on two legs! 😉

Show was fine yesterday, although I noticed that not doing shows for weeks means I’m not as dexterous with the fastenings as when I do them regularly. You’d think, because of typing, it would be there, but I guess it’s using the hands in a different way. Everyone got on stage and was fine, but I felt as though I was really fumble-fingered.

It was good to see people and catch up. It will be hard to leave the security of this nest, but it’s time to go.

After the show, Costume Imp, B., and I planned to go to the wine bar Madison and Vine in the Library Hotel. I’d checked online to make sure they were open, and, according to the information available, they were. Of course, we got there, and it was closed. We went in to the lobby – which is beautiful, with floor-to-ceiling bookcases filled with books. The desk greeted us, I mentioned the disappointment the bar was closed in spite of the internet info – and got attitude. Snarky desk folk guarantee that I will not go back there and not stay there once I’m out of NY and come in for various projects or write an article about them!

We walked west across 41st Street and found a place called “Book Off”. I’m not sure if it’s Japanese or Korean (I don’t know Asian characters well enough, please forgive me) – but they also had shelves of books in English for $1! Each of us found something we wanted.

We headed further west to Bryant Park Grill – which was closed for a private party! So we went to the bar at the Bryant Park Café, grabbed a table, and had some drinks and snacks, and caught up. The bartender was very sweet to us. Now there’s a place worth visiting again! It was also nice to watch dusk blanket the park.

Caught the 9:40 train back, ate dinner at nearly 11 ( way too late) and fell into bed.

Got up around 7 this morning, and by the time the yoga was done – leaf blowers, chain saws, construction noise. Basically, if I want to get writing done during a quiet time, I have to wait until Crazy Downstairs Neighbor passes out, but before the leaf blowers start. So, basically, I have between 4:30 and 8 in the morning.

Not acceptable.

Got only a page done of Untitled Literary Fiction. I’ve hit a point where I need to do some medical research – can’t fake any of it in the first draft.

To answer Lara’s question – this is a good time to house hunt right now. The last few months were bad with Mercury and Jupiter Retrograde – but now that they’re straightened out, the chance of finding something that will work in the long-term is much better.

The conference head sent me the list of those who’ve signed up for my workshop so far – if you’ve signed up for the conference, but not the workshop, make sure you do that soon. I’m going to look over my handouts and send them this week, so they’re prepared. I also have to read through the information and sign up for the workshops in which I want to participate.

I’m going to polish the four gardening articles and finish another article this morning, so I can send them all off tonight when I get back from acupuncture.

Tomorrow, I have day work AND the show, so I need to be extra productive today.


Untitled Literary Fiction – 4,000 words out of est. 100,000

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  1. I am glad it’s a good time! You need it. 🙂
    And I HATE it when Internet info is wrong–I had to wait an hour and a half for a service store to open once, (because I had traveled all the way across town and didn’t have the heart to leave and come back another day) because online it said they opened at 8:30. Nope. It was ten.

    Hope your back feels better. I can handle any pain–foot, arm, hand, neck but BACK, that’s the most awful! Take care!

  2. I did acupuncture when I was having some “female” problems and lo and behold, it worked. Strangest thing to someone who has grown up with the whole traditional doctors/health community.

  3. *gentle hugs* I hope the accupuncture’s helped your back.

  4. It’s great that you have insight into the underlying problem with your back. It’ll be easier to heal when you’re approaching it from several angles. Hope you’re feeling limber soon!

  5. I’m pretty sure I signed up for the workshop!! WOOHOO! I can’t wait.

    Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  6. Having had back pain before, I am seriously hoping the acupuncture helped. Sending good thoughts your way. And house-hunting should be a bit easier soon, there is a huge down shift in the market.

    Above all, take care of yourself. Sending good thoughts and hugs.

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