Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sunday, September 30, 2007
Waning Moon
Sunny and cool

I’ve had two full nights of sleep and feel like a different person – much renewed! Guess my Downstairs Neighbor actually read and understood my request. Big help.

Finished reading through the material for Confidential Job #1 yesterday; now I have to write it up. Got some business letters done that must go out before I leave tomorrow – I don’t want any loose ends hanging.

I’ve been called for jury duty in about three weeks. I don’t mind; I think it’s important to do it and NOT do everything in your power to get out of it. If you are a citizen of this country, you have two duties that must not be shirked: one is to vote; the other is to serve jury duty. Just think if you were unfairly accused of a crime – wouldn’t you want a jury of your PEERS, not just those who couldn’t find a way out of serving jury duty?

Did some research. Packed for the coming week, but have to repack, because I couldn’t fit everything in, and I’ll be damned if I end up taking a huge suitcase that I have to wrestle down the length of 42nd Street! I’m hardly even taking many shoes – doesn’t make sense at all! 😉

Got through over 600 emails yesterday, from the account I can’t access from offsite, because I was afraid it would overflow while I’m gone, and I’d lose something important.

Putting together the projects I’ll work on this week, and my materials for the Muse conference, which begins a week from Monday! I’m so excited about it. I’m as excited about attending the workshops as I am to run my own!

Still need to work on some articles today and try to get them out tonight or tomorrow morning. They’re taking longer than they should, for resistance reasons more than anything else.

I started the next novella with the characters from Revenge Tangents this morning. It’s called Prince Paisley’s Chintz and I’ve finally hit the tone I want for the series. I have to hold, remember, and apply the tone when I go back to do the revisions on RT. I also need to raise the stakes in RT a bit more. The first three should come out next spring – well, I’ll give you more details about the whens, wheres, and hows as soon as some more details are settled, but they’re definitely coming out! I need to come up with a pithy title for the series (I love the word “pithy”).

There’s a shoe sale on nearby, and I know I should work first, shoe shop later, but . . .what do YOU think the chances are of that happening?

I’m taking the home turf turmoil day-by-day, trying not to let it sap my strength too much so that I have the strength to organize the move. Hold good thoughts for me, and protective ones against the Evil Developers.


Prince Paisley’s Chintz – 1,000 words out of est. 25,000

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1 / 25
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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Saturday, September 29, 2007
Waning Moon
Sunny and cool

I got my hair cut yesterday and feel much better. My hair person asked if I was eating organic – she says my hair gets thicker and healthier every time she cuts it. Good to know it’s working somewhere!

We’re in Building Hell again with the new owners. It’s ugly and will only get worse. I suspect these are the same shysters as were behind it before, so it’s not like they’ll obey any of the laws or deal honestly with anyone.

I worked like crazy to get out my revised article; also worked on the material for Confidential Job #1. Didn’t get it done, so must get it done today. Also have three more articles to get out today, and three more tomorrow.

Finished Revenge Tangents this morning. It’s a first draft, needs lots of work, but I’m happy with it. And it means I can start Prince Paisley’s Chintz, the next adventure for these characters, tomorrow.

Not much to say. Trying to stay strong and not fall into a paralyzing depression with all of this. I’m so sick of it – why can’t people just deal honorably with each other under the law? Why do they take such joy in being evil?


Revenge Tangents – 24,625 words out of est. 24,625 words

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Friday, September 28, 2007

Friday, September 28, 2007
Waning Moon
Sunny and warm after a rainy night

I hope I’m getting in my quota of disruption for the next decade, because right now, it all really sucks.

I finally managed to talk to someone at the DHL facility on Wednesday – Customer Service had never contacted them. CS only pulled up the public tracking record and blew smoke up my ass for four days. So I spent two and a half hours sitting outside my building waiting for DHL – when the driver/facility had never been told about it. If I hadn’t emailed the President’s office when I got sick of Customer Dis-service’s runaround, the facility would have never known I was trying to re-schedule. Granted, the fact that they hadn’t bothered to stop and attempt delivery for nearly a week is an even bigger problem, but wouldn’t you think Customer Service would actually try to resolve the problem, instead of simply pulling up a public record? I had to drive to effing Elmsford to pick up the package myself. And my editor tells me there’s a second package floating in the ether somewhere, which DHL denies. Now, DHL wants me to waste time talking with a regional manager – I told them that if I hear any more lies, platitudes, and excuses, I’m going to lose my temper.

I was so exhausted that I cancelled out of the Media Bistro party on Wednesday – I had to get started on the work.

On top of that, the new owners have owned the building for 48 hours and are already using threatening language in their first communiqué with the tenants. We don’t even know who the new owners are – they’re fronted by a management company. I bet it’s the same Evil Developers as were after the building before.

On a happier note, I spent yesterday in Massachusetts, looking at stuff, and I’ve narrowed down my regions. Now, I just have to find the perfect place. Which is difficult to do, when I have to worry about literal, physical attacks as well as psychological and emotional ones on home ground.

I have to finish the work in the contents of the DHL package today – I’ve had 36 hours to do something that I usually have 14 days to complete. And I have to re-write an article and work on some other articles. I’m skipping the conference in Sturbridge tomorrow (with deep regrets) to put my head down and finish some contracted work, get invoices done, file some paperwork with appropriate agencies, and wind up as much as possible before I leave on Monday morning.

Downstairs Neighbor’s kept me awake nearly all week with his noise. I’m writing another polite letter today, and if that doesn’t solve it, I have to take other steps. I cannot go without sleep for weeks at a time. Nor should I have to.

I also have a sore throat (big surprise) as well as being totally stressed and upset by everything. No, I can’t “take time” for myself – this has to be resolved, it has to be resolved strongly and quickly, and I don’t’ have time to dick around. I’ve taken enough bullshit over the past two years to last a lifetime, and I’ve had it. I’m sick and tired of the greed, the incompetence, and the lying that’s so rampant.


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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wednesday, September 26, 2007
Full Moon
Sunny and hot

It’s in the mid-80’s today. What’s up with that?

Still fighting with DHL. Either their driver’s been going to a different address or he’s recording false information into his record. Either way, it’s unacceptable. And the fact that customer service has absolutely no interest in solving the problem. So, it was time to contact Corporate Headquarters. Let’s face it, if they ever actually had shown up, they would have noticed that great big, sealed envelope that says “DHL” in big letters. And it hasn’t been touched for seven days. No one even attempted delivery.

Once I get my materials, I’ll be invoicing them, at my regular freelance rate, for the time wasted on them.

Brandy suggested UPS – -they’re even worse. They refuse to deliver to this complex until after 7 PM – although they’ll deliver to every other building in the area, because they’ve decided that it’s “residential” and they “don’t” deliver to residences before 7 PM.
Bite me, UPS.

And Fed Ex sucks unless it’s an LL Bean delivery. LL Bean whips them into shape.

Anyone know if Purolator Courier still exits? I used to like them. And there was some other one, that was mostly international. They had a maroon logo – wish I could remember them – started with a “B”, I think?

I bought Mindy’s boo-ook! I bought Mindy’s booo-ook! And now I can’t wait to read it. Although, before I got my hands on it, I’d started, yesterday, one of Donna Leon’s Venice mysteries – where have I been, all these years, not to read them? Fascinating!

I got through work – always nice to catch up with the people I enjoy, including one of my favorite colleagues who just returned from creating a dance project in Findhorn, Scotland. And another favorite colleague, who’s participating in the Avon Walk Against Breast Cancer.

I have to get to the post office today and send off my first Book Mooch requested book. Looking forward to it. I’m so happy these books will get good homes! And, I requested my first book. So it’s all good.

I’ve been crocheting my little heart out – time to do a post over at Tactile Muse this week. And my SDR post will go up at some point today.

One of my editors requested some revisions for an article. I had some more questions, so as soon as those are answered. I can do the revisions. There are a couple of directions we can go with this, and I want to make sure I’m clear on what they want – for what they’re paying, I’m not doing unlimited revisions.

Putting together my materials for next week, and receiving conference materials, so I have to go through all of that. I’ll take my conference folder with me, just in case.

I need a few more hours in the day and fewer interruptions. I’m good at being a bitch about interruptions and I’m still frustrated – I can’t imagine how someone bad at boundary-setting gets anything done.

Got a heads-up on a situation that might go down next week, so I’m prepared. Part of me hopes it does – it could be a catalyst I need. Part of me hopes it doesn’t, because the nuts and bolts will be a pain in the ass.

Frustrating morning’s work on Revenge Tangents.

But at least Crazy Downstairs Neighbor has been quiet the past few days. Maybe some other people complained. Maybe he’s been sober.


Revenge Tangents – 23,875 words out of est. 25,000

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tuesday, September 25, 2007
Waxing moon (almost full)
Sunny and warm

Congrats to Mindy Klasky! Her new book, GIRL’S GUIDE TO SORCERY releases today – and you can be darned sure I’ll get my copy! I love, love, love her writing, and I’ve been waiting impatiently for this book for months!

On a less congratulatory note, for those working on their novels: Here’s a surefire way to get me to put down the book: I picked up what looked like an interesting novel the other day. Within the first ten pages, one of the characters took home a costume from a professional opera company to do the alterations herself and carried it with her on the subway when she met the other lead character.

I put the book down and couldn’t pick it up again.

The writer broke my trust. In professional companies, the costumes do not leave the premises without a member of the wardrobe department accompanying the costume (such as for a television appearance, etc.). NO performer would be allowed to remove the piece from the building, especially not to perform alterations. Costumes belong to the producer, not to the person wearing them. This might happen in summer stock or in an off-off-off-off Broadway production with no money for a wardrobe department, where actors supply their own clothes, but to expect me to believe that a professional, respected, Washington DC opera company would allow this – uh uh. Had the writer given me some sort of explanation for the deviation because she needed the costume in the protag’s hand for a plot point – I could suspend my disbelief. But to just act like ANY professional in the business would allow such a breach and not refer to the reason – broke my trust. If I can’t trust the author on such a small and easily researched detail, how could I possible trust her on the major themes of the book? I’d be questioning it all the time.

I picked it up twice to try to get over it – no dice.

It’s been tossed into the book of titles going up on BOOK MOOCH.

Not only that, the next time I see the author’s name on a book (which may not happen, since it was a new-to-me author and the book was several years old) – I’m passing it by.

In fact, I put a whole list of books up on BOOK MOOCH, and within a couple of hours, I already got a request for one of them (not the one mentioned above). I’m delighted to help books that don’t enthrall me find good homes with people who will enjoy them.

Didn’t get much writing done. Helped my mom switch out her summer and winter clothes. Went shopping in my own closet to put together outfits for the events in the next two weeks, and figure out what I need to wear when I’m away next week (figured two sets of possibilities, depending upon the weather).

Got an invitation to a cool conference in Sturbridge for the weekend, which I might do, and a book party in Albany the second week of November, which I’d love to do.

Did some online house-hunting, in preparation for my next in-person excursion later this week.

Did some research for a couple of projects.

Fought incessantly with DHL. Not only is the driver not even attempting to make the delivery (the trucks drive by every day without stopping), but Customer Dis-Service won’t even research the problem and try to resolve it.

There will be consequences, of the financial sort, for DHL, make no mistake. Since that’s all they understand.

And here I thought they were better than FedEx and UPS, all of whom I’ve had horrible experiences with in the past. But DHL is obviously no better.

I’m going back to carrier pigeon, let me tell you.

Off to the theatre today, and then hopefully, straight back home. My back’s better, but still very, very sore, and I’m limited in how much I can lift. Except for going from the lying to sitting position (which I don’t have to do in the course of a show), I can move pretty freely, although more slowly than usual.

Nice morning’s work on Revenge Tangents. It needs a massive edit, but I like the characters and themes. I’ve got to tighten the plot a bit and smooth out discrepancies – such as where I think it’s going in one direction and it changes – I want it to flow, not lurch. But that’s why there are rewrites, eh?

Good yoga sessions last night and this morning. The back’s still too fragile to go back to weight training, but I wanted to do some sort of workout.

Off to the show.


Revenge Tangents — 23,375 words out of est. 25,000

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23 / 25
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Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday, September 24, 2007
Waxing Moon
Sunny and warm

I cooked Cornish Hen for the Equinox celebration, stuffed with carrots and parsnips, drizzled with olive oil, rosemary, sage, and paprika. I served it with mashed potatoes, mashed yams seasoned with orange juice, and a mixture of corn, green beans, and broccoli. It was very good, if I do say so myself.

Had a story idea while I was doing the dishes – isn’t that always the way?

Worked on notes for a new project which may or may not become the Nano. I’ve tossed this idea around for several years, and now I’m ready to start asking the questions about the characters and their arcs that will allow me to plot the books – because I suspect that, if it works out, this will be series. It has potential for a variety of plot and storylines as the characters grow and change. But, we’ll see. First, I have to know who they are. Then, I have to know what they’re doing. And I have to figure out why they’re doing it.

Got some work done on Revenge Tangents – it’s taking some interesting twists and turns. And, because I’m not writing it to someone else’s guidelines, I have a freedom to play, which I enjoy. I know where it’s being marketing and how, so I can relax.

Finally got off a couple of critiques that it took me way too long to do.

Told DHL how disappointed I am in them – during the flood in March, the guy waded through thigh-high water to get me my material; now, six months later, when there haven’t been any problems, the new guy can’t be bothered to stop the truck – he just says “the premises are closed” – I left a note for him LAST WEEK that hasn’t been touched – which means he’s lying to his bosses. Not acceptable. I’m going to start invoicing DHL for every day my work is not delivered.

I’m trying to put together my materials for next week. I want to work on Revenge Tangents and Tracking Medusa. I’m trying to figure out if I should try to type material for Good Names or just do research in the archives. Hopefully, the material from Confidential Job #1 will have arrived, and I can take that. And, of course, there are things like, well, clothes, especially since I’m attending a PEN event.

I have several articles to hammer out this week, so I better get to it. The back is better; Downstairs Neighbor had his television on more quietly than he has (but I still woke up every time he changed the channel). So, all in all, not a good night’s sleep, which has left me a bit out of sorts this morning, but nothing like the dull, blue sensations of Saturday.

I’m actually looking forward to getting some work done today!


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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sunday, September 23, 2007
Waxing Moon
Autumn Equinox/Mabon
Sunny and warm

Joyous Autumn, everyone!

Thanks for all your kind words. I took it easy on myself yesterday – everyone has difficult days sometimes, and now it’s my turn. I did a little work in the morning, but mostly read.

I read something by an author whose work I adored about fifteen years ago, although she had the reputation for being somewhat “soap opera-y-ish”. At the time, I didn’t think so at all – I really connected with many of the emotions and characters. Yet, yesterday I saw how she gained that reputation. While there are still some beautifully written passages and interesting imagery, her work no longer ensorcells me the way it used to. Basically, she’s doing the same thing she did fifteen years ago, while my life has taken a different direction. She’s stuck to the formula – which is successful for her, and good for her. But her writing trajectory would not work for me, because I feel it’s important to stretch in new directions from novel to novel. When I need to look up to someone who’s done that, I look to Virginia Woolf, who re-invented so much with each novel. Not that I’m Woolf-quality, but to look at a trajectory.

Did a lot of cooking, too, as I will be doing my retreat in a few weeks, and I need to make sure there’s enough for my mother to heat up and eat properly. She hates to cook (although she’s a very good cook) and she just won’t. So, pretty much, I prepare all the food for her and then she can heat it up for her meals. She’s been away most of the past two months, so it hasn’t been an issue (I sent her off with plenty of little packets), but now she’ll return and I’m off, so I better re-stock her freezer. Sort of like I do when I visit my grandmother – cook meals ahead of time and stock her freezer, so all she has to do is heat it up. My own version of “TV dinner” – but gourmet-style! 😉

There are a couple of story ideas percolating around, so I may do some outline work over the next few weeks and see if any of them are useful for NaNo. I have mixed feelings about Nano, mostly because Script Frenzy left such a sour taste in my mouth. Also, it depends where I am in the moving process as to whether or not I can participate. I’ll sign up, but this year, keep the perspective that it’s quite possible I will need to let life get in the way in order to settle the next few years of my life. This year, Nano can’t be a priority, which does not bode well for vomiting up 50K in a month.

But you have to be flexible. If you allow yourself to be imprisoned by what you consider “your process”, you won’t be able to create the mix of living and working life you need in order to both function AND be happy.

See what happens when I take time off? I start THINKING again, gosh darn it . . .;)

Thanks for the kind thoughts, everyone. I’m fortunate to have both a supportive group of friends and family in my immediate, three-dimensional vicinity, and a wonderful community of supportive cyber-pals, too. I salute and treasure each and every one of you!


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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Saturday, September 22, 2007
Waxing Moon
Sunny and hot

Out of sorts. Exhausted. In pain.

Got some work done yesterday, but not enough. What else is new? Found only one job listing that was worth it to pitch, so I did; doubt they’ll respond. Worked on the ads I want to post. Ran errands, paid bills, went to my friend’s place to do laundry. Read a bit.

My Crazy Downstairs Neighbor returned just before 5 AM, roaring drunk, and roaring for a good hour and a half. I’m wondering if he’s seriously disturbed or if he’s being paid to do this to drive people out of the building. At this point, I don’t care what the reason it – it has to STOP.

Managed to do a good yoga session, but was completely out of sorts and couldn’t concentrate on the writing.

I have some article research and a critique that MUST get done today, but then I’m going out for most of the afternoon.

My back is worse again – the minute there’s stress, it goes to the weakest, injured point, and right now, it’s my back.

No word bar updates, and feeling rather discouraged all the way around . . .


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Friday, September 21, 2007

Friday, September 21, 2007
Waxing Moon
Sunny and warm

Around 9 AM yesterday, I started the final work on the Dialogue Workshop materials for The Muse Online Conference. The coordinator asked me to prepare a welcome message and send any materials to the list of participants – which has now grown to about 80.

Next thing I knew, it was 1:30.

I got all the materials out and I ran tests of the exercises. Because this workshop is virtual rather than dimensional (in person), I had to adjust some of the exercises. And I had to cut the Eavesdropping exercise entirely – at least the way we do it in class.

Then, I had to rush out to the store and do a few other things. Before I knew it, it was 3 PM, and I still had way too much to do – and no creative juices left with which to do more.

That’s the way it goes sometimes, but at least I’m ready to go for the Conference. I think I want to switch out some of the examples, but, other than that, we’re ready with the daily exercises and the bonus exercises. I just have to post every night for the next day, and check in four or five times a day to comment on the homework, answer questions, and discussions.

I also signed up for several of the other workshops. There was so much fascinating stuff from which to choose! As it was, I picked seven workshops – and that was limiting myself!

And I’ve got my participant lists and sent out all the information, so it’s all good.

I worked on an e-book project for awhile, but spent most of the evening resting and reading. I read a wonderful book, over the last few days, about a woman who grew up in Chicago around the turn of the century. The author bought a box of her diaries in a second-hand bookshop one day, tracked the descendants, researched the family and the era, etc., etc. It’s fabulous. Strand sent it to me as one of the batches of books for the Good Names research. I’ve also been back at the Edith Wharton biography. It’s enormous and has so much information, and needs to be savored slowly.

Crazy Downstairs Neighbor woke me up last night again, when he came in drunk and banged around. And this morning, as soon as I sat down to work, all the leaf blowers revved up. It’s a plot, I’m telling you! 😉

Back’s a bit better, but still very sore. I could do most of my core workout last night – all but two exercises, although I did them more slowly. And I did most of the usual yoga sequence. I’m getting there, slowly, but surely. The transitions from sitting to standing and the reverse are still difficult, but most of the time I’m simply sore instead of being in severe pain, which is a step up.

I have to be organized this morning, because I’m out for most of the day – I need to run a few errands, pay some bills, and go to a friend’s to do laundry.

Still waiting for the material from Confidential Job #1 to show up – DHL never attempted delivery yesterday, and I was home almost all day AND left a note for them.



Revenge Tangents – 21,875 words out of est. 25,000

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thursday, September 20, 2007
Waxing Moon
Sunny and warmer

Mindy Klasky’s new book Sorcery and the Single Girl comes out on September 25. I adored her last book, Girl’s Guide to Witchcraft – in fact, it made my top picks on Biblio Paradise a few months ago – so I can’t wait for this one! Jump on over to her blog Virtual Cocktails (linked at the right) to check out the book and more about her. She’s terrific.

Instead of chaining myself to the computer yesterday, I got a call from a friend as I was out grocery shopping who said, “It’s too beautiful to stay inside. Come over and we’ll sit out!”
So I got my groceries in, packed up some stuff, and spent the rest of the day in her backyard. The sun did great work on my back. I rested, played with the dogs, read, and finished crocheting a sleeve for a project (I’ll write about it in detail on The Tactile Muse). I cooked dinner and came back home in the early evening, then spent the rest of the evening in bed reading.

I had a gentle yoga session this morning, and a great morning’s work on Revenge Tangents. Even though I have to do a lot of structuring in the revision, the shape of the overall piece and the overall series is taking shape. And since I’m only on my own deadline for this, I don’t have to stress.

The back is a little better. There’s still pain, but mostly it’s discomfort, only occasionally crossing the pain line. Movement is still limited, but greater than it was yesterday and the day before. I didn’t take any medication yesterday and don’t plan to do so today – I want to give the body a chance to heal without interference.

My editor loves my gardening articles for October, and I’m having fun researching and writing the November articles. I’m a little pissy at a different publication that still hasn’t paid me for work done back in August – will have to chat with them yet again. I’m not turning in the last couple of articles until I’m paid for what I’ve already done. And I seriously doubt I’d work with them again.

I have work to do on the Dialogue Workshop today, I have to finish a critique, and I want to get some other blog entries up. And maybe get some of the research done for the next section of Untitled Literary Fiction.

I also have to get to the store for a few things I forgot yesterday – the Equinox is on Sunday, and I’m going to prepare Cornish Hen stuffed with carrot and parsnips.

Confidential Job #1 has been sending me material – and I haven’t received it. The delivery service claims someone in the building said that “the premises are closed.” Huh? Each of us is investigating. If it’s true that someone here is interfering with the delivery of my work, I will nail him to the wall by his balls; if it’s the delivery service, it’s up to CJ1 to handle it. Either way: not acceptable.

I’d better get going – I “slept in” until nearly 7, the yoga took longer than usual due to my back, and I’m a bit behind schedule!


Revenge Tangents – 21,375 words out of est. 25,000

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wednesday, September 19, 2007
Waxing Moon
Sunny and cool

I survived yesterday, but that was about it. There were a few times where the back was so painful, I thought I would pass out. And that was AFTER the pain medication kicked in! But I got through it, and, although I had a modified yoga session this morning, I can move, just not easily It’s not all the way down in the lower, lower back- it’s kind of right behind my waist, if that makes any sense. The core work I’ve done the last month or so has helped, but my core still needs strengthening so that this kind of thing doesn’t happen again.

Also, I know both the psychological causes and the physical causes, so now I have to work on solutions. You can’t just treat the problem – you have to get it at the source. Easier said than done, unfortunately.

Coming home on Metro North was a nightmare. Not only couldn’t they be bothered to let us know what track the train was on until the last minute – come on, they have all the trains listed for the next three hours, but not the one scheduled to leave first? After Pelham, there were no lights and no ventilation. Not acceptable.

I have to go grocery shopping today or the cats will be upset – they don’t like it when their section of the cupboard begins to go bare. I’m going to work on the November gardening articles, the SDR blog entry, and a few other things today, once I get back. But I’m going to take it at a slow pace, and have plenty of breaks to do gentle stretches and relax.

I also need to get the handouts finished for my workshop and get them out. Devon’s Random Newsletter finally went out yesterday. Did you get your copy? If not, send me an email here with “subscribe” in the subject line, and I’ll shoot one off to you.

Thanks to Costume Imp, for helping me so much during the show – as though he didn’t have enough to do helping out another swing, and there were mix-and-match tracks for the boys and all sorts of madness. I couldn’t have gotten through the show without him.

Great morning’s work on Revenge Tangents. The piece is unusual, which is why I’m going to place it where I’m going to place it.

The job boards have had a long line of listings all week – unfortunately, nothing that I want! I also have to figure out when I’m going to meet a local graphic designer with whom I might team up for freelance work, and get next week’s house hunting, visiting, and other travel sorted.

Never a dull moment!

May you have a cheerful and pain-free day!


Revenge Tangents — 20,000 words out of est. 25,000

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20 / 25
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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tuesday, September 18, 2007
Waxing Moon
Sunny and cool

The heat kicked on yesterday morning. Which meant moving all the plants that usually live in the window with the air conditioner, but live on a plank on top of the heater in the summer when the air conditioner takes up the window. I don’t mind the “heat smell”, but I dabbed pine oil on the pipe in the bathroom and on the radiator in the living room, so now it smells like I live in a forest, which is just fine with me.

Went to acupuncture. Didn’t realize how bad I felt until I started to feel better. But my ability to move is still limited (I’m taped to the max to keep from moving anything out of place) and EVERY movement hurts. I’m not sure how I’m going to get through the show.

Oh, yeah, I’m going to take the easy choice I shouldn’t take and use the pain pills. And pay the consequences the rest of the week. Unfortunately, calling out of the show today is not an option, for many reasons.

Needless to say, there was no weight training for me last night! I probably need to bag the weights for a week or two. I felt better when I woke up this morning, and although I had to modify some of the morning yoga routine, I could flow through the poses I did, and it felt better.

Went to a friend’s for dinner and had the chance to immobilize myself on a lounge chair in the sun reading a book for an hour or so, which helped.

Came home and finished my column (finally got the last bit of info, which meant I had to pull the piece apart to incorporate it properly) and sent that off.

Took some Valerian both to relax the back and to knock me out thoroughly enough so I could sleep through Crazy Downstairs Neighbor’s latest antics.

Oh, and I found out some information I wasn’t supposed to know yet about the new owners – basically, we’re majorly fucked. Pardon the language, but its use is deliberate in this case, because it is the correct description of the situation. However, finding out now gives me time to put Plan B into effect for myself and my family – they don’t get to have it all their way and on their schedule. Since I’m not representing a group this time, but just my family unit – I’m playing hardball, baby. And I’m a lot meaner than I was two years ago, when this all started.

Didn’t have the chance to do the medical research for Untitled Literary Fiction, so I’m in a holding pattern. Have a cadre of characters clamoring for attention – they need to shut up and take a number. Especially since most of them are in different projects.

Hold a good thought for me – is it Bayer who used to have those commercials, “Freedom of movement without pain”? I could use some of that right now. We’ll start with movement, work up to freedom, and then get rid of the pain.

No wordbar updates today – I’m feeling about as creative as wilted lettuce (make that lettuce trampled by an elephant stampede), so I’m giving myself the morning off from fiction and revising some articles that need to go out instead.


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Monday, September 17, 2007

Monday, September 17, 2007
Waxing Moon
Sunny and cool

My back was so painful yesterday that I took a couple of pain pills before I left for the theatre. Didn’t feel a thing all day (not necessarily a good thing), but got through the show. Today, I am having trouble switching positions – going from sitting to standing or vice versa. Once I’m there, I totter along, but the transition . . .

Yoga was less about flow this morning than about lurching.

Thank goodness I’m heading to acupuncture in a few hours.

I figured out the psychological reason it’s manifesting in my lower back, near the root chakra – the unstable living situation relates to an unstable foundation – hence, it’s all resting in that lower back. Along with whatever physical wrenching I did in the theatre a couple of weeks ago that started it all. And I’ll do some kundalini work later today –time to wake the serpent!

The cats have been impossible last night and this morning – as far as they’re concerned, I should ONLY work from home, in order to be at their beck and call! Good thing they’re so cute – I’d never tolerate this type of behavior from anyone on two legs! 😉

Show was fine yesterday, although I noticed that not doing shows for weeks means I’m not as dexterous with the fastenings as when I do them regularly. You’d think, because of typing, it would be there, but I guess it’s using the hands in a different way. Everyone got on stage and was fine, but I felt as though I was really fumble-fingered.

It was good to see people and catch up. It will be hard to leave the security of this nest, but it’s time to go.

After the show, Costume Imp, B., and I planned to go to the wine bar Madison and Vine in the Library Hotel. I’d checked online to make sure they were open, and, according to the information available, they were. Of course, we got there, and it was closed. We went in to the lobby – which is beautiful, with floor-to-ceiling bookcases filled with books. The desk greeted us, I mentioned the disappointment the bar was closed in spite of the internet info – and got attitude. Snarky desk folk guarantee that I will not go back there and not stay there once I’m out of NY and come in for various projects or write an article about them!

We walked west across 41st Street and found a place called “Book Off”. I’m not sure if it’s Japanese or Korean (I don’t know Asian characters well enough, please forgive me) – but they also had shelves of books in English for $1! Each of us found something we wanted.

We headed further west to Bryant Park Grill – which was closed for a private party! So we went to the bar at the Bryant Park Café, grabbed a table, and had some drinks and snacks, and caught up. The bartender was very sweet to us. Now there’s a place worth visiting again! It was also nice to watch dusk blanket the park.

Caught the 9:40 train back, ate dinner at nearly 11 ( way too late) and fell into bed.

Got up around 7 this morning, and by the time the yoga was done – leaf blowers, chain saws, construction noise. Basically, if I want to get writing done during a quiet time, I have to wait until Crazy Downstairs Neighbor passes out, but before the leaf blowers start. So, basically, I have between 4:30 and 8 in the morning.

Not acceptable.

Got only a page done of Untitled Literary Fiction. I’ve hit a point where I need to do some medical research – can’t fake any of it in the first draft.

To answer Lara’s question – this is a good time to house hunt right now. The last few months were bad with Mercury and Jupiter Retrograde – but now that they’re straightened out, the chance of finding something that will work in the long-term is much better.

The conference head sent me the list of those who’ve signed up for my workshop so far – if you’ve signed up for the conference, but not the workshop, make sure you do that soon. I’m going to look over my handouts and send them this week, so they’re prepared. I also have to read through the information and sign up for the workshops in which I want to participate.

I’m going to polish the four gardening articles and finish another article this morning, so I can send them all off tonight when I get back from acupuncture.

Tomorrow, I have day work AND the show, so I need to be extra productive today.


Untitled Literary Fiction – 4,000 words out of est. 100,000

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4 / 100
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