Monday, August 20, 2007

Monday, August 20, 2007
Waxing Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Venus Retrograde
Cloudy and cool

I need sleep!

I got the pre-Travers article done, polished and out in the morning. I did some more work on the Scottish Games article, but it just wasn’t sparkling.

I went to my friend’s, where I read the paper, played with the dog, read a bit, cooked dinner, did some writing, and, in general, had a fairly relaxing afternoon.

Came back, finalized the Scottish Games article, picked photos, and sent it off. I’m not happy with it. I haven’t done it justice.

I caught some of the Del Mar races, which affect the Breeders’ Cup in October, so I did a quick piece on them and sent that off. There’s a horse from New Zealand named Crossing The Line, who won the Del Mar Mile, and is a horse with which to fall in love.

Noisy Downstairs Neighbor was at it again. Even the cats are fed up. At least it was earlier in the evening, and not after midnight.

I’m ready to play CDs of bagpipes at full volume all the live-long night to see if maybe that shuts up some of the crazy neighbors!!!!

Good morning’s work on Good Names; decent morning’s work on “Revenge Tangents”.

I have to be very organized during the next three weeks, with all the traveling and working from different places. I need to clear quite a bit off my desk today and also do practical things like pack, vacuum, and wash the floors. They don’t wash themselves – believe me, I’ve tried.

I need to check the job boards, get out pitches, follow up on a few emails, send out some interview materials, research a quartet of articles, work on my column, and work on an article I want to get finished by the end of the week. And, one of these days, I’d like to get back to Tracking Medusa. I think I figured out how to fix the problem with the OBE chapter.

Not a particularly compelling post today; sorry. Too many things whirling around my head, and I’m trying to put together a to-do list that’s both logical and do-able.


Good Names – 63,632 words out of est. 100,000

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
63 / 100

“Revenge Tangents” — 10,625 words out of est. 12,000

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
10 / 12


  1. If you ever discover a way to make floors wash themselves, please let me know.
    Synpathies re the lack of sleep and the NDN. Bagpipes, that’s definitely the answer.

  2. DITTO on the floors! I just mopped mine–twice, just to get the sticky stuff off of them!

    Did I miss something? Where are you going for three weeks???

  3. Feng Shui cure: Place a mirror facing the psycho neighbor. It doesn’t matter if it is facing your wall, the ceiling, the floor, it reflects the bad energy back to her.

    I did it in an apartment once and the Noisy One moved out in a month or so. Just did it to ward of unruly pre-teens across the street. Oddly, they haven’t been hanging around in their front yard lately…

  4. Can’t wait to read the Scottish Games article. And that neighbour needs a good kick in the bahooky!

  5. Goodness, your neighbors are a handful. I hope things get worked out the way you want them to and that you are able tp relax soon.

  6. I don’t clean my floors anymore – I make my kids do it. 😉

  7. One of the reasons I detested living in an apartment was because of neighbors. You never know who you’re going to get stuck with next door, upstairs or downstairs. Having a house is total bliss. (Plus I get to decorate it any way I want!) 🙂

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