Friday, July 27, 2007

Friday, July 27, 2007
Waxing Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Venus Retrograde
Hazy, hot, humid

Quick post – I think.

Yesterday was great; exhausting, but great. Up early, an hour of Yoga, some writing, quick breakfast, in the car to Manhattanville College in Purchase. Their security staff is awesome, and helped me find the fencing.

Fascinating times in the fencing rounds. It’s been so long since I fenced that I never had to be hooked up to all those wires and computers – which failed repeatedly for people’s plug-ins and tips, etc. I think some of the beauty and the fluidity has been lost with all that cable.

Talked to an interesting guy who’s competing today and interested in working in DC in the intelligence realm. He gave me a link to his blog – I either misunderstood him or he was blowing smoke up my ass, because I haven’t been able to find it. I will assume the former until proven otherwise, because he had no reason to give me misinformation unless it was because I’m a stranger, so WTF. Sometimes you do that when a stranger starts asking questions. Besides, he knows how to find me – including via this blog – so he can always give me the correct link if I’ve gotten it wrong!

Had to dash out of fencing before the end of it. Buzzed past the men’s baseball and the women’s soccer (they were on my way to the car).

Got back on 287, which was more hateful than usual, heading to Valhalla. There was a guy driving a construction dump truck weaving in the lane ahead of me, shouting and waving his fist out the window. First, I was going to keep him in front of me, where I could keep an eye on him; then I thought, “fuck it, he can eat my dust” and as soon as there was an opening, I hit the accelerator (bless the rabbit’s quick speed) and blew past him. I got a good look at him as I passed, and I’m pretty sure he was coked to the gills.

Got to Valhalla in one piece; found the archery event. Again, it’s been a loooong time since I participated in the sport, and the bows are much more high tech, the scopes are intriguing, etc. It’s a sport I’d like to try again. The advances in bows are pretty spectacular.

I met a woman in her 70s who is participating in the Masters’ competition on Saturday – she’s been shooting since she was 7! Fascinating stuff.

And there was a doppelganger for one of the chorus girls on the show, and for one of my neighbors.

I spent a good portion of time talking to an EMS worker, originally out of Buffalo, now living in Ossining. Good stories.

Hopped back in the car, stopped home for some celery and some carrots for lunch, then back in the car to the ice rink for Women’s Hockey. It was so great to be back in an ice rink, especially the one in which I practically grew up. Heaven, just heaven. I got my timing wrong, so I arrived early – which meant I got to see two games, instead of just one.

I spent a good portion of the time talking to the guy sitting next to me, who manages a rink in Yonkers, played travel hockey, coaches, and used to work in the Street Crimes Unit for NYPD.

Again, more good stories.

In addition to the articles, I’m getting a wealth of inspiration for the fiction.

For some reason today, everyone just wanted to talk to me. Which is interesting, since it’s so hard for me to initiate conversations with strangers, even in a working situation, because I’m shy (yes, I am, stop LAUGHING, Colin). But it’s getting easier, because I’m actually interested in what these people have to say, and I’d much rather ask them questions and listen to the answers than talk about myself.

It made me laugh my ass off that the only place to get coffee near the rink was to leave the rink, walk into Playland Amusement Park, half way down to the Dragon Coaster and buy it – at the Carvel Ice Cream Stand.


In the meantime, I snapped some additional photos to show off where I set “That Man in Tights” – Mik, remember? – though I rearranged the boardwalk to be closer to the restrooms for story purposes.

I took A LOT of photos. And the only time I ever saw another press person was at the rink – two photogs were there, and they agreed with me – the media center sucks. Not only is it a 40 minute drive to get there and get zero information, when you call to find something out – they tell you to check the website. I’m in the car, dumbass, if I had a computer nearby I wouldn’t be calling!!!!!! And, by the way – what I need isn’t up on the site yet, and the day’s events were over hours ago. There need to be press reps at every venue coordinating information and getting it where it needs to go, not just waiting until the information reaches “the center” – which is so far out of everyone’s way it’s not even funny. No way to contact the center by email, when you call them, they “can’t” get what’s needed. Very , very frustrating. Everything else runs pretty smoothly – although one of the baseball coaches mentioned problems with the shuttling buses getting athletes to and from events on time.

(Uh, yes, I was pulled over at the time – you know how I feel about driving while on the phone)!

Grabbed some dinner at Nathan’s – a pair of hot dogs and some fries and they gave me a bottle of water to go with it – I must have looked a bit wilted by then. Shared my fries with the (handsome) park ranger while I waited for my car. I didn’t realize you could still be a ranger and wear a baseball cap – I thought it had to be one of those broad-brimmed jobs. Learn something new every day.

Although it was hot and I am no hot weather gal, my sore muscles were very happy to be soothed by warmth.

Core work last night – ow. Good ow but . . .ow.

Quick visit with a friend, then work on the article due today.

Downstairs neighbor AGAIN blasted me out of bed at 1 AM with television on so loud that not only could I distinctly hear every word one floor above, but it was loud enough to hurt. This is ridiculous. I’m going to talk to him one more time, and then complain to the management. I think he comes home drunk and or is unstable or something. There’s no way one can’t know that the volume is loud.

Up at 5 AM again this morning. Hour of Yoga. I meant to go to the rowing first thing, but I want to go back and see more fencing first at Manhattanville. Then rowing in New Rochelle. I don’t think I’ll make the hockey game although I might swing by to leave notes for some players I want to interview. Up to Ossining to try to catch a bit of sailing, then back here to catch women’s lacrosse up the street.

Another full day.

Add “hat” to the list of necessities for the games. If I didn’t have my hat, especially at archery, I would have spent a good deal more time in the EMS tent, and it wouldn’t have been to chat.

I am doing a workshop as part of “The Muse Online” Writers’ Conference in October, with Sunday afternoon as our live time chat. Details and links to follow early next week, when I’m not trying to juggle all these sports.

Slow morning on Good Names, but three pages are better than nothing.


Good Names – 46,882 words out of est. 100,000

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
46 / 100
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  1. My goodness what a full day you had! And yes I do remember that story! 🙂

    I watch a lot of Food Network so reading about you going to Nathan’s and Cavel makes me envy you. We don’t have those wonderful things down here.

    And I’m shy too. I know it’s hard to believe, but I am. hehe

  2. I don’t know what happened to my comment – but I left one. Hmmm…

  3. I hope your neighbor situation works itself out. How’s the search for new digs going?

  4. What a fun day!

  5. WOW! Not only were you able to see alot, but you met many interesting people.
    It does sound as though you had a good day.
    Sorry to hear about the neighbor, good luck talking with him.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. How cool! Fencing and archery? You have one of the most interesting lives I’ve seen!

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  8. I’m not making any comment 😉

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