Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thursday, July 19, 2007
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So, the latest news I have on the explosion in NYC – steam pipe explosion, possibly caused by a transformer fire. They’re testing for asbestos – they refuse to make the same mistake Whitman did around 9/11, saying it’s all good when it’s not. Plenty of haz mat suits, area locked down. I’d be frantic if I lived there and couldn’t get to my pets. One confirmed death thus far and about 30 people in hospitals.

It may not have been a terrorist attack, but I hope they investigate other types of sabotage. The timing – it happening during rush hour, which doesn’t seem like a coincidence. And it’s happening just as Con Ed is screaming that the funds they received aren’t enough (probably because there are administrative pockets getting lined) and they want not only more money but a 17% rate hike.

I don’t believe in coincidence, so the timing on all of this makes me very, very suspicious.

And I’m trying not to go into the city until I have to be back at the theatre next Tuesday. I don’t trust the trains; there was minor flooding yesterday and we were told to expect more today.

I was ready to commit hara-kiri with a coat hanger by 10 AM yesterday, and the day didn’t get better. The workmen were underneath the window all day long, sawing and screwing together 2 by 4’s with boards across them. Not only that, but they didn’t know what they were doing. I’ve built enough sets and run enough screw guns to know that if every single screw is screaming in pain when you put it into the wood, you’re doing something wrong. Instead of hiring people who’ve never used power tools before, how about hiring someone competent? Oh, right, that would mean paying them a living wage.

And having building permits up. God forbid THAT should happen.

Turns out they’re building a containment shed out of plywood for the asbestos-contaminated dumpster under the window – that’s been there since APRIL. Who knows what health hazards we’ve been subjected to for months?

I am furious.

No wonder I’ve had even worse troubles with migraines, coughs, etc. for the past few months – asbestos-contaminated materials have been dumped under my window! Completely unacceptable.

I worked on some article stuff, had a good day’s work on Good Names before the construction numbnuts started their debacle, filled out an application in response to a pitch I sent, brainstormed with a friend about an article site that sounds too good to be true, yet might actually be legit, read a little bit, and tried not to do downstairs and commit seriously bodily harm to those morons – especially the ones running the building.

Good thing I didn’t have to go to the city tonight – we had three inches of rain in just a few hours, so Metro North didn’t run. Not to mention that a good deal of the region was without power and flooded again (we got away lightly this time).

I was going to go to a friend’s place to do laundry (since not only are the downstairs laundry facilities cholera-inducing, but they’re asbestos-contaminated). Unfortunately, his basement had an inch of water in it, so we’re putting it off until things dry out a bit. No reason to electrocute ourselves trying to wash some dirty drawers!

Even Belmont Park cancelled yesterday’s Race Card because of the floods. And there was a tornado on Long Island.

I meant to work on Tracking Medusa last night, but I was glued to the TV watching the coverage of the explosion and trying to track down my fellow New Yorkers who might have been in the area. So far, so good.

I had a good day’s work on Good Names this morning – the murder investigation is under way, and the gossip mongers are in full swing. I have to do more work on articles this morning, write some business correspondence, and then get back to Tracking Medusa.

Unfortunately, I have a migraine, so I don’t know how much will get done. And I’m practically choking to death on the sawdust. Normally, I’d just have fans going, but with all the construction dust around the asbestos dumpster, I’ve got the windows shut and the air on. Guess I’ll be scrubbing those filters frequently.


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  1. Scary stuff all around! *hugs*

  2. Sorry to hear of the migraine, Devon. The most wretched malady ever. Completely brings you to your knees.

    My cure – one Excedrin, one cool washcloth, a dark room and a meditative state. I’ve found that the worst part for me is the movement in the eyes. If I can get through that, the headache is bearable.


  3. Asbestos?? Scary! And it would explain all the health issues you’ve been having. I bet you can’t wait to get into your house eventually! Somewhere with fresh air…and cows…

    Okay, maybe not COWS, but you get the general idea!

    Feel better soon! And I’m with you on the timing thing. Too suspicious to be coincidence…

  4. It does seem rather suspicious, the timing of the explosion. Glad to know I am not the only one who thinks along those lines.
    Does NY have an OSHA?

    Hope the migaine feels better soon!

  5. I didn’t even think about that explosion happening at rush hour. I saw your post at Backspace in the middle of the afternoon and didn’t make the connection.

    I feel your pain on the construction — the guys next door sit in our driveway to eat their lunches, and then drop food on the ground, which then must be wrestled away from my dog, who definitely doesn’t need tamales in his diet.

  6. Know what? It makes me sick to hear that you have to live in such conditions. Wish I could help you solve this problem.

  7. Hugs on the migraine. I’m fighting a tension headache myself.

  8. Sorry to hear about the migraine, but I’m not surprised you’re suffering given all that’s going on around you right now.
    Sending hugs. Hope you’re better soon.

  9. It must be the weather or something. I’ve got another massive headache. It hurt so bad yesterday all I wanted to do was lay down.

    Hope you get to feeling better soon!

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