Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tuesday, July 10, 2007
Waning Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Venus Retrograde
Hot, humid, sticky

The Summer issue of The Scruffy Dog Review is up, and yours truly’s column, The Literary Athlete, continues with “Now What? Tips for Thorough and Sensible Revision, Without Losing Your Sanity”, here.

So here’s my idea for campaign finance reform – since the millions of dollars wasted on campaigns can be better spent on services like health care and rebuilding New Orleans:

Each candidate gets one million dollars, total, with which to campaign. That includes dinners and events thrown/financed by others “for” the candidate, etc. They have to do it all with a single million. If people particularly support a candidate, they are allowed to make a campaign contribution, in any amount allowed by law, to honor the candidate, to the nonprofit service organization of their choice (such as cancer funding, ASPCA, educational programs, programs that send city kids to camps, programs that send anyone who earns good grades to college, etc.).

Because if a candidate can’t be fiscally responsible enough and creative enough to run a campaign on one million dollars, why should we trust that person with our nation’s treasury?

The country should not be run by those with the biggest “war chests”, but those who demonstrate the most creativity and compassion.

Many thanks to all of you who’ve let me know how much you enjoy my essay in Perfectly Plum. It was fun and sometimes challenging to work on, and I’m glad the result is good.

Made it to Staples, got my supplies, and another crate. I’ll crate all the sailing tomes I’m accumulating, since I’ll be writing about the Cup up to and through the next Challenge – whenever they decide to decide when to hold it. I’ll clean out my Evanovich crate (put together during the work for the essay for Perfectly Plum) and put in the turn-of-the-twentieth-century New York and Chicago books for Good Names.

Found nine books for my grandmother – that should keep her busy for a few weeks!

Heard from the restaurant owner – so I could finish the article. I’ll give it a polish before I leave for the theatre this morning and send it off.

I’ve been thinking, and I’m interested in your responses. Those of you who are familiar with my popular character Nina Bell (Tapestry, Tumble, But Is She a Betting Man? and the forthcoming Finding Jake) – instead of writing all her stories chronologically, I’m thinking of jumping ahead to modern day (the early stories are set from 1994 on) and doing a piece with her now. Thoughts? Ideas? I’ll go back and do some of the stuff in between, but I was just thinking . . .

Mark Chisnell, who wrote the wonderful blog Tack by Tack during the Cup, mentioned to me that, in the past three months while covering the races, he’s written approximately a quarter of a million words – that’s the equivalent of two very large novels! I wish I was that productive! 😉 Seriously, he’s earned a bit of a rest before tackling his next novel.

I decided I needed a break from all the “have-to’s”, so I’m reading a fun book by Roberta Gayle called The Girl Next Door. Even though it deals with reality television (a form I loathe), it handles it in a clever and funny way (unlike several of the other books who jumped on the chick-lit/reality television bandwagon by simply copying what’s on the little box). I don’t know whether Gayle has actual production experience or simply did her research thoroughly, but she captures backstage pretty accurately – which is unusual. Most writers without production experience seem to take their backstage material from watching movies or television shows which portray it inaccurately, thereby continuing the incorrect stereotypes. Or, they spend a single day on a set somewhere, and everyone’s on good behaviour.

Having trouble concentrating on Good Names. I need to get some more article stuff done and out today and tomorrow. I’m already packed for the trip to Maine on Thursday, and I have to see what writing I’ll take with me. I have three or four ideas dancing around in my head – I want to find out if they’re all separate, or if I can link them somehow.

Off to the theatre. We’ve been lucky so far – it’s not been as hot as they warned. I’m just hoping the power stays on so that I can get back home tonight.

I hope none of you are wearing polyester or poly-blends in this weather. Stick to 100% cotton and/or linen – you’ll feel much better!



  1. Love your finance reform idea! And I’m so thoroughly sick of campaign crap already. By the time the election rolls around I may be homicidal. *g*

  2. I love love LOVE the finance campaign reform idea. Wow. That would be WONDERFUL.

    I say you write an editorial. And send it to every major newspaper in the country.

  3. How did I miss you being in Perfectly Plum? I won a copy from Natasha and… holy shit, there you are! How freaking cool is this? I know three contributors to this puppy now!

  4. I hope you’re not dying of the heat up there. I saw the news report NY was getting a heat wave. It’s starting to get hot here (finally).

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