Saturday, June 30, 2007

Saturday, June 30, 2007
Full Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Sunny and pleasant

I can’t believe it’s the end of the month.

I’m so tired I feel as though I’ve been hit by a truck. Monday, I should be able to get some rest.

I had an interesting dream last night: I dreamed that a colleague was rooting through my closet, giving away my clothes. When I said that those weren’t the ones I wanted to give away (because I liked them, wore them, etc.), she said, “I’m trying to help; you should be grateful.”

I think that encapsulates a lot of my frustrations there, but I’m interested in hearing your opinions!

And, let’s face it: Are any of these frustrations going to matter in a hundred years? No. Of course not. People now pay $120 bucks a pop to come see the little skit, and have a good time. I only have a few more months there, and there’s no reason to let the petty stuff get to me. There’s big stuff going on, where it makes sense to draw boundaries. But the petty stuff?

There are too many things in my life that matter. Let it go.

On the “let it go” front, I turned down a writing job yesterday for, certainly, more money than I’ve ever seen in one place, because it was a long-range campaign to promote something to which I am solidly opposed. Was it hard to turn down the money? Of course. However, how could I live with myself if I worked to, literally, seduce people towards a product that I believe (and studies have backed this up over the years) that’s dangerous? Just so I can pocket some cash? No, thanks.

On a more ironic note, I was approached to do some writing about golf. I know nothing about golf and it’s never particularly interested me, although I respect the fact that people are obsessed by it. Instead of writing coverage pieces, though, I’m going to write some destination pieces, which makes sense. Those are due in the next two weeks, along with all the other pieces scheduled.

I’m going to watch Race 6 of the America’s Cup Challenge before I go to the theatre (for a two show day). I’m excited, even though I’m exhausted. I think I have to put Races 3-6 in the article for next week, and put tomorrow’s Race 7 (and 8 & 9, if they happen) in an article for the following week. There’s too much information both to double-check thoroughly and to keep to a reasonable length by tomorrow night’s deadline.

I also have a couple of press releases to write in the coming week, a restaurant review, another article, and I have to do the half-year review of the GDRs (Goals, Dreams, and Resolutions, for those of you new to the site). I’ve got some serious time to put in on an admin level, and I need to excavate my desk, once again. I have a binder for the sailing info, and have to file the Draft info, the Triple Crown info, and update both the clip files and the CV. Once you let that stuff slide, it’s difficult to catch up, and you end up wasting time when you pitch for fresh work, because you’ve got to hunt for clips rather than just pull them out of the file or have them all on one disk for attachments.

Finished Archie Mayor’s The Scent of Evil and started The Dark Root. He’s such an excellent writer, and it’s interesting to read the books set in Vermont. I always like to read books well-set in a place with which I’m familiar.

I’d love to write some fiction against the backdrop of sailing. However, my protag would need to come at it the way I am – as new to the sport, and grow from book to book. Ideas are starting to tickle. They’ll probably need to percolate for a few months, and I’ll have to see if there’s anything else like it out there.


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  1. Your dream is telling you to move on and leave the baggage behind. Letting go is hard — that’s why your friend was trashing all the ties that bind you to a place where you no longer belong or deep down, really don’t want to be. Your favorite clothes are significant because they are the most basic items you need, things that keep you from being naked and vulnerable. You’re scared of a risk. Does that make sense?

    Way to stick to your ethics on the job. There are lots of golf destinations to write about. Go for the “off the beaten path” ones. Good luck!

  2. Yes, your dream is reminding you that the stuff you’re prepared to give up is not necessarily the stuff you need to give up. Cool dream, actually. And I’m glad you said kiss off to the offer of doom.

  3. I admire your ethics in turning down a lucrative job. I am glad there are people like you out there, who stick to their beliefs no matter the monetary gain, instead of fooling others.
    As for your dream, I agree with the others.

    I pray your future in the comong months becomes all that you have dreamed of!

  4. You’re dream is telling you it’s time to move on. Get rid of the baggage and the move will be easier.

    The new assignments is a step towards that move. WTG on not taking a job that you don’t believe in.

  5. Congrats on not taking the job! If more people did that, the world would be a decent place.

    I think the dream was telling you it will be worth your while to take the time to talk and listen to some friend or friends or relatives that you trust and look up to about YOU and your life – I think it is saying you are overwhelmed (which is more than believable) and may need to get some other people involved in helping you reduce the physical and psychological “clutter” in your life. I tend to be a loner (which you don’t appear to be) but even then, sometimes a person needs some objective guidance in charting her course.

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