Thursday, June 28, 2007

Thursday, June 28, 2007
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Flash flood watch/hot/humid/rainy

Yes, we had another flood yesterday – the third flood in four months. If the various municipal agencies don’t stop TALKING and start DOING, there are going to be riots. People have had enough.

Fortunately, it wasn’t as bad as the past two floods in March and April. The brook overflowed its banks, and I think there was only about two or three feet of water – instead of nine or ten. But again – no warning. How hard is it to push a damned button and have the sirens go off?

I was at the show, but fortunately, my mom was around and got the car out as the water rose on the street. She got it up to the train station (the highest point in our town) and sloshed back home. And, it wasn’t bad enough to lose power – yet. We have another round of storms coming through today.

I managed to get home, and ran into a friend who’s also a neighbor and managed to catch up. The downed trees were the biggest problem – about two blocks up the street, some poor person has a tree resting on his roof.

Three inches of rain fell in one hour.

Yesterday, I managed to see the America’s Cup Challenge Race 4 before I had to leave for the show. Very exciting race. The more I watch, the more fascinated I am with the balance the tacticians have to strike between concentrating on their own boat and trying to outthink and respond to what the other boat does. Alinghi won this race, so it’s now 2-2. That made me happy – because I want this Challenge to go the full nine races!

Shows were fine. We had some technical problems in the second show, with scenery not moving properly or not moving at all, which added some excitement. But it all worked out and we kept going.

A friend and I had dinner at Sosa Borella, the Argentinean place around the corner from the theatre. Excellent, as always.

I’m exhausted – the Flood Fatigue layers all the other exhaustion. But I need to get to work on those articles and also write up the races I’ve watched the past few days, so I can see where I need to do some more research, get a couple of quotes, et.. I think I’ll be able to watch/write about two more races before this article is due.

I also want to get some work done on Good Names and Tracking Medusa. The flood put the kybosh on City of Lost – there’s no way I can focus and push through 10K when I have to deal with yet more flood crap on the home front.

I need about two weeks where all I have to do is sleep and read good books. However, that’s not going to happen any time soon, so I’m going to have to deal. Show-wise, the schedule lightens up after this week, which will make the writing easier; but I also have to step up the house hunt.


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  1. ALL of the rivers, lakes and creeks are at capacity here. We’ve had nonstop rain and I’m really damn tired of having to drive through the torrential downpours to get to/from work. It’s odd – usually it’s scorching hot and we BEG for rain. This year, it just won’t stop.

    Fortunately, there hasn’t been any major flooding in my area, but there are surrounding counties that have been really hard.

  2. All this flooding all over the country is awful. And the places that need the rain get nada, zip, zilch. Crazy weather.

    *hugs* having to deal with it again!

  3. Oh, I would LOVE to have two weeks to do nothing but sleep and read. This whole thing with hubby’s hospitalization has completely worn me down. I’m barely keeping my eyes open today.

  4. Sorry to hear of more rain and flooding heading your way.
    I hope and pray you get your 2 weeks of sleep and reading in the near future.

  5. I can’t even imagine what you are going through with three floods. Even though they all vary in degrees of peril, it still a mental stress that affects all aspects. I hope, like everyone else, that the weather straightens out, you get that break so you can rest and that you can happily get back on track in all that you want/need to do.

    I wish you quick and giddy success in your search for a new house.

  6. Perhaps we should start a flood appreciation blog. Warnings are the first thing they need to look at. Then drainage systems. Then flood barriers. How hard is it?

  7. hope the rains don’t pour too much. The last two days I was at a workshop. In the afternoon we had a break and I went and laid down (can’t take two weeks, but 1 hour is better than nothing) and my roomie went up the road to see Great Falls from the Maryland side. Great storm: thunder, lightening, buckets of rain…and yes, I thought of roomie, who reports that 4 miles up the road? nothing. Mother Nature is playing…

  8. I’m sorry about the flooding. It’s just horrible how much you guys are being bombarded lately. I hope things dry out soon.

    Good luck with the house hunt. I hope you find the perfect place.

    (and thanks for the comment yesterday, I went to the sites you recommended and am very excited about the prospects!)

  9. Firstly, apolgies for not dropping by more often. Seems my work load prevents pleasure time in visiting all my friends.

    Floods again? You poor people. We have a part of the UK that is flooded badly. The weather here has been tits up; it can’t make its mind up what it’s doing. Meant to be summer and all it does is rain.

    It’s a little scary when you think about it. As a child, summer was summer, it rained in April and September, but every season was as it should be. The past five years especially, have seen the weather change so weirdly in our part of the UK. I think what with rain being more prevalent, and especially in places like yours that get flooded so badly and so often, that more would be done to ensure householders don’t get flooded out etc.

    As you say, how hard is it to press a button. Sounds like someone isn’t doing their job properly.

    We have a set of pathways here that get flooded every time it rains. It strikes me as odd that when they created these pathways around ten years ago, that they didn’t make it so that they enabled rain to drain through the paths and back into the ground. Still, I’m no architect, but I think common sense is sometimes cast aside for aesthetics–you know, ‘Don’t these paths look pretty?’

    Umm, yeah. On the odd occasion that we actually get to see them.

    Ok, rant over. Sorry to take up so much comment space.

    Keep your spirits up. You’re one of the very few lovely people in the world. I miss visiting here.

    Best wishes!


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