Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tuesday, June 26, 2007
Waxing Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Sunny, hazy, hot

I bought yarn yesterday. You can read all about it over on The Tactile Muse. It was a good way to relax – especially when a workman cut the wrong cable downstairs and the emergency lights and the fire alarms went off! Never a dull moment.

One of the reasons that the writing about sports events seems to hit a positive chord with people is that I take my sports very personally. I’m not interested in numbers on a piece of paper, and I don’t pry into personal lives. I’m interested in the dynamic of what makes a particular game/match/event work or not work. It’s about live beings (whether it’s players or sailors or horses) and it’s that interaction, which can’t always be predicted, that makes it interesting. You layer the skill along with personality, and you get an exciting cocktail.

So I don’t pretend to be a journalist. I’m someone who’s excited about whatever sport it is I’m covering, and I want to find a way to effectively communicate what I find interesting to the readers.

And, of course, plenty of seeds for fiction are planted along the way.

I was up far too early so that I could get something done before watching the next Cup Challenge Race. If I’m lucky, I’ll just squeak in to the theatre before call time, since the race runs past the time my usual train leaves. But, unless Metro North has problems again, I should still get there on time. And I’m not looking forward to the inevitable confrontation there about money.

I want to do one more polish on the Literary Athlete column before I send it. Before the race.

Colin makes a good point, over on Freedom from the Mundane. His Script Frenzy isn’t working, and therefore, he’s stopping. For him, it’s a waste of time and energy to turn out crap simply to meet a word count. Again, I’m pointing out that this event should never have set its criteria via word count in the first place, because that is not how professional scripts are created. And Colin’s right. But, of course, even though my script isn’t working either, I’m pushing forward. I want to complete it to complete it, and then I’ll have tried the process and never have to do it again. Because I don’t think the way this particular event is set up shores up the way I like to work on a play. I thought it would, since I like to write plays in tight, intense periods of time –but the strictures set up here hurt my process instead of helped it. Which is interesting, since it doesn’t hurt me during Nano at all. So, of course, instead of working on the script yesterday, I worried about it. That means my only hope is to write all of Act II on Thursday and Friday during the day, and I’m just not sure I can come up with 10K over 2 days when I’m working an 8 show B’way schedule.

Learning curve, that’s all.

And I finally got my pre-order in for the last Harry Potter. Those last few days of July will be interesting – silence throughout major chunks of the world, as people of all ages sit with their noses in the books.

Worked on a detailed pitch for the magazine per its request – keep your fingers crossed. It wouldn’t be a ton of money, but it’s a great publication and I could get some nice clips out of it. I need to spend some serious admin time next week updating my CV and my clip files – I’ve fallen far behind.

One of my favorite editors is leaving a company for which I’ve written for over a dozen years. I’m excited for her – she’s moving on to a great new opportunity – but one of the few reasons I pitched this year to them again was to get to work with her. So I guess this’ll be the last year I write for them. Of course, the work is with an eye on 2009, but still . . .

Too much to juggle right now, but I’m doing my best. I have to do this other work before the race, but hopefully, I can sneak in a little bit of work on Good Names this morning. And Gwen and Justin want to know when I’ll rejoin them in Tracking Medusa – because that’s the project that (outside of following the yacht races) really excites me right now. And I’m learning a lot right now that I can use when they’re on that yacht in the Mediterranean . . .

Julia – what great news about the Queen’s Plate race! Woo-hoo! I wish I’d been able to watch – maybe I can get the video somewhere. Thanks for letting me know.


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  1. Yes, I immediately thought of you when that news came on TV. Historic females winning races all over the place, horses and women, both.

    I love your image of silence all over the world as people gobble up the last Harry Potter!

  2. Hope you got to the theatre on time.

    Silence throughout major chunks of the world. Love it!

  3. My Script Frenzy project isn’t going very well either, but in my case, I’m not sure if it’s the limitations set or simply being preoccupied with my other obsession in life. At any rate, I’m just going to keep plugging on through July and hope that I can get to the end eventually.

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