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These posts, with photographs, show how walking the geography of the NYPL yesterday affected the story and the rewrites. My two main protagonists are Gwen and Justin, and Karl is one of the antagonists.

The Universe is having a good laugh at my expense: I hardly know anyone named Justin, but I like the name, and it’s the right name for the character. In the few days since I began work on Tracking Medusa, I’m tripping over “Justins” everywhere.

But my character is very adamant that this is his name, and he has a right to it. So there!

The chapters at the library are early in the book, where Justin runs into Gwen by accident and is drawn into the mystery.

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  1. The pictures are great – wonderful atmosphere to surround yourself with. And I like the name Justin.

  2. I don’t know how you can describe the creative process, Devon, while actually doing it.

    With me, it’s a big mystery, like someone’s grandmother, who might say, “How do I know what I’m doing till I see what I’ve written?”

    I once described this panster process to the late Susan
    Sonntag, who immediately labelled me as an amateur and left our table at a Copenhagen bistro.
    Well, I am at least, alive.


  3. These scenes are so perfect with the pictures. Brings back memory of my visits.

  4. OH! I’m so glad you posted these!! Now I really have a clear picture in my mind 🙂

  5. I’ve always thought Justin was a common name. In my generation at least. Seems like they’re everywhere. Gwen and Karl aren’t as common–but I do know people with those names as well. However, I think there is an advantage to giving characters names that are in use with some frequency, especially if the story is set in the real world. A story just doesn’t jive if you have really weird names that don’t fit with the setting.

  6. I’ve always wanted to go there. We drive by it a couple of times on our way to other places, and it looks like heaven, really. Libraries are such calming places.

    I love the fact that you walked through a section of your story (even if I have no idea what the plot is)! It sounds like a great way to jumpstart creativity, nail down specifics/details, and open yourself up to other stimuli.


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