May 28 Part II

I’m trying to set up a Script Frenzy blogroll within my regular blogroll and failing miserably. It showed up the way I wanted to for a brief moment, and never again. I don’t know if I have to customize a widget (yeah, like I actually know what that means) or what.

So I emailed support because, unlike Blogger, Word Press support actually reads the question and answers it.

I worked on the questions for the interview which may or may not happen. I’d rather be prepared than have to hem and haw if it comes together more quickly than I expected. I like to plan a good foundation and then improv from there. I’ll poke around NYU a bit, since we’re both alums, and see if there’s any additional research there with which I can prepare. That damned expensive piece of paper might as well be worth something, right? And I actually bit the bullet and set up a MySpace account, because the potential interviewee has a page up. The things I do for my work! 😉

With Colin’s permission, my protagonist Gwen in Tracking Medusa reads Colin’s book Hunting Jack on the plane from NY to London. I love inside jokes like that!

Off to the theatre in the a.m. I hope they don’t keep me for the show – I’d like to do the day call and be done. I’m going in early because I want to stop at the main branch of NYPL and get the photographs and mappage I need for Tracking Medusa. Even though I wrote that section, I want to double check the geography.

On Friday, I might hop up to the Met to remind myself of the proper geography – I might even drag someone along to help me choreograph that sequence for Medusa. I’m pretty sure I have the chase scene from the Greek/Roman gallery through the Sculpture Garden back around to the front, threaded through those two gift shops and into the Egyptian wing correct – but I want to walk it again. And then I want to travel across the park and see the exhibit on Mythical Creatures at the Museum of Natural History. Of course, the NY Historical Society is right next to MNH, so if there’s time, maybe I’ll nip in there and do some research for Good Names. Which means I have to remember to bring pencils, since they don’t allow pens in the reading rooms.

I hate writing in pencil.

I can’t think in pencil. I think in ink.

We’ll see how it goes. I might have to focus on Medusa only on Friday and then go to the Historical Society some other day. But it’s so tempting to try and lump it all together . . .and next week will be insane, with the show and the Belmont and the Tony Awards and everything else. Not enough solitude.

Got one of the big submissions out that had to go out this week. The disk is missing for the other one, and I can’t recreate it in time, so I’m passing on that opportunity. It’s a shame – I have all the production disks, cast breakdowns, call sheets, everything EXCEPT the script. I’m taking it as a sign that it’s just not supposed to go out this time around. I was on the fence about the submission anyway, so that kind of pushed the decision.

Of course, Friday is the first day of Script Frenzy, and I have to get those pages done before I can do anything. But I should be able to knock out four script pages pretty quickly. Actually, I’d like to get the whole first scene out – which I’m estimating will run about 12-14 pages. The outline for the first scene is over a page.

I worked on the outline. And, finally, I have a title, City of Lost. The title, of course, brings up the question “lost what?”, which is answered in the play. It’s the reason the play exists (other than the fact I wanted to use Script Frenzy to exercise those muscles again). And there’s nothing in it that’s even remotely like the series Lost, so don’t worry.

Got more work done on Tracking Medusa today, and I’ll do my typical 1K on Good Names before I leave for the theatre tomorrow.

Oh, and raise your hand if you think I should do an article on the topic of Barbarian Migrations.


Tracking Medusa – 15,553 words out of est. 90,000

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  1. Your geography-checking expeditions sound fun!

  2. I’m the same; I can’t think in ink, but I can stencil in pencil!


  3. Barbarian Migrations. Hmm…definitely sounds interesting. I say go for it.

  4. I’ve always been fascinated with the Barbarian history. If you decide to write it, I will be ecstatic to read it. I, too, hate pencil. But, for me, it has to do with the smudging and the feeling of the graphite on paper. Best of luck with the geography trip!

  5. Barbarian migrations? From what perspective?

    The ancient Romans who felt that anyone who wasn’t Roman was by definition a barbarian? Or…

    I find it interesting because I keep reading about that subject whilst doing research for my novel on the legends of Charlemagne and it cracks me up to hear the Franks being referred to as barbarians.

    Especially when a movie is in the pre-production phase that refers to Charlemagne as “a great man of moral virtue” who wanted only to unify Europe.


    That’s certainly a distortion from the historical record.

    He was a great man, but certainly not a virtuous man.

    Feel free to email me if you would like some ideas or references.


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