May 16, 2007

Wednesday, May 16, 2007
New Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Sunny and warm

There are wild fires raging in New Jersey. They’ve destroyed over 13,000 acres so far. I hope they get it under control soon.

Work was fine yesterday. The colleague from regional theatre was exactly on time (love that). I gave her a backstage tour and introduced her to some of the people there. WHEEL OF FORTUNE was shooting a segment at the show yesterday, as part of their Week in New York, so it was a bit chaotic.

We went to the bar at Thalia for a drink. I’d heard the champagne cocktails were excellent, so I had one – and they are. We discussed the ups and downs of living and working in New York, and then I took her backstage at a show at the Imperial to meet another set of people, and told her who to contact in our union office. When New York calls, you have to go. Plus, I think anyone who expects a career in the arts should live in New York for at least a few years. You’ll have enough stimulation to last for years. It’s a difficult place to live, but also a wonderful one. She seems like a New Yorker in many ways already, so I think she’ll do well here.

Still overslept and didn’t get the photos downloaded. Someday, there will be more photos – I promise.

I’m back at the show for the matinee, re-learning the principal track I’ll be doing for the first half of next week. Then I’ll come back and do some work on Circadian and a few other things.

I worked on the outline for the ghost story for Script Frenzy. In the reality of my career, it would make more sense to do a stage play. But this piece is definitely a screenplay. It needs too many visuals (such as the garden and the lake) to make it viable for stage. But a stage play is more practical. If I can come up with an idea for a stage play, I’ll do that instead, but, until then, I’ll work on this.

I’m not worried about writing a first draft of a script in a month – I did the first draft of JULIA’S LEGACY in a week, during the Book-in-a-Week thing last year.

Didn’t have the chance to work on Good Names – I hope to do some work on it tonight or tomorrow. I’m still trying to figure out the railroad car, because what happens on the journey from Chicago to New York sets the plot in motion for the rest of the book. I don’t want to use placeholders – I want to write the first draft properly, and then go back and fix it as needed.

Preakness coming up this weekend – I’m excited.

I am so ready for a new moon and fresh focus!


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  1. So, did you get to meet Pat & Vanna? 🙂

    Who’s your pick for the Preakness? I guess I’ll root for Street Sense now, in hopes of having a Triple Crown winner.

  2. My best friend is excited about the Preakness too. 🙂 She bombarded me with pictures of horses the week of the Derby. LOL

    And hey – I tagged you: (when you get a change) 🙂

  3. argh..that should have been…CHANCE…when you get a CHANCE… sheesh

  4. Devon,

    I was thinking about you last night. How did you guys make out in this wicked storm we had last night? I hope you didn’t get any flooding or lose electricity?

  5. Looking forward to seeing how you do with Script Frenzy!

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